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Chapter 33

The Best things in life are…Free


"Hurry Edward before it snaps the picture!"Bella said as I rushed to sit down with my family on the couch.

Edward, Jr. and Ethan were standing tall behind the couch just like their father and Bianca and Demi were sitting on the couch with Bella and I in the middle of them, as I held our six year old daughter Renesmee Carlie, named after all four of her grandparents Renee, Esme, Carlisle & Charlie, on my lap.

Yes, crazy as it may sound, we had another child and she had all of us wrapped around her little finger, especially her two older brothers.

"Smile guys" I said right before the flash went off.

Grabbing the digital camera off the mantle, I looked at the picture of my family and my chest swelled with pride.

The triplets were now thirteen years old and graduating from eighth grade in a couple of months, Demi was in seventh grade right behind them and our little Nessie, Bella's nick name not mine, was getting ready to finish first grade.

"Let me see honey, how did it come out?" Bella asked walking over to the fireplace where I was standing.

"Oh, it's perfect Edward, your mom and dad is going to love this picture." Bella said reaching up and kissing my cheek.

We were taking this family photo as part of my parent's anniversary gift which was next month in May right before the triplet's graduation in June. Along with the family photo, Bella and I helped pay for a third of a fourteen day European cruise that Jasper, Alice, Rose and Emmett pitched in on also.

They would depart from Southampton, England and visit Malaga, Spain; Provence (Toulon), France; Florence, Italy; Rome (Civitavecchia), Italy; Nice (Villefranche), France; Gibraltar, United Kingdom; Lisbon, and Portugal before returning home. This was just all of our way of telling them thank you for all their help and support over the years.

Alice and Jasper has two boys, Chandler and Chauncey ages eleven and nine, and an adorable little girl Chelsea age eight. Tyler and Cody, Rose and Emmett's sons, are now seventeen and twenty one with one coming out of high school and one out of college and their third son Evan is with Demi, finishing up seventh grade.

Yes the family had grown quite large and I have to admit, holidays are both fun and unpredictable at the Cullen's house, especially during the years when Jasper, Emmett and Rose's parents would join us. The kids were spoiled beyond reason and loved beyond words.

Oh don't get me wrong, there were disagreements, arguments, riffs and all the things that come with being in a big family, but we were close, we stuck together and we never forgot that family comes first no matter what. Carlisle and Esme made sure we stayed focused on that.

"Honey we have to get going", the love of my life said bringing me back to the present.

"Alright love, boys start carrying the luggage to the car please."

"Aww man why do we have to carry Bianca and Demi's suitcases, they're old enough to carry their own." Junior and Ethan complained.

"Because, it's the gentlemanly thing to do, now do as your father says." Bella said winking at our boys.

"Daddy, I don't need anyone to carry my luggage because mine rolls and I can just pull it." Renesmee said wrapping herself around my leg and looking up at me with the most beautiful green eyes that melted my heart every time I looked at her.

She was the only one to inherit my green eyes the other four took their mom's beautiful brown eyes. Demi and Renesmee got my bronze unruly hair, while the triplets had thick brown wavy hair like Bella. Our first four kids favored both me and Bella, but my little Renesmee was all me, a splitting image of my childhood pictures, with softer features and a lot more hair of course.

"I know baby, but if it's too heavy for you to pull I'll carry it for you." I said picking her up and nibbling at her neck causing her to squirm and giggle in my arms.

It was the first week of April and all the kids were on Spring Break for the next ten days including the weekends. Bella and I were taking them to Disney World for five of those days, after a pit stop in New York to take care of some business with Bella's book store which she now co- owned with Jessica. After five years of dating, Jake and Jessica finally tied the knot, but unfortunately Jessica was unable to conceive children of their own due to having to have her uterus removed for health reasons. However, they have a seven year old adopted son named Jason and they couldn't be happier.

"Alright guys in the truck now, we aren't the only family traveling for Spring Break and if we miss our flight you're all grounded." Bella said causing our children to put some pep in their steps.

