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My Bodyguard & I

"He was hired to protect her. But he left his heart unprotected."

Chapter Four

Uchiha Sasuke's day started well enough. He woke up later than usual but he figured that since he did not have anything to do on a Saturday anyways, he saw the need to ignore the blasted alarm clock when it came alive at 8 am in the morning in its' usual ugly deafening ring. But after a long period, the annoying blare of ringing had finally gotten on his nerves and Sasuke had thrown the item against the wall in an effort to shut it up. Then he realized, after he'd woken up 4 hours later that it might not have been a good decision after all, since he didn't have enough money to buy another one.

Anyhow, he reasoned that he could always make his cousin buy him a new one. Deep inside his conscience, Sasuke knew that he shouldn't leech off of Naruto like he did. But there was a difference between doing something about it so that he wouldn't take advantage of Naruto, and not caring enough to do anything to better the situation.

And Sasuke decided he was the latter.

When he woke up, Sasuke tore the sheets away from his body and stretched out much like a cat awaking from slumber, standing up from his futon that was laid on the floor of the living room. The apartment that he shared with Naruto could not be completely described as an asset of equal ownership, considering that his cousin was responsible for paying slightly more than half the rent and owned practically all of the appliances and items inside the apartment. But Naruto had a heart of gold. And knowing that Sasuke's attempt at finding and keeping a job were all hardly successful, given his surly and less than sunny attitude, Naruto decided taking Sasuke in was just the right thing to do.

Sasuke snorted at the thought of Naruto flashing his trademark goofy smile and giving him the thumbs up, but Sasuke was honestly grateful to him. So when he found a message on his cell phone from Naruto later that evening, he made a promise to at least be cordial to him in his reply.

'Sasu-chan! Can you do me a favour?' the text had read.

'Hn. What is it?'Sasuke had sent in reply, eyebrow twitching at the suffix the idiot had added to his name.

'Teme, are there more words in ur vocab than 'Hn.' Or 'Ah' or 'Dobe'?' Sasuke could almost imagine Naruto sneering at him.

'Ah. Hn. Dobe, better tell me what u want be4 I change my mind.'

His cell phone immediately vibrated twice a few seconds after Sasuke sent his reply. 'WAIT!' Sasuke hastily read the first of the two messages, smirking to himself.

'Stand in 4 me at this gig I got down this new club. U can keep the pay. Me and the old perv got sum plans 2nite.' The other had read.

Sasuke glared in annoyance. The old perv Naruto was probably referring to was the legendary author of the bestselling series of romantic and equally smutty books entitled 'Icha Icha Paradise', Jiraiya. The perverse author had recently taken Naruto under his wing, no doubt increasingly soiling the blonde's already dirtied thoughts. For all he knew, tonight they were going to spy on the poor ladies at the public onsen. At first, Jiraiya had wanted to take Sasuke as his apprentice, stating that his looks could lure the attention of gorgeous women he could never get on his own. But due to Sasuke's rumoured asexuality, he convinced his dense cousin, Naruto instead.

Shivering at the thought of what might have been, Sasuke decided to ignore the message, his earlier promise to be cordial to his cousin long forgotten. He was not going to do another lame chore for Naruto again ever since his experience at the Laundromat about two weeks ago.

Never again.

But before Sasuke could even go about his day, pretending that his conversation with Naruto had never occurred, his cell phone vibrated again.

'Oh btw, I hope u didn't smash Roger like u did ur old alarm clock.'The message read.

Sasuke's eyes widened and he immediately directed his attention to the wall where he threw the alarm clock at, this morning. The alarm clock, sure enough, was shaped (or used to be) like an orange frog and it was broken in pieces from the force of the throw. Naruto had lent it to Sasuke yesterday after he 'accidentally' threw his old one at the wall, much like what he had done to Roger this morning. Given the situation, Sasuke would have freaked out and tried to salvage the remnants of the item. But he most definitely could not.

You see, he was Uchiha Sasuke, after all.

