"I don't understand." Will said to Calypso as they stood at the helm, watching Samantha on the deck as she played with a crab. The Flying Dutchman had just ferried another round of lost souls to the next world, but Samantha was left behind. No one onboard had any idea of why that could be or what to in that situation. This had never happened under Davy Jones's command during the ten years he did his duty, or so they could recall.

Then again, that was so long ago. There were only a few men left from those years-the rest having been killed in one way or another-and they could barely remember….

"She cannot by ferried nor can she return to de land of de living." Calypso replied, turning to Will. "Ya came before she died, aye?"

"Yes." Will answered nervously. Was that the wrong thing to do? Will had refused to wait when the Black Pearl had a dying soul. After having sailed with the men aboard the Pearl, even if Will didn't really think of them as particularly close friends, they were still people he cared about. Except for Barbossa, though he had a very good feeling that the feeling was mutual.

"If ya waited, ya could 'ave been able to ferry 'er." Calypso explained. "She was not dead yet. She did not die but she were close to it."


"By bringing her here so soon, she is one of us?" Bootstrap asked as he approached.

Calypso smiled. "Aye. She be just like you." She replied, clearly amused by the situation. A ship full of men in the Locker ferrying souls to the next world with the six year old daughter of Jack Sparrow running around. She found it very amusing. "Dat is, until yo One Day."

"My One Day?" Will asked. "How will my One Day change anything?"

"On your One Day, yo crew will have dey chance ta leave de Dutchman an' never come back. Dat goes for every member of dey crew except for dey captain. Includin' Sammie Sparrow."

Will looked at Samantha. She looked up at him and smiled, waving one hand as she held a biscuit in her other hand. About a day or so after he had brought her aboard, the black spots went away and she started eat more. One day later, while everyone was either busy on deck or sleeping below, Samantha actually came out of the Captain's Cabin to ask Will to play with her. Now, she acted like any other six year old; running around, getting into trouble and charming her way out. 'No.' Will thought, sighing. 'She's just like Jack.'

"Calypso, we are just men." Bootstrap said, having the same thought. "I didn't even raise my son. How are we to take care of her? Even now, we are running short on supplies."

That was news to Will. He had no idea that they were running out of supplies. When he thought about it though, it did make sense. The last time they had replenished the cargo hold was around six months ago. Of course it was about time to return to the other side. "Samantha cannot go there."

"She will 'ave ta stay on dey ship." Calypso said. "It looks like you will have company afta all, Captain." She then vanished…

…just in time for a mushy tomato to hit Will straight in the face. The entire ship was full of laughter, everyone on deck either having seen it or hearing it. Will looked and saw Samantha laughing so hard that she was crying. Something about the look on her face make her look exactly like Jack.

"At least it's only four years." Bootstrap said as he handed Will a rag.

"A long four years." Will replied, wiping the tomato off his face.

I always like to try to keep a space at the end of my stories for a sequel. Actually, for Untitled, I had started a sequel before...but I personally hated it after a few chapters and deleted it. After rereading Untitled, I noticed one detailed I had missed...

What do you think? Worthy of being the sequel to Untitled?