"Mom can we go shopping when we get to New York?" Bianca asked giving Bella her best puppy dog eyes, but better her than me, because when it came to my girls, there's nothing they cannot get out of me.

"Would you like some cheese with that whine?" My witty wife replied not falling for the puppy eyes at all. "You don't have room in your closet for the clothes you have now and you want more? I am definitely going to have to start limiting your time with your aunt Alice, she has you fashion crazy!"

I chuckled as I watched my eldest daughter fold her arms over her chest and pout in the back seat of our truck.

Once we got through security, which by the way was pure hell with having to take off shoes and belts and empty all the contents of our pockets in which my beautiful baby girl had decided to fill hers with her small, colorful see through marbles that spilled and bounced around everywhere. The sight of me and the boys scrambling to catch and pick up as many as we could, probably could have won us the first place prize on America's Funniest Home Videos.

"Baby, why did you fill your pockets with marbles?" Bella asked Renesmee once we were seated at our terminal.

"Because I wanted to share some with Jason when we get to New York and I didn't know what colors he would like, so I brought all of them so he could pick." She said with tears in her eyes and then I broke, because I couldn't stand to see my baby girl cry.

"It's okay baby girl, just next time tell me or mommy and we can help you put them in something that will keep them from spilling out, okay?"

"Okay daddy, I'm sorry mommy." She said wrapping her arms around my neck.

"It's okay baby." Bella said kissing her cheek.

"God, what a brat." Demi said rolling her eyes.

"Hey, that was you six years ago." Bella said playfully swatting her arm. The triplets all sat with headphones in their ears either bouncing their heads to music or playing games on their IPhones, kids and their technology, what would they ever do without it!

The flight to New York was long in which I slept through most of it, having just finished a twelve hour overnight shift at the hospital this morning so I had not been to sleep. We arrived in New York right after midnight and there was a hired driver waiting to take us to our apartment in Manhattan. The girls took one bedroom, the boys took the other and Bella and I of course took our old bedroom from when we lived here. We would only be in New York for two nights before flying to Orlando to finish off our family vacation.


"Jessica, I've missed you so much." Bella said hugging her tight. They had become almost best friends over the past fourteen years and Bella would take one or two trips a year to New York with Alice for a ladies weekend getaway in which in turn Jake would come to Forks with us for some of those weekends to hang out bringing Jason with him to play with Renesmee.

Renesmee and Jason were best friends and though they lived on two different sides of the United States, they would talk by Skype three to four times a week using our home computers. They were adorable and inseparable when in each other's presence.

"I missed you too Bella, I'm so glad you are here and wait until I show you the remodeled tutoring center at the bookstore, the pictures I sent you did it no justice I'm sure and the students love it." She squealed out while holding Bella's hand while Jake and I gave each other a manly one arm hug. He then went over and gave Bella a hug lifting her off the ground and swinging her around.

"Bells, you're looking lovely as ever." He said lowering her back onto her feet and placing a kiss on her cheek.

"Thanks Jake, how have you been I've missed you?" she said smiling.

"Good, real good." Jake replied

"Cullen, how's life back in Forks treating you?" he asked clapping me on the shoulder while we all took our seats at the restaurant for breakfast.

"Jake I can't complain my friend, my hours at work can get long sometimes especially if I have a surgery scheduled, but with a wife like Bella and these five wonderful kids, it's all worth it. How about you, I see the business and mechanics degrees are coming in handy with the new shop you've opened. We gotta swing by there so I can see it before we leave tomorrow." I said genuinely happy for him knowing owning his own auto repair shop has always been his dream. He was a natural when it came to repairing a vehicle no matter what kind, he could fix it.

"Sure, sure no problem, we'll go this evening." He said smiling.

Breakfast was filled with lots of conversation and laughter and afterwards we stopped at the bookstore to check out the remodeling job and new upgrades Bella and Jessica had decided to do. While Bella, Jessica and all the kids headed out for an afternoon of shopping, Jake and I headed over to his shop.