However, he did know that Naruto was attached to that alarm clock even more than a man should be, to an inanimate object. He had always referred it to his 'lucky frog, Roger.'

And at this moment, Roger did not look lucky at all.

'Ribbit.' Sasuke sighed as he poked and prodded at the broken object. It was only then that his cell phone went vibrating once again. Grunting, he flipped open the cell and read the new text that Naruto sent him.

'There's a suit on my bed and a name tag. Arrive by 6.30 p.m. Club's called the 'Devil's Pitcher'. It's opening nite, 2nite. :D'

And so, with the weight of the world (or more specifically, guilt over a broken frog) on his shoulders, Uchiha Sasuke grudgingly paced to his cousin's room, wore the suit that was placed on his bed, pinned on Naruto's name tag on, and made his way on his bike to the club with the idiotic name.

He was, officially, Naruto's bitch for the night.

'Kami must have a sense of humour.' He thought to himself as he looked on upon the long line of visitors that bothered to show up at the grand opening of the club. What was the club's name again?

He brushed the thought off and looked down at the name tag pinned onto his left chest.

'Bouncer: U. Naruto.' It read and Sasuke immediately regretted his decision to show up at the club.

Here he was, dressed in clothing that did not belong to him, wearing a name tag that did not spell his name, and standing in for a job that was not his to begin with. Now why did this situation seem eerily familiar? He had to literally push back all pieces of memories regarding orange bras and cornrows.

'At least I'm keeping the pay for tonight.' Sasuke tried to console himself.

It was hard to admit, but Sasuke really needed the money. With Mr. Tobi and his men practically hunting him down for his unsettled debt, he knew he had to find a stable job with a good pay very soon. Looking back, Sasuke had never even seen the man himself. When he had arranged for a loan from the guy, Sasuke had only dealt with a middle man.

All too soon, the painful memories of why he had to borrow the sum of money from Mr. Tobi came flooding into his head. He suppressed them once again after a few seconds of reliving his past. Sasuke knew his scars were far from being healed. His memories were like a broken nerve that clenched at his soul whenever he thought of them. So he pushed them at the back of his mind, like many times before, and put up a cold, emotionless front. He was better off not dealing with them.

For now, he focused on the task at hand.

And that was, opening doors for scantily clad females and rowdy males who were only there for the chicks. Oh! And the alcohol, of course.

Sasuke rolled his eyes for the millionth time tonight, making way and opening the door for a group of girls that looked young enough to be 16. Sasuke didn't bother to check their ID. They were all probably fake anyways, like the girls themselves. One by one, they entered the club, each of them blowing a kiss, sending a wink or a sultry smile at him before they disappeared into the mass of people inside. Inwardly groaning, he prayed for the night to go faster than usual.

But he knew that it was far from being possible, given that the long line in front reached probably halfway across the world. Frankly, Sasuke was bored. The only things keeping him company were his thoughts and the black walkie-talkie he was holding in his hand.

As if on cue, the device crackled and Sasuke immediately held it up to his ear. Sasuke found that it was hard to hear with the distasteful, loud music playing from inside the club.

"Naruto-san, you can let in five more people for the moment." Sasuke heard the owner of the club, a busty blonde named Tsunade, utter. Hearing the slight slur of her words, he figured she was a tad bit tipsy.

"Okay." Sasuke simply replied and let in five of the people waiting in line. He could care less that people thought he was Naruto. At least he could act even shittier than usual and people wouldn't pin it on him.

After a few moments, Sasuke was literally bored out of his wits. He decided that he would indulge himself in a silent guessing game. His dark eyes discretely glazed over the individuals standing in the line in front of him.

He then spotted a woman with bright pink hair a few meters back. She was donned in a short, hot pink bandage dress that matched her hair. Sasuke also noticed that she was swaying from side to side. She was already drunk before entering the club. Sasuke scoffed at this and began his guessing game.

