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Bella POV

She laid there gazing into his eyes in her post sexual glow.

It was the night of their Senior Prom. There was only one month left of their Senior year. They managed to wait until that night for their first time. Even after being together after over a year. He wanted to make sure that it was special for her. And it was, it really was.

"I love you, baby." He looked into her eyes as she laid on his chest.

"I love you, too."

"This is going to be us every night one day. I swear to you. You're it for me Bella. We are going to get married and be together forever." He promised her.

Looking back at him, she could see all the love in his eyes. She didn't think it was possible to love someone so much. But yet everyday it seemed like it grew more and more.

The color green of his eye always held her. She could star at him for hours, lost in them.

That was until they started to change colors. The green waved away leaving a piercing blood red color in their absence.

Bella jerked awake. It made her sick that after all these years she still managed to have that same nightmare. Though there was a good cause for the return of it.

The end he promised her was long dead. It only rook one moment for him to crush all their dreams, never allowing them a chance to come true.