Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I just steal her characters for my own warped purposes.

AN: This story CAN be read as a standalone, but it is part of the universe of "The Tyranny of Unintended Consequences". Should you choose not to read TToUC, you can read this story and see events exclusively from Bella's perspective.

It's a short drabble and the plot unfolds on England's extended regency period. It updates twice a day, unless a catastrophe takes place.

I hope you enjoy.

"Childhood lives reality in the only honest way, which is taking it as a fantasy." - Agustina Bessa-Luís.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who was admired and loved by all. She lived on a comfortable castle with her doting mother. There were laughter and hugs, they were happy and whole. For three years they lived on a paradise of their own, away from the father the princess never met.

But the princess' safe haven was about to crumble. In London, she met her father, the most beautiful man in the world. They spent time together and she was happier than ever, for the first time she truly had a family. Everything would have been perfect had her mother refrained from turning into an evil witch.

The princess discovered that she was nothing but a little girl, like so many others. What had once been a loving home was transformed into a dungeon where punishments were freely delivered whenever the girl failed to rise up to her mother's expectations. The little girl was no longer allowed to play, smile or laugh. She was to become a paragon of beauty and grace, an embodiment of perfection.

She strived to be what her mother wanted; clinging to the vain hope that maybe then she would be loved again. Years passed and her mother was never satisfied, so she turned to God and prayed for her father to come and rescue her. It would be many years before she ever saw him again.

One day her father sent a blond little boy to her. Her mother called him bastard and kept them apart. Until one day when he crept into her bed and she enfolded him into her warm embrace, and for years they were each other's only source of affection.

Life went on a routine of harsh punishments for the boy and increasingly indifference for the girl. Until it was disrupted by her mother's disappearance, something that brought only relief to the weary little hearts of the children. Their peace did not last for long, for her father reappeared some time later. He did not pay the children any attention, going about his business whatever they were.

The same night of her father's return Jacob was tore from her arms by the doctor that from time to time came to visit her mother. They said hasty goodbyes and their little hearts broke, for twelve years would pass before the two halves could be made one again.

Some days later an old man came and took her hand, making her a princess again. She went to live a better life, on a bigger castle where she was spoiled by an overindulgent great-grandfather. She had everything and for the next six years she was happy like never before.

Then she met her betrothed and little by little she became me, the disillusioned wife, the barren mother, the loveless lover. Uncovering hidden truths was the downfall of my innocence and the beginning of my bleak existence.

See you later.