Chapter 21: the climax

He had spent a week at Master Piandao's, training the shit out of him, and he was so tired all he wanted right now was to go back to the Fire Palace and sleep for maybe like a week, but when he arrived in his bedroom he first needed to get rid of Ping who was still following him like a bad-educated koala-dog annoying as she was, and when he finally got rid of her and laid down in his bed, he couldn't fall asleep. Blue eyes were haunting him, he just had to visit Meisha, after all he hadn't seen her for an entire week and as much as he hated to admit it, he had missed her like hell. They both knew that his sudden vacation at Master Piandao was just a subtle cheap trick to separate the two of them and Kenshin knew that, one day or another, they would separate them for good if it'd go on like this. On the other hand, they were the Order of the four Warriors, a team that needed to stick together if the White Lotus wanted it to function properly. Eventually the White Lotus could interfere as much as it wanted, in the end they still needed each other.

The night had fallen on the Fire Palace when he walked passed Lord Jianguo's former residence, and he wondered if the jerk had paid a little visit while he had been gone. The coward hadn't shown his face the day after the incident which was good of course, it meant Kenshin's threats had borne fruit, yet he couldn't stop wondering if he had gone back to the northern Water Tribe. To all his surprises light in the Fire Lord's desk was still on, he heard yelling and also a woman crying, but he decided not to intervene and continued his night walk to the now familiar residence. Also here the light was still on and by the sound of it there was also a discussion going on, not getting out of hand like in the Fire Lord's desk, still a serious discussion. He bended a fireblast to shoot himself on top of the roof, ran to the opposite and searched for the right window, found it and although the window creaked because of the rust, he managed to open it without wakening her. She slept as peacefully as always and just when he was about to strike her cheek and wipe away some hair in her face, a waterwhip hit him and gone he was, smashed against the wall.

"Kenshin? Is that... It's you!"

While she had first hit him against the wall, the next second she embraced him and didn't stop telling him how sorry she was, told him she'd heal his back and the blue water was already encircling her hand when he stopped her by holding her wrists as he always had done. He smiled at her as if saying it was okay, he was happy to see her and the aching pain in his back was the least of his worries.

"How was your stay at Master Piandao's?"

"Horrible... There wasn't a day passing by without thinking about you," and he caressed her cheek and before the words properly hit her he reminded himself how her lips tasted like. Just how he had left them. She was so lovely when she turned pink. "Come."

"But, where?" she hesitated and had no idea what he was talking about.

"Away from here."

"But Kenshin, it's the middle of the night, I'm not dressed up and I reeeaaally don't –" She got interrupted by an offering hand in front of her face and a rare charming firebender's smile. How could she refuse a guy like Kenshin in the first place?

She giggled lovely as the two of them ran away in the middle of the night, loving bad boy Kenshin who didn't stick to the rules and secretly hoping that wherever they were going it would be somewhere nice, romantic, and most importantly secluded from humanity. The nice romantic part was being fulfilled though, when she realized they were heading for the shore and this one tiny spot in the sand had been booked for them with a blanket and dozens of candles. Kenshin had prepared this before he had gone to see Meisha, and he knew his goal of impressing Meisha had been a success when her eyes blinked, watching the dozens of enlightening candles. "All of this, for me?" she asked in all disbelief making him smile because she was so adorably cute when she was overwhelmed. It made him realize that this was the reason why he had changed and had decided to bear the risk of getting busted together with her. He even began to doubt if he still wanted to be a Warrior so badly, he had told himself so many times that he wanted to become strong to impose his father and make his nephew proud, but did he really want to become a Warrior himself? Or was it just for someone else's benefit? He looked in her eyes and at her smile, and he knew the answer.

"So tell me, who was that boy from the picture?" She was resting peacefully like a newborn in his arms, wrapped in blankets because at night it was freezingly cold at the Fire Nation. You could compare it with the desert.

"My nephew."

"I thought he was your brother. How old is he?"

"He would've been about thirty-one."


His sad expression told her enough, his nephew was no longer just like his beloved mother and little by little Meisha began to understand why Kenshin was such a jerk in the beginning, and proud at the same time that he had changed in a good way. Little did she know that that was thanks to her doing. They laid there for several hours, staring at the horizon beyond the sea wondering what kind of utopia was behind it, maybe a universe where they would be able to be together or maybe one where they would've never met. In any case, Meisha was happy to live in this universe, because it was for the first time in years she finally realized what she had: a family, friends and the ability to breath was a gift from heaven itself. She liked resting on his chest and listening to the familiar sound of his pounding heart and breathing lungs, being so close to him and realizing he was alive. That itself was a gift from heaven.

A ruffling noise.

Meisha abruptly woke up after Kenshin blasted a fireball towards some bushes, but he quickly covered her mouth so she couldn't say anything. There was a black shadow hiding in the woods and jumping from tree to bush, like she wanted them to notice her, and notice they did alright. It laughed like a witch reminding Meisha of Hama when it suddenly disappeared. Two minutes of dreadful awkward silence.

