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Tamaki noticed that he'd been feeling weird lately. He had suddenly felt all these weird emotions that he never did before, and he'd scarcely any sleep due to his recent exotic dreams - which he remembered all too clearly. And what was the subject of his wet dreams? Kyouya; he was dreaming of his best friend.

"Tamaki. Are you going?" Tamaki pushed away his thoughts before turning to the twins, confusion carved into his beautiful features. "Going where?" He asked innocently. The entire host club sighed in response, "To the beach. Haruhi wants to go see that giant crab again" Hikaru explained, earning a small blush from his girlfriend at the mention of her name.

"Ah! Haruhi, you want to take your darling father with you. How cute!" The blonde host king screamed in delight. "Actually" Hikaru began, annoyed at Tamaki's sudden contact with Haruhi, "It was Honey's idea to ask you to come" Tamaki's body turned to stone as his head cocked to the side, "Huh" he turned to look at Honey, who was happily eating cake with Mori, before tears flooded his eyes, "Mummy!" The blonde cried as he jumped into Kyouya's arms, knocking his glasses off as he did so.

"T-Tamaki!" Kyouya gasped quietly at the sudden contact with the blonde teen. Tamaki, totally oblivous to the effect he held on Kyouya's body, swung his slim arms around his neck. "Kyouya, Haruhi doesn't want me to go to the beach with her!" he wailed. Kyouya gulped sharply, his breathe brushed past Tamaki's ear and Tamaki to swallowed a sharp breathe. Both Tamaki and Kyouya moved their heads slowly until their eyes connected.

"Erm..." Kaoru began, Kyouya froze as he remembered that the rest of the members were stood in front of them. Flustered, he dropped Tamaki on the club floor, picking up his discarded glasses up shortly after. Tamaki, still lost in the feeling of Kyouya's eyes, yelped in surprise as he hit the cold floor. Both teens stared at the club members in surprise. Kyouya had lost his cool when Tamaki jumped on him, and Tamaki had been too lost in the moment to get off him.

"Erm, Hikaru ... what's going on? It's too quiet" Haruhi asked her new boyfriend. Hikaru, surprised at the fact he covered her eyes unconsciously, laughed nervously as he took his hands from her face. Kaoru laughed suddenly, "Poor Hikaru. You didn't want your precious girlfriend to see mummy and daddy make out, how innocent!". Hikaru frowned harshly as he opened his mouth to shout at his twin, but Tamaki soon interrupted him. "WE WEREN'T MAKING OUT!" he shouted, picking himself up of the floor. Everyone, apart from Honey and Mori who left the room along time ago, turned to look at the blushing king, shocked expressions formed on each of their faces (even Kyouya, though not too much) since they weren't used to Tamaki shouting.

Tamaki knew he was excited when he was in Kyouya's arms, and he knew that when Kaoru said they were making out he got excited even more (to the point that his manhood stood tall and proud - which he somehow managed to hide) however Tamaki also knew that no one, especially Kyouya, could find out about his feelings for the Ootori. So, to hide his embarrassment, he quickly excused himself from the club members, stating that he wasn't feeling well and that's what caused the strange outburst earlier.

"What's up with him?" The twins said in unison. They turned to look at a secretly pleased teen, 'he blushed' Kyouya smiled slightly, not even seeing the twins pop up in front of his thinking face. "Kyouya~" they sang childishly. Kyouya, now thinking of other ways to make Tamaki blush, half jumped at the sudden closeness. "Er, what?" He asked, the usual cold look quickly taking its place upon his face again. "What's with Tamaki?" Hikaru asked. Haruhi looked at Kyouya before scrunching her small eyebrows, she sighed tiredly whilst sitting down to eat the latest giant tuna Tamaki recently bribed her with.

Wondering what that look was for, Kyouya began walking towards her to ask, but Hikaru grabbed his arm. "Kyouya. What's wrong with him?" He repeated. Kyouya shrugged, "I don't know" he answered honestly. "Well go after him and find out" Kaoru ordered. Kyouya tried to resist, insisting that he needed to ask Haruhi something, but the twins strictly told him that he was the only one who could talk to Tamaki, and that questions with Haruhi could wait till later. Sighing, Kyouya made his way to Tamaki's mansion, only to be told that the young master was currently in the shower, however if he wished to wait he could go straight to Tamaki's room.

Slightly hesitant to enter Tamaki's room when he's in the shower, Kyouya made his way into the lightly lit room and sat on the bed. Running his hands accross the sheets he started to remember the time when he first realised that he liked Tamaki. It wasn't that long ago when Kyouya felt strange around the blonde, he'd stayed round Tamaki's many times before, but that night Kyouya suddenly felt like he wanted to hold Tamaki, and for the rest of the night he studied his best friends curves carefully. He occasionally ran his slender fingers across them, soft, pale skin jerked under his touch, luckily Tamaki was asleep. The following morning when Kyouya went home, he couldn't help remembering the feel of Tamaki's skin, and ended up jerking himself off in the bathroom. The thought of Tamaki stayed in his mind since then. Everyday things had become hard for Kyouya, since it mainly consisted of the constant presence of the very blonde that became his masturbating subject.

Kyouya sighed at the memories. How cruel fate was, if only there was the slight change Tamaki liked him … no way! Tamaki would never see him as more than just a friend. Still, Kyouya couldn't resist the though of him in the shower with Tamaki.

Tamaki sighed softly. He hoped he hadn't made people suspicious of his actions earlier. Blushing, he thought of Kyouya. How strong and slender his arms were when he held him, how soft his hands felt when they wrapped around his waist, how husky his voice was as it brushed against his ear ... Tamaki shook his head violently, he must not think things like that, however he knew his body didn't like the thought of not thinking about Kyouya. Hoping to brush his thoughts away, Tamaki stepped into the shower, wincing as the heat caressed his delicate skin.

Soaking his hands with soap, he applied it to his body. As he rubbed the soap on his chest, he groaned at the slight contact with his nipples. Un - able to control himself any longer he began stoking the newly hardened nipples, the thoughts of Kyouya's hands on his body made him moan in delight. Realising that it wasn't enough, Tamaki made his way to his erected cock. Gentle strokes of the head began as he repeatedly called Kyouya's name. Needing more, he rapped his hand around his aching cock and began pumping, his free hand played with his hard nipples. Saliva slipped from the corners of his mouth, which he licked hungrily as he imagined Kyouya's tongue venturing inside him.

Speeding his pumping up, small cries escaped Tamaki's parted lips. He knew he was near his climax, but he still didn't feel satisfied; he needed Kyouya right now. Releasing over his hand, Tamaki gasped loudly, his lungs trying to re-adjust to the huge amount of air needed. Panting, Tamaki told himself that Kyuoya would never look at Tamaki that way. Reluctantly, he cleaned himself up and stepped out of the shower.

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