A/N: Hi everyone! It's been a while, I know. :) Try 4 years, huh? I'm terribly sorry for the MAJOR hiatus on How to Be A Lady. Honestly, a lot have changed since then and I'm honestly wondering how to continue the story because the way I write has changed so drastically since then. I'm hoping any followers of How to be A Lady will forgive me for my humongous writer's block. But anyhow, this is a new story I have been working on. It's been a while since I've watched 'Naruto', but a sudden encounter wit the first episode of the series suddenly spurred me on to write this idea as a fanfiction. It's a love story, as if it's not obvious enough in the summary.. And to be frank, I'm a sucker for rom-coms. Especially if it involves my two most favourite characters in Naruto universe, Sasuke and Hinata! :D So without further adieu, I present to you 'My Bodyguard & I.' I hope you guys enjoy it!

Summary: When Heiress Hyuuga Hinata receives a kidnapping threat from an unknown source, she knew she needed a bodyguard.

When rebel Uchiha Sasuke finds himself down on luck and money, he knew he needed a solid job.

Breach of privacy never looked this good.

Chapter One

If there was one thing in life that Hyuuga Hinata was not sure of, it surely wasn't herself. She could vie that she knew exactly who she was, who some individuals -with whom she was not even acquainted with- perceived she was, her likes and dislikes, her strengths, and with more sense of awareness than one should have about the matter, her weaknesses.

At this point of her life, Hinata is 25 years old. And yes, single. But not necessarily miserable. Contrary to popular belief, she does not have 27 cats, or a general hatred for the male species, and neither is she graying, wrinkling, or sagging in any way. Like any other young, thriving and successful woman her age, trying to survive in the cruel world they live in would prove to be much difficult. Frankly, she just hasn't got the time to deal with romance. At least that's what she told herself.

Hinata despised awkward conversations, being pushed into awkward situations, and being awkward in general. But due to awkwardness being more like second nature to her, she hopes to see the day when she finally will make good friends with it. She is still waiting for that said day.

And unlike most of her graceful, almost feline-like female counterparts around her age, she had as much grace and felicity as that of an elephant tip-toeing on a tight rope. More than once, she had toppled over when she was merely standing upright. This usually happened when she dons any sort of high heels. And after these incidents was when she usually blamed her general instability due to her weak ankles, wobbly knees, small impish feet, and any body part she felt was too small or fragile. Due to this, she has more than occasionally opted for ballerina flats than stilettos.

However self-degrading one would think her to be, Hyuuga Hinata was more than ordinary in the looks department. Her two best friends would constantly try to convince her that she was attractive, no doubt one of their many combined efforts to nudge her back to what they call 'the dating game'. But by no means were they being untruthful. Hinata had soft features. Nothing overly beautiful like the faces you see on a magazine, and yet far too superior to be considered plain. In possession of big, opal hued eyes, full pink lips and a tendency to blush whenever she felt shy or uncomfortable, one of her best friends, Ino, would often remark that she was "Rocking the doe-eyed look".

There were other references made though, somewhere along the lines of 'nymph' and 'school girl' but to Hinata, all remarks fell on death ears. Her thick, midnight-blue hair reaches just past her shoulder-blades, forming soft curls that framed her face as they settled in place. She also had a thick fringe that to her, made her feel secure when she peered up at people from under it. At 5'3", Hinata was the epitome of petite. It was undeniable that Hyuuga Hinata was attractive.

It was a pity that she did not see herself that way.

All in all, Hinata was convinced that she was sure of herself. But if there was one thing in her entire 25 years of existence that she was not sure of, it was not her future (she decided that the future will play out itself, just like it always has been), her love life (or lack of), or whatever matters that most people would be worried about.

But alas, it was how to behave on a blind date.

And that was exactly what Hinata found herself trying -failingly- to survive for the past half hour.

She smiled politely at the man sitting in front of her, his face gloomily illuminated by the candle placed in between them. The restaurant they were in, a fancy joint that was much too far from her apartment, was so packed with people that if Hinata chose to spread her arms, she would either knock out the broad sitting on her right that was practically eating her boyfriend's face off or the elderly man on her left, staring lecherously at the buxom blond across him who could easily pass off as his great, great granddaughter. The restaurant's lighting was also too dark for her taste. Perhaps the manager decided that it would be more romantic if one could not see their significant other during dinner.