It was huge with a full waiting lounge with leather couches and two forty inch televisions, a coffee and tea station complete with condiments and cups, a playroom for smaller kids with a half door that locked so they could not just walk out and get lost. There were seven bays for fixing cars and he was fully staffed with mechanics, a receptionist/cashier and a playroom staff member that attended to the kids while their parents waited on their cars to get fixed. His office was luxurious to say the least and even had me thinking about upgrading my own office after sitting in one of his leather chairs that felt almost as good as my bed.

"Jake, man you've outdone yourself, this is top notch all the way."

"Thanks man, beer?" he asked opening a small fridge in his office.

"Definitely, thanks."

"So I heard Emmett's oldest son will be coming here for school this fall."

"Yes, and Tyler truly has his father's blood pumping through him and definitely finds his share of trouble, so we will need you to keep an eye on him so Rose won't have to fly up here to kill him." I said laughing.

"I will do my best to keep him out of trouble, because Rose is downright scary once you've pissed her off." Jake said chuckling and taking a sip from his beer.

We hung around his shop for another hour or so before heading back to my apartment with the rest of our family, where we ordered pizza and played a pretty hilarious game of charades girls against guys and needless to say the girls won.


"Tonight was fun, I really enjoyed our family time." I said as I dried off from the shower.

"Yeah, it was and it was nice to see Jake and Jessica, they look truly happy and I am so glad Jake found someone he truly loves. How was the shop? I saw a brochure that Jessica showed me and it looks very nice."

"Nice is an understatement, it's downright luxurious and business seems to be good. I'm happy for Jake, he deserves it."

"Yeah, me too."

"Well we've got an early flight to Orlando in the morning so we better get some sleep. Did you check in on Renesmee?" I asked before I lay down.

"Yes and she was already sleeping."

I climbed into bed, kissed Bella on the forehead and turned off the light to let sleep claim me, but my dear wife had other plans in mind as she slipped under the covers and pulled down my boxers. It did not take more than thirty seconds for my manly parts to wake up and stand at attention while she placed wet kisses on my inner thighs.

"Bella, what are you doing, I thought you were tired?" I asked and then I felt her warm tongue circle the tip of my rock hard cock licking off the pre-cum.

"Oh God Bella…fuck baby that feels so damn good." I said bucking my hips wanting to shove my entire cock down her throat while she teased me sucking only the tip.

She then slid her tongue down the backside of my throbbing cock and then gently paid special attention to each one of my balls while running her soft hand up and down my shaft.

"Tell me what you want" She whispered before sliding her tongue back up to the tip of my dick again while now cupping my balls in her warm hand.

"Dammit…baby…baby you know what I want…shit…I want to fuck that pretty mouth of yours."

And then I felt the warmth of her mouth cover my entire cock as she sucked hard and fast circling her tongue around and hollowing out her cheeks creating a friction like nothing I ever felt before as she moaned around me to let me know how much she was enjoying this pleasure she was giving me.

I watched as the silhouette of my wife's head bobbed up and down and I felt myself hitting the back of her throat with each thrust. She continued to suck tightening her grip a little as she moved her soft hand up and down with her lips and I could feel my release building and after a few more pumps and me picturing her warm pouty lips around me, I found my release and bit my lip to keep from moaning too loud as she moaned and licked me clean. I fell back against my pillow, sated.

"I love you", she said as she climbed up to kiss my lips.

"Ah baby, I love you too, thank you." I said pulling her close to me and kissing the top of her head."

"I just wanted you to sleep well tonight." She said kissing my nose.

"Oh yeah and what about you? I want to make sure you sleep well too." I said lifting her shirt and taking one of her nipples into my mouth causing her to moan and arch her back scraping her nails across my scalp. I slid down and started placing kisses on her stomach before she stopped me.

"No baby, tonight was just for you, because I couldn't ask for a better husband than you, go to sleep honey."

I pulled her warm body as close to me as I could get her and fell into a blissful slumber, dreaming of the most beautiful girl in the world, my Bella.