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Let's pick up where we left off shall we?


As soon as we both sit in the car Esme slams her door as hard as she can. I actually feel thankful that she didn't crack the glass, it was that hard.

I know that she is pissed at me.

"Which store?" I turn and ask her.

I instantly know that it's a mistake, I can see the raging fire in her eyes. "Just fucking drive Edward."

Esme may be a short, gorgeous little thing, who always seem so well put together and as if she couldn't hurt a fly. But never judge that book by it's cover. The women can be dangerous. Trust me, I know. I grew up with her. And right now, she means business.

I start the car and pull on the road and just drive. I do, make sure that I am heading towards the grocery store because the last thing that I want is for her to really need to go to the store and then be in trouble for that.

"Jesus Edward. I just, sometimes, I swear you don't use the brain that God gifted you with. Did you really think all that just now was a good idea? Better yet just, what the fuck were you thinking?" She turned sideways in her seat to look directly at me.

"I was trying to get some answers." I gripped the steering wheel.


I hear the wind whistling with her hand as it came and met the back of my head. I knew that one was coming.

"And you thought that was how you were going to get them. By fighting with her. And to top it all off you have the nerve to make the treat of taking her baby away from her. My goodness Edward what the fucking, fuck. I swear if you were not driving right now I would drag your ass out of this car so fast and beat the ever loving shit out of you. I don't know if your father would even be able to help put you back together, then again, I doubt he would want to. Why? Why would you say something like that to her? You clearly didn't want anything to do with Cady in the first place so why now? If you ever do something like that again I will cut your ass off so fast, you'll be out on the street before you even have a chance to grab another pair of underwear, so help me."

At this point it was pointless to ever try and get a work is so I just let her get it all out.

"You have no idea who that little girl is and how precious she is. If Bella leaves again because of something you did to her, ohh will there be hell to pay. If only you took the time to get to know that little girl, man." Her shoulder sag and I could tell that she on the verge of tears. Then she whisper so softy that I almost miss what she says. "And the fact that there should have be two."

The car goes quite.

Then it hits me.

"WHAT!" I slam on the breaks.

I know that a lot of you think that I am just going to do something with Edward and bam! Bella is going to forgive. Hell no. Edward is an Ass there will be no getting past that. But just remember that we still have a ways to go and they have a long road ahead. And I am sure that 98% of you will not foresee what I have planned coming. Heehee