'25 or...26? Permanent dependency on alcohol. Miserable. Out of work.' Sasuke inwardly grinned to himself, knowing that his assumptions were no doubt, far from being true. But it pleased him.

Sasuke saw that she was not alone. Indeed, there was a blonde standing next to her, also clad in clubbing garb. Hers was a deep purple tube dress and she too, Sasuke observed, was as drunk as Pinkie over there.

'26...definitely 26. Equally permanent dependency on alcohol. Single mother.' His assumptions were getting more ludicrous. But he figured he didn't care.

Then, he saw Blondie making a grab at something, or was it someone? It was then that he noticed the small, petite woman standing beside the Blondie. He might have missed her as she was considerably shorter than the other two, even with the heels she was wearing. She had straight, dark-coloured hair that reached just past her shoulders and pale, creamy skin. Consequently, Sasuke wondered if her skin was as soft as it looked.

'Where did that come from?' Sasuke immediately berated himself and swatted the uncharacteristic thought away. The distasteful perversity of Jiraiya and Naruto must be getting to him, he presumed.

However, he found that he was not able to tear his eyes away from her. The girl was wearing clothes that were more modest than the other two he observed earlier. It was a silver dress. He thought that the colour suited her skin perfectly. She also looked incredibly sober, but currently in distress as Blondie was continuously shaking her, practically yelling about shelves. The girl in distress was widening her eyes in horror as her face turned increasingly pink by the second.

Sasuke raised both his eyebrows, amused.

He had never seen someone blush as obviously as the girl, before.

He found her trait rather endearing. This was of course, a ridiculous fact, considering he did not know her at all.

All of the sudden, he saw Pinkie bend down and puke all over the side walk. This gathered a lot of attention from the people standing in the line as they harshly whispered to each other in annoyance and disgust.

And then it happened once more.

Yet again, the girl in silver had blushed, but now with much more ferocity than ever. Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, deep in thought.

'Is she sick?' He thought to himself.

Another crackle from the walkie-talkie in his hand snapped him out of his daze. He held the device up to his ear.

"Naaaaruuutooooo~ Bring in 3...errrr...5? oh, just let 10 people in right nowwww –hic!-" He heard Tsunade sing, drunker than ever.

"Whatever." Sasuke muttered and rolled his eyes in reply, subsequently letting in 10 people into the club. He sent a death glare to one of the girls he let in, who purposefully brushed her hand across his ass and she grimaced, darting into the club in fear.

'Seriously, do I look like a fucking gigolo or something?' Sasuke fumed, running his hand through his hair. Frustrated, he directed his eyes upwards to the night sky, knowing that Naruto and Jiraiya were probably somewhere conducting their sexually-charged exploits.

Sasuke just hoped that it was not with each other. Last thing he needed was to live with someone who could potentially 'bat for the other team'. And if there was anything he learnt about his looks, it would be that it appealed also to men.

He slightly loosened the troublesome tie he was using and sighed. He wanted...no, he needed to get out of here quick.

After a few more long periods of the same tedious work he had, which basically comprised of three actions: Listen to walkie-talkie, reply to walkie-talkie, and open the metal doors of the entrance, Sasuke closed his eyes and sighed loudly.

What Sasuke did not know was that his exasperation did not go unnoticed from the person who was currently standing in front of the line.

"Are you alright?" A soft, melodious voice asked in concern.

Caught off-guard, Sasuke opened his eyes and what he saw was honestly surprising to say the least. His eyes were met with a pair of large, pearl-tinted eyes that were peering up at him from underneath a set of long delicate lashes. As expected, there was a slight dusting of pink on her cheeks. Sasuke stared at her plump, soft lips a little bit longer than he should have and when he realized this fact, his eyes immediately snapped back to her eyes once more.

He had not took notice of just how many people he had already let into the club but now, the girl in silver was standing in front of him with Blondie and Pinkie by her side. Sasuke cleared his throat and resumed his distant, aloof demeanour. But what he failed to notice was that he had not given a reply to the girl's question.