Nevertheless, her eyes were hurting. And the sickly scent coming off of the candle in front of her did not help either. This was her first date after a very long hiatus, in which she was far too caught up with work to bother about men. And so far, the date was not going as well as she'd hoped.

'Oh God bless my soul', Hinata thought to herself.

She looked across at her blind date as he continued rambling on about his recent escapades to Paris, Rome, Dubai, or wherever, clearly not noticing the state of discomfort the woman in front of him was in. He was wearing a deep maroon silk dress shirt and black slacks, his blond hair gelled to perfection as he wore a smile that she knew plenty of women would offer themselves for. He was cute. But she felt as attracted to him as same poles of a magnet. As she continued plastering the same polite smile on her face, nodding occasionally to feign interest, Hinata quietly scrambled to remember his name.

"..And so, he went like 'Monsieur Deidara, you look much like the actor Jean Dujardin, no?'…" Her date chuckled with pride.

Ah yes, his name was Deidara.

She laughed lightly, more at his expense though. The man sitting in front of her did not look one bit like Jean Dujardin. Grudgingly, Hinata reminded herself of how she got into this predicament. Her other best friend, Sakura, had set her up with this guy she knew at work. She was the features editor for renowned magazine Pose and had thought that the new cute travel writer named Deidara would be perfect for her lonely, single best friend. Well, that's what Sakura and Ino thought as they cajoled –or coaxed- her into going on the date. With Sakura already married and Ino in a committed relationship, they felt as if it was their upmost responsibility to get their lovely Hina into a relationship as well. "It would be good for you!" was what they had said to her the day before the date.

Hinata inwardly groaned as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat, adjusting the straps of her navy blue bandage dress. This small action earned her unwanted attention from the old man next to her as she felt his gaze practically probing her figure. She scoffed at this, promptly causing the old man to resume his attention on the undoubtedly well-endowed blonde in front of him. This, however, also caused Deidara to stop mid sentence.

"I'm sorry, am I boring you?" Deidara tried to suppress the irritation at being interrupted from showing in his voice. But Hinata heard it. And it made her feel awkward. How she hated herself when she was awkward.

"Oh, umm..." She stammered as she felt the all too familiar feeling of blood rushing to her face. "Surely not. Please continue." Hinata tried to smile sweetly.

Thankfully, he bought it. In fact, she was surprised to see him lean forward and reach for her right hand she had been mindlessly using to trace imaginary patterns on the tablecloth.

"Do I make you nervous?" He purred, all the while caressing her hand with his fingers. Hinata froze at the contact, eyes widening as she felt her cheeks flare up. "You don't have to be nervous you know. But you look so sexy when you blush." Deidara licked his lips, an act he had done in hopes to seduce her.

Out of disgust, she immediately pulled her hand away, as if she had been burnt. "Err, so Deidara-san, tell me more about you." Hinata tried to say flatly, but she found that she sounded more timid than desired.

Deidara blinked twice and then flashed a smile which raised the hairs at the back of her neck, in a bad way.

"Why don't you tell me about you, princess?" He teased and his eyes subsequently travelled down her face and slowly further downwards to the point where he was blatantly staring at her breasts.

Hinata furrowed her eyebrows in anger and disgust. "Excuse me?" She snapped, proceeding to cross her arms over her chest to prevent further degradation of her form. He looked up almost predatorily at her and chuckled. She decided that she disliked the sound of his laugh, as it was the summation of his personality in general. It was filled with pride and ego.

"I'm sorry. It's just that I hardly go out on a blind date with someone who turns out to be as attractive as you." He leaned back on his chair. "If I had only known that the heiress of Hyuuga Cruises International was going to be this hot-"

"I'm sorry, what?" Hinata blinked in confusion.

Now Deidara seemed to falter a bit before decidedly continuing, "Sakura-san told me your name. I've heard it before." His eyes were questioning, more curious than Hinata would have liked.

"You are Hyuuga Hiashi's daughter aren't you? …The billionaire?" He inquired.

At that instant, she felt like bolting for the door. Instead, she did the only sane thing she knew she could.

She nodded her head.

"Yes. Apparently my cover's blown?" She almost laughed at herself in pity.

