Hello. my readers.

Look. lets get some shit straight right now. I am sorry that I have not updated in a long time. But let me explain. Since I have updated, my computer screen has gone dead and then I moved. So since I have moved I have not even had internet, nor a computer so I am sorry.

So so those of you who are bitching about me taking time. Fuck you. You can not read any more and I would be okay with it because with your attitude, I'd rather not have people like you reading my stories, who obvi can't understand when people had stuff going on. Actually, ya'll are lucky that I didn't let Meagan just get on and go off one you because she would be bitching you off.

But on the plus side I do have chapters wrote. I am at a neighbors right now who just offered to let me use his shit to write with so I will try getting chapter this week. So now that I have the means it will start up again.

Again I am sorry. But sometimes, real life wins.