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"Oh, yeah?"

You glanced in the direction of the Fire Mage and the Ice Mage fighting for the hundredth time that day, you clicked your tongue, and continued your interrupted chat with Cana Alberona.
"They sure know how to be loud, huh?" you said, and grinned at your friend who was busy chugging down her 3 barrel of beer.
"Yeah, they're so stupid. They are the perfect reason why I don't hook-up with anyone in this guild. I love them all, but romance? Nah, hardly thinks so." Cana said and winked at you.
"Haha, yeah! But, the guys here aren't bad looking, though. Just look at Natsu and Gray, I mean; come on," you leaned closer and whispered "they're hot! And cool. Hah, did you see what I did there? I totally made a Gr-oomph!"
Before you could even finish the sentence your face was pressed down on the floor
with two heavy mages on top of you; Natsu and Gray. Luckily Gray had his clothes on, at least his boxers, you wouldn't want to touch any of his private parts when you were going to kick his ass.
You pushed them away , got on your feet, and pulled their ears painfully, making them wriggle in a way that was just too funny.
"AAH! That hurts!" they yelled in unison, "Wow, they agree on something! And it's pain," you snickered with a creepy grin on your face; sometimes you could be even more merciless than Erza.

"Now, what shall I do to you guys? I have a new technique I haven't been able to test on anyone yet, would you like to be my test subjects?"
Both shook their heads feverishly, scared of what might happen next, "[Name], you shouldn't scare them so much. They'll probably just pee their pants, especially Lucy." Happy chimed in.
"Why are you including me with something I wasn't involved in? STUPID CAT, COME HERE!"
Lucy started chasing Happy, you were punishing Natsu and Gray, and Elfman started a fight with some other guild mates because they weren't doing something the right way, the manly way. It never was a boring day in the guild, never.
"Master, don't you love days like these? It's so much fun when everyone interacts with each other, isn't it?" Mirajane said while smiling fondly at her guild mates.
"Mhm…As long as they don't break any more buildings I'm fine with it."
Just as Master Makarov had uttered the last words a sound which sounded like a building collapsing, Macau came running in yelling something about "Natsu and Gray were attacked by [Name] and she's destroying the Ramar Restaurant."
"…I should just retire. I'm getting too old for this…"Makarov thought as he bawled like an infant.

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