Deidara did not notice the tone of her laugh however. He immediately leaned forward again in interest, probably thinking to himself that he was going to hit a homerun tonight with a billion-dollar heiress. He did not need to say it out loud since it was written all over his face. Hinata could read him like a book. Like the way she had read so many men with whom she had dated before.

"So tell me, how's it like to grow up being so rich?" His eyes gleamed as he imagined the prospects of such wealth in his possession.

It was a question that she had heard so many times in her life.

Almost instantaneously, she was reminded of the main reason why she had been on hiatus from dating in the first place. And of all the men she found that were more interested in her wealth, her background, than who she really was.

Hinata took a big gulp of red wine from her glass, all the while staring blankly at the man in front of her and knowing that waiting ahead of her was a long, agonizing night.

"He said what?"

Ino's voice was ringing through her ears. Hinata immediately pondered if it occurred to anyone that having a phone call could potentially cause audio impairment.

"That son of a bi-I mean heifer!" She meticulously added.

Hinata had to giggle at that. Earlier this week Sakura had betted that Ino could not live two weeks without cursing and naturally, she had taken her up for that challenge. But knowing that Ino's vocabulary could make a sailor turn beet red in embarrassment, Hinata wondered if she could live this through.

"Calm down Ino-chan. It's only one date. I doubt I'll be seeing him again." Hinata smiled as she paced around her bedroom. She directed her gaze to her bed that was practically beckoning to her and frankly she couldn't wait to jump under the soft cottony covers and just forget about tonight as if it had never happened.

After she had admitted to Deidara that she was indeed, Hyuuga Hiashi's biological daughter, he had bombarded her with questions ranging from how her father was in person, whether or not he truly had a bathroom made out of pure gold, his vintage collection of cars, the number of estates that he owned and up to whether the hair on his head was authentic. Questions to which, Hinata had not given direct answers but instead gave replies that would not disclose any real personal information on her father. Replies to which, just spurred more questions from eager little Deidara. At the end of the date, Hinata realized that he probably knew much more about her father than he knew about her.

"Oh whatever-" Ino's sharp, slightly nasally tone broke her longing gaze to her bed and Hinata could imagine her best friend rolling her eyes. "-he's still a di-I mean jerk. I'm really sorry I pushed you into this, Hina-chan. I bet Sakura will be too when you tell her 'bout it."

Hinata smiled to herself and sighed. "Yeah, well. I just don't know if love is ever going to happen to me, you know?" She blushed when she realized how pitiful she must have sounded.

"Are you freaking serious?" To her surprise, she heard Ino chuckling on the other side of the phone.

"Oh Hime you can be such an idiot sometimes." More chuckling. Hinata huffed and pouted in response, even more so after hearing her best friend call her by her pet name.

"Gee… It's so nice having such a supportive best friend like you, Ino-chan!" Hinata exclaimed rather sarcastically, which resulted to more chuckles erupting from Ino.

"Relax Hina-chan. As shitty as it seems, love will take its course. And soon enough you'll find someone who is not completely an egoistical, moronic, dickhead of a man, who will love you for who you are. Because you're fucking hot. And who wouldn't want to tap that?" Ino said as if it was just a well-known fact to her. Hinata grimaced at her words.

"Err…Okay Ino-chan." Hinata uttered awkwardly. "..I guess so." She agreed just because that's what Ino wanted to hear.

"See? There's nothing to worry about. I know there are plenty of jerk offs out there but hey, who said finding a man would be easy, right?"

Hinata laughed lightly at this, feeling her spirits rise even if just for a little while.

"I got you. I'll be patient then."

Ino squealed in delight. "Well I've got to go now. Shikamaru's waiting upstairs and frankly I can't wait to see his face when I walk into the room in only this racy red thong I bought from the flea market the other day. I can just imagine him pushing me up the wall and sucking my-"

"OKAY I GET IT." Hinata practically screamed, wanting to push away any disturbing and hurl-inducing images of her best friend and her boyfriend of 5 years getting intimate against the bedroom wall.

"Goodnight Ino-chan and thanks for everything." Hinata uttered graciously.

"Anytime, Hime."

"Oh, and Ino?"

"Yes, dear?"

"You cursed." Hinata sneered uncharacteristically. This sent Ino exclaiming a string of more colorful words in return. "Ah, fuck it." Ino exclaimed in the end. "I won't tell her if you won't."

