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At the beginning of December Harry had been looking forward to Christmas, it would be his first in a proper relationship. The first where he felt that he would part of what was happening; instead of looking in from the outside. Oh, the Weasleys had always tried to include Harry, but Harry felt that this Christmas would be special. But now he was not so sure.

Christmas time was not known as the silly season for nothing. There were more and more days when Harry found that he was clearing up other people's messes – what he wouldn't give for a career change. Draco though, thought that the 'Golden Boy' should be seen and being an Auror fitted that description. All of December had been busy but now it was nearly Christmas.

For Harry it had been a long tiring week at work in the Auror Office. Productive, if you could call it that - but tiring and all Harry wanted to do was to go home and relax. But no. Draco had 'owled' him at work and told him 'not to be late as he had a surprise.' Harry didn't want to even contemplate what that could possibly mean. He was now late as well!


Draco had first asked Harry out in April everything had been great. When Draco had first begged Harry to move in with him, less than 6 months before, everything had been wonderful. Draco was loving and attentive and now…. In the last week Draco had announced that he wanted their relationship to move on to being open but exclusive.

According to Draco what that meant was that although they were together exclusively that when they were out together that they could be with other people. Well, as long as the other person was there.

Harry had been gob smacked – if he was honest he should have seen it coming, there had been more and more parties where free love and sex seemed to be the name of the game.

Since the downfall of the dark lord, the younger generation of the wizarding world had become more promiscuous with their newfound freedom. Well, Harry had had enough, he and Draco had to have a serious talk, this was not the sort of relationship that he wanted or that he had fought for. It might be considered old fashioned but Harry just wanted a one on one relationship.

The first time that Draco had persuaded Harry to attended a party of 'love' as they were being called; Harry had just stood in the corner not really believing what was happening. Draco, he remembered had found the whole evening very stimulating. As the parties had progressed they became less about seeing old friends and having a drink and a chat and much more about how could get their kit off the fastest. Harry didn't know what to think.


As the lift doors opened at the penthouse suit Harry could already guess what his surprise was. He could feel the music pulsing through the air; he could smell a mixture of alcohol and sex.

Harry quietly stepped through the doorway. In the dimly lit open plan room Harry could see that not a chair, table, worktop, floor or wall space was not taken up with writhing fornicating bodies. There in the middle on the large leather sofa was his so called boyfriend, sandwiched between Seamus Finnigan and Blaize Zanbini.

'So much for only when the other was there.' He thought.

Draco suddenly looked up and saw him.

'You're late again,' his words slurring slightly.

'Is that all you have to say?' Harry replied.

He looked away from Draco and across the room he caught sight of something that he never thought that he would see. Hermione Granger was bent at the waist being fucked by Theo Nott from behind while she sucked Neville Longbottom. Ron Weasley – where was he – not far away it seems. He was lying across a sofa in a sixty-nine with Lavender Brown whilst Justin Finch-Fletchley was pounded his ass. Harry couldn't believe it. What he thought of as his home had become a sex club and those he considered friends members of the orgy.

'Come on, Harry,' Draco cajoled, 'you know that this is what I want. I told you last week.'

Harry looked at him incredulously 'told me' he said, 'I thought that it was a comment about what you might like to happen occasionally, not something that you wanted as a way of life.'

By now the whole room had realised that something was going on, everyone had paused in what they where doing to look.

'Aren't I enough for you' Harry whispered. 'When we first got together you told me that I was your all and everything. What happened? Because that is what I wanted – not a series of one night stands and casual fucks while you get up to Merlin knows what with someone else. I wanted to be with you Draco. But I can see that I'm not your 'all' so I'll be your 'nothing'.

Carefully Harry stepped over various arms, legs and torsos to reach what had been their room. He switched on the light and closed the door; his hopes that the room was empty were soon dashed when he discovered the Patel twins with Pansy Parkinson. They stopped and looked at him.

'Don't stop on my account,' he snarled.

Quickly he got together the essential things he needed for the next few days. Holdall in hand he walked out the door switching the light off as he went. In his absence everyone had got back to what ever or should that be who ever he or she were doing! Draco was now being pounded into by Seamus whilst Blaze appeared to be trying to suck Seamus out though Draco's mouth, he had both of their cocks in his hand and was wanking them quickly.

'Enjoy your fuck fest Draco, I'll be back for my things on Monday.' With that he turned and walked out the door.


Harry walked for a while trying to clear his head. He found a café/bar that sold large mugs of lightly spiced hot chocolate. With his chocolate in his hands he watched the people that passed. Couples holding hands, families dawdling to look in the Christmas windows, single people striding purposefully. During his thoughts Harry had discovered that although he was upset with Draco for what he was doing whilst they were still together he has no longer upset with Draco.

All Harry wanted was someone to love him for him and someone to hold and care for and love in return. Obviously that was not going to be Draco. Slowly Harry became aware of his immediate surrounds again and to his surprise sitting opposite him was Severus Snape.

'Hello, Harry, he said.

Harry smiled. While training to end the war they had resolved their differences and since to end of the war they had become good friends.

'I went around to the apartment to return the proofs for the DADA textbooks, I found no major problems, and on the whole I was very impressed.'

'Thank you,' Harry replied. He paused. 'You went to the apartment.'

Severus frowned in displeasure, 'yes', he growled. 'I must have just missed you. Draco was with Ron Weasley,' he continued awkwardly looking at Harry.

'That ok – best of luck to him, when I was there he was with Seamus Finnigan and Blaize Zanbini.' Harry explained what had been happening over the last couple of weeks. When he had finished Severus was looking faintly sick. Harry smiled, 'my thoughts exactly. Is it too much too just want to be with one person for the rest of your life – to be each others all and everything.'

He looked up at Severus and Severus leaned forward and gently took Harry's hand and stroked it with his thumb. Eventually he looked up at Harry and smiled.

'No, Harry, that is not too much to ask – do you think that I could …..' he paused. Harry gently squeezed his hand for him to continue.

'That, I could be your all and everything?'

Harry looked at their hands; his slightly tanned fingers entwined with Severus' long thin potion stained ones. Harry looked into his eyes and replied. 'Yes, Severus, I think that you just might be.'

They left the cafe holding hands. 'Have you eaten?' Severus asked.

Harry shook his head – he felt tingly all over.

'Chinese' they said together.


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And with that they started a new life together just the two them being each other's all and everything.