Stephenie Meyer owns Twilight. I just steal her characters for my own warped purposes.

"I go to seek a Great Perhaps." ― François Rabelais

The few daisies of thirty five years ago turned into a field of serene beauty, a delicate token to Elizabeth's innocence and purity. In the warmth of Jacob's embrace I gaze at my baby's resting place, feeling the raw pain of loss that not even time can lessen. Comforted by my husband's silent support, I drown in the bittersweet memories of my long lost daughter. The feeling of hugging her tiny body, smelling her baby powder and hearing her carefree giggles, consume my mind and burn my soul. Unbidden, tears blur my vision, materializing the anguish tearing at my heart.

At the sound of approaching steps, I try to regain my composure but Jacob shakes his head and kisses my temple. Turning to my family, Thomas hugs me tightly while the others wait for their turn. My four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren made the long trip to England just to make my fondest dream come true. The sight of a much anticipated family reunion heals my soul, for there is no greatest gift to a mother than the opportunity to be with all of her children.

Regaling them with the memories of my time with Elizabeth, I notice the enraptured expressions on their faces. These are stories I have told a thousand times, but their interest esteem from tender emotions, it is not an act designed to please. It fascinates me, their ability to love someone they never met. That's what makes my family so special: the way they love without limits or demands. They have learned it from Jacob, my soul mate, the man I'm proud to call my husband.

Thomas, my beloved son, sheds more than one tear for the sister he never met. It is heartbreakingly beautiful the way he tells her all the things he wishes they had shared. Overwhelmed by emotion, he is no longer able to voice his thoughts. Even my grandchildren went through the trouble of saying a few words. My great-grandchildren, still too small to understand the commotion, are happily teasing each other when they think nobody is looking. We are the unfashionable kind of family, for we are close and unafraid to show our affection.

Surrounded by love, I'm ready to accept my fate. Aware that my ailing body will soon succumb to the demands of death, I take the time to look at all of their faces. Despite the sadness of having to part with their company, I am also thankful for all the years I had with them. Tears glisten in Jacob's eyes, for he realizes the finality of the moment. Whispering his devotion, he touches his lips to mine. So light is the moment that I barely notice the transition. At the sound of her voice calling for me, I realize that my essence has been freed from my body. But it no longer signifies because Elizabeth is waiting for me.

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