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As the Annoying Orange is getting his own TV show in a couple months, I thought it would be fitting to do a one shot of him annoying someone from another fandom. And who more fitting to annoy in the Spyro franchise the one legitimate bad guy it ever had.

I do not own anything from the Spyro franchise and the Annoying Orange belongs to Daneboe


After a series of arduous events that had culminated in the defeat of an Earth Golem that had been harassing them, Spyro and Cynder had been reunited with Ignitus and the other Guardians. They, as well as Hunter, were now walking along the outer wall of what was left of the dragon city of Warfang after an attack by Malefor's forces. The Guardians were interested in any information the two young dragons had found out before they went missing as well as relieved that they had returned alive.

"Momentum has swung to our side, Ignitus," Terrador said. "Perhaps this victory will mark a turning point in the war".

"I would like to believe that," Ignitus said.

Ignitus' though of foreboding turned out to be true. At that moment, a Shadow Crystal burst out of the ground in front of them. There was something different about this one as a pair of menacing yellow eyes were staring at them as well.

"Citizens of Warfang, congratulations," the twisted voice of Malefor said. "You shall be the first to witness the resurrection of the Destroyer… and the end of the world".

"Malefor…" Ignitus muttered under his breath.

Suddenly, the ground under them starts shaking violently. The power of the tremor seemed to be coming from the volcano, where the old Temple had been suspended above it. The dragons could only watch as some sort of giant lizard appeared out of the erupting lava.

"By the ancestors… what is that?" Ignitus asked.

Once it was fully free, the lizard began making its way down the mountain. Once it reached the bottom, it turned and began walking around it, leaving a trail of fire in its wake.

"The Destroyer has commenced its journey to form the ring of annihilation," Malefor said. "At the end of his journey, the Belt of Fire will spread across the surface of this world in a torrent of-"

"Hey! Hey lizard! Hey lizard, hey!"

The voice seemed to appear out of nowhere, taking everyone's attention away from what was going on. They immediately started looking around to see who had said that but nothing was near them. When they turned back toward the crystal, they saw that the eyes of Malefor had a distracted look on them.

"Uh… could you excuse me for a second?" Malefor asked.

Malefor was absolutely furious right now. Ever since this talking orange showed up, it had been distracting him from every plan he was making. He'd somehow managed to distract it long enough to find the spell needed to summon the Destroyer, but even that didn't seem to hold it up.

"Hey! Hey lizard!" the Orange said.

"What now?" Malefor snapped.

"I'm bored," Orange said. "Don't you have anything else to do in this place?"

No, I don't," Malefor said. "Now be quiet. You're distracting me from my ultimate triumph".

"Hey, I'm not a distraction," Orange said. "I'm an orange. Hahahahahahahaha!"

"Ugh, will you stop talking for five minutes?" Malefor snapped. "I'm trying to concentrate here".

"Gee, for a lizard, you sure are a hot head," Orange said.

"What- for the last time, I'm not a lizard," Malefor growled.

"Sure you are," Orange said. "I've already got a good read on you for scale. Hahahahahahahaha!"

"I'm not a lizard, you dolt," Malefor snapped. "I'm a dragon. There's a difference".

"Dragon?" Orange said. "Why are you a dragon?"

"Well, for starters, I'm-"

"Is it because you're always carrying stuff around? Hahahahahahahaha!"

"No, that's not even close!" Malefor snapped. "It's because of this!"

With that, Malefor took off into the air. He did a few laps around the interior of the throne room before touching back down on the ground. Then, be shot out different variations of every breath that he had.

"Whoa, those are some cool tricks," Orange said.

"Thank you," Malefor said.

"But can you do this?" Orange asked. "Seed breathe".

Orange shot out several seeds from his mouth, each peppering Malefor's face. While Malefor was downright angry, Orange seemed to think it was funny.

"Oh, in the name of- how are you this incredibly annoying?" Malefor snapped.

"I was born like this," Orange said.

"I've had enough of this," Malefor said. "As soon as I'm done destroying the world, I'm destroying you next".

"Wait, destroy the world?" Orange asked. "Why would you want to do that?"

"Because it's my job!" Malefor yelled.

"Whoa, that's not very nice," Orange said. "You're an apple".

"No-What?" Malefor sputtered. "That doesn't even make sense".

"Yeah, that's what they all say, apple," Orange said.

"That's it!" Malefor yelled. "I've had it up to hear with you! Destroying the world can wait! I'm getting rid of you right now! Any last words?"

"Yeah," Orange nodded. "Dragon ghosts".

"Huh?" Malefor asked.

Suddenly, what appeared to be five dragon ghosts appeared out of the floor around Malefor. They circled the dark dragon for a few moments before each one of them dove into him. He tried desperately to fight them off, but he didn't have the strength to as they pulled him down into the volcano and out of sight.

"Whoa!" Orange yelled. "I guess this is one horror movie he's wishing he didn't get involved in. Hahahahahahahaha! Oh... I'm still bored. Isn't there anything else to do?"

No sooner than he had said that, the Temple began shaking violently. This threw Orange completely off guard and sent him flying toward the window. when he hit it, he saw that the Temple had started falling toward the volcano.

"Uh oh," Orange said. "I think Lizard boy's stock in floating castles just dropped. Hahahahahahahaha! Wait, why am I laughing? I should roll on out of here. Teleport!"

A blue light suddenly enveloped Orange. In a matter of seconds, he disappeared as the Temple crashed into the side of the volcano.

Whoa. I'm sure Malefor didn't like that outcome too much

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