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PREVIOUSLY, ON FATE? CRUEL? NO WAY! ... (A/N. That sounded so cool in my head... boo)

Sweet kisses soon turned into hot, steamy one's. The heat and lust from us both only seemed to fuel our desires more. We were hungry; hungry for each other.

BACK TO THE FUTURE... (A/N. Does that even make sense?!).

I had my shirt off, Kyouya had his off too. I had no pants on, Kyouya was taking his off. My hands were in his hair, his were on my but. We were enjoying the moment, apparently Kaoru was too.

Total. Mood. Killer.

"Uh... as fun as it is watching this," the brunette began, leaning against the door frame. "I need to ask you something. Where's Hika-" *bang!* there goes Kyouya's pants. "Kaoru! When did you get here?!" Kyouya asked (demanded) after he threw his pants at an annoyed Kaoru. Kaoru, still peeling off the pants from his face, looked at his watch before shrugging, "About 5 minutes ago. Anyway-", *bang!*. And there goes whatever else I had on. Wait... STOP UNDRESSING ME!. "Kyouya! Enough with the throwing, idiot!" The twin whined as he dodged more pieces of clothing. An angry Kyouya huffed, mumbled 'pervert', before stopping non the less. "What do you want, pervert?" I asked finally, adopting the name from Kyouya, who took it upon himself to hide me from Kaoru using his shirt. It didn't cover everything though. But before Kaoru could answer, the frowning guy sat next to me tore his gaze away from my still slightly erected penis, and stood quickly so he could chase Kaoru. Kaoru, oblivious to the fact that Kyouya was practically naked, squeaked a little and ran, Kyouya hot on his heels.

Sighing, I ran a hand through my messy hair and picked up my discarded clothes. I need a shower.

The warm water caressed my skin soothingly, relaxing my muscles. Small droplets glided over my smooth skin, drooping ever so slightly when they got hit by another random droplet. I giggled; it's like a race. "What are you giggling like a girl for?" A teasing voice asked. "Kyouya?" I turned to see a naked Kyouya stepping in to the shower, wincing slightly when some water got into his eye. Ignoring his 'giggling' question, I stepped forward to blow the water from his eye. "Tamaki, that stings" he whined, rubbing at his eye furiously. "Stop being a baby. And stop rubbing it! It'll hurt more!" He stopped, but I could tell he was itching to rub it. "Just get a towel to wipe it" I frowned, wondering why I didn't think of that until now. Kyouya too frowned when he realised the same thing I did.

After the hole 'water in my eye, I'm gunna die' incident, I went back to focusing on my shower. "Oh yeah! What happened to Kaoru?" I asked quickly, only just remembering his disruption earlier. We really should get a sign saying: DO NOT DISTURB! KING, BUSY AT WORK! That'd be pretty cool...

"Tamaki!" Huh? Oh yeah! Kyouya! "Anyway," he started, totally ignoring my need to daydream of me and him at 'work'. "He got away". I could almost feel the intensity of his frown, but it did make me chuckle. He looked so cute! Turning from his frowning but curious stare, I began to wash my body. "It must run in their family to disturb people" I chuckled again, remembering the time that the twin's mum caught me kissing a teddy bear I substituted for Kyouya. "True," I heard Kyouya say, "but they can't disturb us now. We're in the shower. Alone". My breathing quickened when his own minty breath hit my ears, and his arms snaked around my waist and started massaging my chest and abdomen. "Kyouya" I gasped as small electrifying waves shot through my body. His grin could be felt on my sensitive shoulder when he lay his head on it and started nibbling on my ear lobe, making me lean back against him in satisfaction.

Grabbing my wet hair in the process, Kyouya turned my head and planted his lips on mine. The kiss started softly, but due to his naked closeness and fingers tugging lightly at my hair, I soon pushed harder against his lips. Our bodies where in a weird position. It ached a little, but I didn't mind that. Instead, I enjoyed the feel of Kyouya's tongue running across my lips. Half way through a satisfied moan my lips parted uncontrollably. Kyouya took the chance to shove his tongue in my mouth; gently biting my bottom lip before hand. His tongue was like fire itself; heating my mouth whenever it touched, nipped or licked on my tongue. Kyouya was definitely the more dominant one in this relationship.

I was well and truly floating in heaven right now.

Then I remembered; we were in the shower. "Stop" I whimpered. My half-hearted plead obviously had no effect on his mind, since he reached up and rubbed my left nipple with a wet finger. "I'm just washing you," he said huskily, making me shiver involuntarily in anticipation. "Nothing suggestive about that". "Oh I agree," I said. "But I don't think my body does". I groaned quietly when a small breath of air passed my ear, accompanied by a whispered 'just go with it'.

I reached one hand back and 'twined my fingers through his hair, pushing my hips back against his erected member. "You're already so hard" I breathed, my slightly parted mouth opened wider to let his tongue into my cavern. He broke the kiss to mumble a: "just the sight of you naked turns me on", before ghosting his hand over my erection. No fair!

