Protective Detail

Title: Protective Detail

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure everyone knows they are not mine. They belong to their respective owners, whoever that might be. I'm just borrowing them and promise to give them back when I'm done playing with them.

Summary: The case of a serial killer brutally murdering Navy Psychiatrists hits close to home for Steve McGarrett. It's the job of Five-0 to prevent any further killings and to keep Dr. Jo-Beth Jordan safe.

This story continues with my previous stories of 'Search and Rescue', 'Recovery' and 'Steve's Party'. Although this story can stand alone, some events from those stories will be mentioned, and of course some characters will reappear. Some issues addressed in the three stories are still not resolved and find their way into this one.

If you know my stories, you know what to expect, lots of hurt, action, case files, comfort, friendship, romance and humor. And since we're talking about Navy psychiatrists, also a heavy dose of angst and psychological trauma. Events of season 2 are relevant for this story, and Lori already left.

I hope you will enjoy this story as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

A/N: I'm a stickler for research and accuracy. Most everything you will read here is accurate and based on facts. But sometimes, facts are simply boring, so I might have taken some liberties with some of them. Not saying which or what. Just remember, this is a work of fiction. It's not a dissertation of any kind. So, just lay back and enjoy the ride.

Thank you: I've been in several fandoms in my life and I must say Five-0 is the most amazing one. I've met a lot of very nice and supportive people who've not held back with constructive criticism, questions and suggestions. I am really grateful for all of them.

But my biggest thank you goes out to my two incredible beta readers, who are much more than that.

Cokie316 – your inspiration got me through every doubt about scenes, dialogue or random silliness. You're a total joy to work with, your constant drive to make something as good as it can be is very stimulating in the best possible way. I couldn't do this without you.

Sherry57 – your incredible knowledge of grammar and your willingness to go the extra mile in researching to get it right, is invaluable to me. I really appreciate your lectures and that you're not giving up on my hopeless case. :-)

Thank you both so much for your help and your friendship.

Protective Detail – Chapter 01 – Teaser

Gunfire. Explosions. Everywhere. So loud. It's closing in. It's really near now. The smell of gunpowder is heavy in the air. The heat causes the air to shimmer around him and he tries to make himself as small as he can. But he just knows that it's doing him no good. BANG! That was so close. He's shaking now, knowing that there will be no escaping. No escaping from the gunfire all around him.

Don't move. Don't move! Don't give away your location. The urge to move, to run is so overwhelming, but he's frozen in place. Eyes wild, almost unseeing. His mouth is opened in a silent scream.

He's trained to endure this, but it's too much. Too loud. Too terrifying. He can't. He just can't. Please no more. STOP IT. Please, please, stop it.

But is doesn't stop. More explosions are going off all around him, more gunfire. Closer even than before. Hot sand is raining down on him, thrown up into the hot desert air by one of the grenades.

Breathe. Just breathe. Just breathe through the hot sand. The sand, that goes everywhere. The eyes, nose, ears and lungs. Don't cough, don't give away your location. Too late. They've seen him. They're on him in a second. Arms everywhere. Pulling. In every direction. Pushing him down. Down in the hot sand. No air. God. No air. Need air. Please. So hot. Pulled up. Moving.

His legs give out. Still moving. How? Dragged along. His legs hurt so bad. Cowering in hiding for hours. Can't. Can't go on. Please let go. Pushed down again. Down into the sand. Bloody sand. Whose blood? Bleeding. So much blood.

Turned over. Sun above. Baking him. But it's so cold. Dying in the hot sun. Freezing.

Shadows above him. Blurry. Hands on him. Gentle. Lifting. Carrying him. Caressing. The sun is graying. The world turns black.

*~* *~* *~* Hawaii Five-0 *~* *~* *~*

Noises. Low in the distance. Sounds of cars passing by. The crashing of the waves. Soft light filters in. Hardwood floor. Kitchen. Damn, it happened again… a flashback.

The man on the floor takes stock of his body. The headache from earlier is back full force. His morning swim had helped with the pain, as it usually does. But now it's worse than before. His legs are not willing to move yet. So he turns onto his back and looks down at his stubborn legs. Every time after an episode they refuse to obey him. He is just glad he made it back into the house after he suffered through the flashback while out swimming. Thankfully it was a pretty mild one. And he only passed out after making it back.

He knows that he'll need a few minutes to come back to himself again. And he knows that he needs to make another appointment with his psychiatrist. His legs are twitching, the first sign that they are coming back to life. He's always worried, that they won't, one of these days.

He gives himself another minute, just looking out to the ocean. Listening to the waves, calming himself. He uses one of the kitchen chairs to pull himself up from the floor. First he needs some water and next his phone. He finds it on the counter and dials the familiar number.

"Office Dr. Jo-Beth Jordan. How may I help you?"

*~* *~* *~* Hawaii Five-0 *~* *~* *~*