Out of sheer kindness, Hinata agreed. "Fine. But only if you promise to not push me into any blind dates again."

"That's settled then. Goodnight Hime. You'll find your prince soon." The last sentence caused Hinata to twitch disturbingly. "OH SHIKA-BABY, I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!" She heard Ino say before her phone clicked shut. Hinata laughed to herself. She was sure that the last part of her sentence was directed to Shikamaru instead.

Immediately after, she put down her cell phone on the bedside table and resigned to her previous wishes, plopping down on her bed and staring at the ceiling of her room. In her room where the only sound entertaining her was the reassuring hum of the air conditioner, she willed herself to calm her mind. She shut her eyes as an effort to fall into deep slumber.

Hinata did not know why she was subjected to situations where her background took centre stage and everything else did not matter when they should have. That's the whole reason why she had refused to continue living in the world of maids, table etiquette, lavish balls every fortnight, and schedules for every day, every minute, and every waking second. When she was at the age of twenty-two, she decided she wanted more to life than just being an heiress. So she broke free. And from then, she has never looked back.

At first, it had been hard. Struggling to make ends meet, she found herself a job as a waitress at the local diner just two blocks from her first dingy, roach-filled apartment. It took her a while before she noticed the enormous growth in her bank account. It wasn't because of her job, though. She knew there could only be one plausible reason why she was suddenly in possession of so much money. Her father.

Hyuuga Hiashi was not, by any means, a softie. He was always calm and controlled, face void of any emotion save for the little smiles he gives his daughters, Hinata and Hanabi, when they say or do something that amuses him. He also knew his way with words and never says more than he should in any given matter. That, Hinata mused, must be a requirement for someone in his line of work.

As the founder and CEO of Hyuuga Cruises International, Hyuuga Hiashi was considered one of the richest men in the world, if not surely one of the most successful. At 59, he was still the stronghold of the company, standing tall and upright in his own intimidating manner. His once dark brown hair, now graying is always neatly combed to the side and years of stress and work had made marks as wrinkles on his face. But his intense opal hued eyes never quite lost their spark as they narrowed and glowered at anyone who dared to cross him. His eyes were exactly the same as Hinata's, albeit the differences in expression. But what she lacked in the sternness and coldness of the eyes, she made up for compassion and innocence. Hiashi had been aware of this fact since the day he cradled Hinata in his arms and found himself staring at those eyes.

So even when his daughter's seemingly rash decision to move out of the Hyuuga household to fend for herself did in fact, enrage him, he reasoned that she still needed assistance to get her a head start. He loved her daughter with every inch of his heart. Everybody around him knew that. He knew that. And so, he respected her decision and quietly wired a sum of money to her bank account without her knowledge. And when she had questioned him about the money, he had simply looked at her and gave her a small smile. With that, the subject was dropped and the money was used to rent a better apartment. It was the current apartment Hinata was living in.

Hinata knew her father better than anyone in the world. She used to be terrified at the prospect that she might be a disappointment to her father. That she could never live up to his expectations and wishes. So the fact that he had respected her decision to resign from a life of luxury was a testament of how much he cared for her. And she will always be indebted to him.

She also could never express enough gratitude that she felt for her sister, who agreed to take Hinata's duties as the expected future leader of the family business. As much as Hanabi loved being the 'wild' sibling of the two, she knew that she could not let the family business fall into the wrong hands. But she never gave up her wild streak though. And Hinata loved Hanabi for that. She smiled at the thought of her father massaging his temples whenever he picked up the daily papers to find numerous articles displaying Hanabi's various rendezvous with the President's grandson, Konohamaru.

They were an odd bunch, Hiashi, Hinata and Hanabi. But they were happy together.

That's what, Hinata thought, no paparazzi, blogs or tabloids would ever find out about Hyuuga Hiashi and his daughters. They would never know that they were normal people, a father his daughters that cared about each other as much as other families did. And putting aside all the wealth, they were in fact, just people who wanted to be treated not like they were walking dollar signs.

Hinata sighed and felt herself succumb to slumber as she snuggled comfortably under her duvet.

She wondered if there was ever going to be someone who will look past everything and finally, truly, see her.

Because isn't that what everyone wants?

To be loved?