He then saw the girl squirm uncomfortably under his gaze as she pulled her eyes away, apparently finding the soles of her shoes much more interesting than him. Sasuke smirked at this, but only for awhile, as he detected the sight of the girl's two companions gaping and ogling at him.

Ah yes, they were those kind of females.

But the girl in silver, Sasuke observed, was different. She had yet to openly ogle, salivate, or made a pass at him. Though it was still early to peg her as different. For all he knew, she could be one of those girls who secretly worshipped him and kept pictures of him plastered all over her bedroom walls.

Ah yes, perhaps she was one of those.

But for some reason, Sasuke has a feeling that she was different from the rest.

It was after detecting this strange feeling that he mentally smacked himself in the head. He was having personal thoughts and feelings over a person he just met, for Kami's sake! Granted, the girl in the silver dress who was standing mere inches away from him was peculiar looking, but he had no reason to be flustered in her presence. Flustered? Uchiha Sasuke never got flustered! He reasoned that it was the stress of standing outside at the same spot in a fitting suit for what felt like eternity now that was toying with his mind and emotions. But now that he thought of it, that reasoning made him sound kind of sissy.

He grunted in annoyance at the inability of the voices in his head to keep quiet. This action, however, caused the girl in silver to jump in surprise, her eyes still locked onto the tips of her matching silver stilettos.

And before Sasuke could even get amused by her reaction, which might have given passage to more bombarding trail of thoughts, he heard two pitchy voices utter in perfect sync, "Why are you staring at our Hime?"

There was an awkward silence that took place right after, in which the 'princess' in mention turned a darker shade of red (which amused Sasuke once more, if it were even possible), and Blondie and Pinkie both smiled at him like they knew he had an agenda.

Which, Sasuke can assure you, he did not. So he glared at the two with killer intent.

As if fate intervened, Sasuke heard the familiar crackle of the walkie-talkie.

"Three peopleee, Narutoooo~ Threeeee~" Tsunade sang out from the end of the receiver. Sasuke wondered just how many bottles of sake did she have to drink already.

Nonchalantly ignoring Blondie and Pinkie's question, he stepped aside and pushed open the heavy metal doors of the club. He merely stared at the three of them with disinterest and motioned them to move inside with a nod of his head.

'Saved by the bell.' Sasuke had quietly thought to himself.

Casting a glance at the 'princess' once more, who had raised her light-hued eyes to meet with his dark ones, Sasuke smirked.

'23. Innocent and shy. Kindergarten teacher.'

Hyuuga Hinata was feeling uncomfortably awkward, to say the least. She had yet to forgive herself for what she had done earlier. For some reason, she had decided against the small voice in her head and had willingly asked a random stranger, who happened to be the most attractive man she had ever seen, a question that sounded completely personal and way out of line. But she found that he looked so tired and disgruntled, his perfectly arched eyebrows permanently furrowed as he shut his eyes and his strong jaw tightly clenched that she could not resist the feeling of concern bubbling up inside her.

Her cousin, Hyuuga Neji, who was more of an over-protective brother than a cousin, had often reprimanded her on her softness. He would always comment that her kindness made way for people to take advantage and walk all over her. But Hinata could care less about what Neji had told her too many times before.

And before she could even stop herself, she had timidly asked, "Are you alright?" to the man in front of her.

As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she felt like bolting away from where she stood. It was a good thing that her two best friends did not notice anything amiss, as they were still in their trans-like state in the presence of the bouncer standing in front of them. But the bouncer, to which her question was addressed to, had noticed. And when he immediately opened his eyes and looked at her, his eyebrows slightly raised and expression softening, Hinata found that she was frozen in place.

Kami, he was beautiful.

She could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks and Hinata immediately cursed inwardly. But still, her eyes were transfixed on the bouncer's handsome face and she saw his eyes moving downwards for a split second before it snapped back up to meet her eyes once more.