Kyouya's hold on my body disappeared before he turned me around to face him, the warm water still soaking our bodies. My mind and eyes were clouded with lust as my gaze followed his eyes when his body moved lower. Without knowing I held my breath, I let out a large burst of air after he stopped in front of my penis. However after my breath was released I soon drew it back in as his teasing mouth blew across my twitching head. I was definitely aroused and completely hard for my soon-to-be-husband. Kyouya grinned at my pleading face, what? I wanted him! "All this talking is making me hungry. You don't mind if I taste you, right?" He asked, trying to look innocent. Obviously my mind and body was screaming no, but I could hardly sort my breathing out, let alone talk. But talking was the last thing on my mind when a glasses less Kyouya decided to make a show out of licking his hand. Great! Now I'm even more aroused! "We have the water from the shower, but I want you to feel my saliva when I touch you. It's like an indirect-lick" he explained seductively. And feel him I did do as he wrapped his wet hands on my shaft, making me gasp and silently beg for more. I steadied my breathing a little, until Mister I'm-gunna-make-you-melt twisted his hands, which had a hold on my member, in different directions. "Hah! Good!" I finally spoke. I was trying not to thrust into his continuously twisting hands, and instead lavish the feeling of the hands from God that completely twisted my world (no pun intended - oh what the hell, pun intended!).

"Kyouya! Uh, more!" I really sounded loud. Or it might be because of the echoing sounds my bathroom makes; either way, Kyouya was loving me squirming under his touch. My fingers gripped his hair when his mouth engulfed my cock, sucking it hard from base to top and releasing the head with a 'pop'. Damn this boy knows how to please a man! "Mmm, more!" I commanded as he repeated the sucking movement. He smirked proudly knowing that I was whimpering for more. Although, I make him whimper too when we reverse the r- "Oh God!" I moaned loudly. He was sticking his tongue in the hole on the head of my cock as his hands massaged my balls. Oh heavenly Jesus. Before I could even think that it can't get better, Kyouya goes and nibbles the sides of my cock. Nibbling, licking, and kissing up and down my twitching member, as well as prodding the top of the head and squeezing my balls. I might just die from pleasure now. Kyouya always managed to make my toes curl and leave me breathless, he always managed to make me love him more. Sex or not, he would find a way to make me love him all over again.

"Tamaki," Kyouya said, speaking for the first time in what seemed like eternity. I hummed in notification so he knew I was listening. "I'm going to enter you now" he stated. My abandoned hole twitched in excitement. Knowing Kyouya was going to be inside me soon made me hotter than ever.

Due to my daydreaming I failed to notice him popping up behind me, lathering his erected cock with my pre-cum from his hands. Now that's hot. He looked at me and gave me a hot, wet kiss that got even wetter from the water, and proceeded to press his loving stick against my but. No condoms were needed since we both got checked for anything a long time ago, but we'll occasionally play with flavoured ones. "Tamaki," Kyouya whispered against my ear, again sending shivers of high amounts of pleasure through my body. "I've never done it in the shower before. Then again, you always bring out the more adventurous side of me". Dear sweet mother of Jesus; I want this boy. Now! And without warning I slammed my hips down on his erection, both of us moaning. I couldn't feel that much pain, I was too far on cloud nine to feel anything but immense pleasure. "Move" I breathed heavily, bracing myself on the shower wall. Kyouya grunted in understanding before slamming down on me hard. He sure does know how to give it rough. I don't mind though, rough or gentle, it still makes my knees week and eyes roll back in ecstasy.

I was panting, moaning, crying and whimpering for more; grabbing hold of his hands on my hips and pulling one towards my needy member. He caught my drift and began stroking it, grunting as he thrusted deep inside me with a quick pace; my hips bucking back every time to meet his hungry lunges.

"Hey Tamaki, remember the time when you put cat ears on my head?" I nodded, not really sure where this was going, but enjoying his seductive voice nonetheless. "Well how about I make you my cat this time. After all, cats don't like water, and I'm pretty sure I can make your shower better. Don't worry; I'll make you purr in pleasure". And with that, he switched his angle and began thrusting again; only this time he hit my prostate perfectly. I could now say that I was seeing the most dazzling stars ever.

This went on for quiet awhile, considering we did it more than twice, followed by many steamy make out sessions. I must say, this is a day to remember.


"Kyouya," I began later that night. We had finally settled down for bed after many hours of Lickin' N Lovin'. "Hmm?" He asked, looking around for his spare glasses. We kind of broke the other's earlier. Finally he found them, placed them on the bedside table and turned towards me, climbing next to me under the duvet. "I was going to ask you earlier but got distracted. Were you acting funny earlier because you were going to propose to me?". I saw him nod shyly, a blush spreading on his cheeks. He was clearly embarrassed. I chuckled, amused, and kissed him on his nose before grabbing his arm and wrapping it around me, pulling him closer. "Thank you" I whispered when he turned off the lamp next to him. Now I was embarrassed. Despite the darkness I saw him smile. He removed a piece of hair from my face, tucking it behind my ear, and gently caressed my cheek with his thumb. The little movement made me tingle inside from happiness and blush a little, which he missed. Thank you darkness.

The comfortable silence was interrupted by me. "But, don't ever cook without knowing what to actually do first. I don't want to marry you inside a coffin". I saw him frown but smiled nonetheless. "I'll make sure you're always by my side then. Maybe you can teach me how to cook" he suggested, tightening his hold on me. I sighed happily and replied with a sleepy "maybe I will" before drifting off to sleep. However before I managed to enter dreamland, I heard Kyouya gently whisper something in my ear.

That night, Kyouya told me something that would determine our fates forever: "Then we'll be together forever".

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