The man cleared his throat and shoved his free hand into the pocket of his slacks. His face returned its' usual expression, eyebrows slightly furrowed and jaws tightly clenched. But this time, his dark, intense eyes were looking straight at her.

And that was when the feeling of uncomfortable awkwardness hit her like a speeding train. He had yet to reply her and instead, he was blatantly staring down at her (as he was significantly taller than her miniature built), looking like he had something to say but decided against it.

She squirmed quite obviously under his strong, unmoving gaze and consequently directed her line of vision to the tips of her silver stilettos. She tried to focus her attention on her sore feet and how she knew that she would trip and fall at least once on this night, as she did every time she made a choice to wear heels.

However, Hinata's attempt to ignore the man in front of her seemed futile, as she could still feel his eyes on her. All of the sudden, she heard him grunt and this had caused her to jump in surprise. Hinata convinced herself that she was not the reason he grunted and that it was probably his way of showing that he was annoyed at Sakura and Ino who were by now, embarking on a series of full-fledged ogling and drooling. Why on earth did she agree to go out on this train-wreck of a girl's night out with Sakura and Ino again? Oh yeah, she had not agreed. She was forced to.

"Why are you staring at our Hime?" Hinata suddenly heard her two best friends utter in perfect unison.

'Crap.' Her best friends had just revealed her childish pet name they had made up for her since grade school to a perfect stranger. As if she wasn't already embarrassed enough, Hinata blushed furiously.

A long period of silence fell upon them. Hinata bit her lip in agitation as she knew that her best friends were giving the bouncer their mischievous smiles again and she could already feel the beaming deadly aura that was seeping out from man in mention.

As if the heavens heard her desperate plea for help, Hinata heard a slight crackling sound coming from the device the bouncer was holding with his other hand. He held it up to his ear and proceeded to move aside and push open the metal doors to the club.

He then stared back at the three of them and motioned them to move in with a slight nod of his head. Hinata slowly raised her eyes back up, only to find that the bouncer was staring at her again with the most peculiar expression.

When their eyes met, his handsome face broke into a teasing smirk.

Hinata tore her eyes away and immediately nudged her motionless friends with her elbows. As the three of them walked towards the opening of the doors, what Hinata had failed to notice was the blocky marble door threshold on the floor.

And with Hinata, not noticing anything solid or slippery on the floor while she was walking was a recipe for disaster.

As expected, when Sakura and Ino went ahead of her and glided gracefully (despite their state of intoxication) over the threshold, Hinata had wobbled clumsily in her heels and tripped over the blasted thing.

But when Hinata shut her eyes and braced herself for the painful impact, she found that it did not come as anticipated.

Instead, she felt her body being enveloped by a pair of strong arms as she was being pulled back into something warm, or rather, someone. Instantly, the scent of light-smelling cologne invaded her senses and she alarmingly opened her eyes to find that she was in the soft, warm embrace of the handsome bouncer. She had to practically crane her neck upwards to look at his face.

As if they had just realised the position they were in, Hinata let out a strangled yelp, jumping away from the man as far as possible and he immediately dropped his arms to his sides.

And before Hinata could even conjure up an apology for troubling him or a 'thank you' for saving her, the bouncer merely sighed and ran his hand through his thick, dark locks. His action caused all the words in Hinata's mind to disappear, leaving only an empty, vacant space where her logic used to be. She bit her lip again and slightly smiled. Hinata saw the bouncer quirk his eyebrow in return.

"Watch out." He then uttered in his deep, silky voice, sending shivers up and down her spine.

After a split second, he had shut the doors of the entrance and Hinata finally realized that she was already in the club, still staring at the closed metal doors.

The smell of alcohol and sweat was brimming in the air and she found herself yearning for the scent of that particularly sweet, light cologne again. And in that moment, the loud deafening music playing in the club was drowned out by the still, small voice in her heart that was filled with gratitude for what the bouncer had done for her.

Silently, even though she knew he could not hear her, she softly uttered two simple words.

"Thank you."

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