If Keshin had waited one second longer, Meisha's face would've been hit by a lightning-blast. She stared shocked at the blue stream of fire passing right in front of her eyes and it was a good thing Kenshin had still covered her mouth with his hand, otherwise she would've been dead and if not, she would've screamed the entire Fire Nation palace and rings together. Her eyes analyzed the lightning, an almost perfect straight stream that was meant for a precise attack, when she recognized that fine piece of bending. Her dad had told her all about the Fire Princess' lightning a dozen of times.

As fast as the blue fire had appeared, it was gone. He held her tight when she started crying out of shock and carried her back to the Fire Palace, stayed to her side for a little longer until she fell asleep and left, leaving behind a panda-lily because the flower possessed a rare power. It spread some sort of anaesthetizing scent, hushing you to sleep and forget about most of the night. Again, someone had interfered when they were alone together.

I woke up the next day in a better mood than usual, continued my daily routine containing half an hour of laying in bed before getting up, washing, brushing teeth, combing hair and a healing-session to my left eye. Once done that I walked to the living-room which was to all my surprises empty, there was no annoying brother to increase my bad morning temper, no uncle Sokka with bad sarcastic jokes and no mother to lecture me I should be training right now. It was empty except for Momo who was sleeping on the mat with a lychee in his hand and several other ones next to him. When I left our residence the Palace itself was deserted as well, no soldier was to be seen and it seemed like even the turtle-ducks had fled from the Palace. There was a strange tension in the air that was predicting something bad was coming up, and I simply couldn't understand why there was no one to be seen at the Palace at this time of the day, until two soldiers in Water Tribe outfit walked up to me.

"Warrior Meisha, we are here to escort you to the Royal Meeting Hall," one of them spoke, and I wondered what Water Tribesmen were doing here in the Fire Nation.

"Escort me? I think I can walk to the meeting alone."

"But, my Lady," the younger and less disciplined one started with all respect, "the Fire Lord sent us to escort you in case something might happen to you, especially now that Azula had been seen in the Fire Nation the other day."

"Azula had been seen in the Fire Nation?! Why didn't anyone tell me about this?!"

"Lady Meisha, I assure you the Fire Lord would've informed you if he had heard about this earlier, for now we have to guard you 24/7."

I didn't like this, I didn't like hearing Azula had been seen and I certainly didn't like it that these soldiers would guard me the entire day, day in and day out, definitely not because I didn't like the elder one with the moustache and big tone. I felt like a child who couldn't take care of herself, and now seeing Kenshin would only become even more difficult. But for now all I could do was follow the two men as they started walking to the Meeting Hall of the Royal Palace, and after a trip of 5minutes the younger one opened the door for me while the elder one following behind me as I walked in, several faces staring at me when I did so. At least I knew where all the people had gone off to. I walked up to my family after catching a glimpse of Kenshin's eyes who were avoiding me it seemed so, and Amaya's worrying face didn't help either. What, for Yue's sake, was going on, and why was everyone looking at me like that?

"Dad," and he turned around his bald head when I called for him, the only one with a normal face, not a smiling one as usual, but at least a normal one. "What's going on?" But before he could response properly the council of elderly and heads of The White Lotus walked in and caught everyone's attention and we all watched how they sat down, even Master Pakku and uncle Iroh were there, the Avatar also doing the same and calling for the Four Warriors. Everyone of us walked forward and went to stand before them on one straight line, and it just happened to be I was standing next to Kenshin, but instead of looking at me he stared at the floor like he knew what was going on, like he knew what was about to happen next. And boy, it was bad.

"The Order of the Four Warriors and The White Lotus has deliberated," uncle Iroh spoke harsher than I had ever remembered him to be, "and decided that from this day on, the four of you will be separated and continue this training in groups of two –"

It weren't only the Warriors who started interrupting uncle Iroh, it were also the parents and other family attempting this meeting, but uncle Iroh looked mad as well as the other members, and with one fierce bolted fist hitting the table he silenced the people immediately. "And while the Earth and Water Warrior continue their training at the Fire Nation, the Fire and Air Warrior will be sent to the Northern Air Temple and continue their training as well for six months."

There was a strong commotion in the hall, of course there was, a ridiculous plan as this one couldn't be serious, the Order of the Four Warriors was a team that needed each other, my dad was the only one who could teach us the details of our Warrior powers and Amaya would have to leave her sisters behind again for half a year. It was ridiculous, foolish, and when I looked at uncle Zuko he didn't move a muscle. He couldn't possibly mean he was agreeing with this?!

"Uncle," I screamed out above everyone and they all looked at me except for the one I was trying to catch the attention, "please tell me this is a joke..." But instead of laughing and saying something like 'got ya', his face was as sour as before. "Warrior Kenshin and Warrior Amaya will take their departure tomorrow morning," and he turned around his cape blowing in the wind but I wasn't planning on letting him get away.

"You're kidding! Uncle!" and I tried to run up to him but those two annoying soldiers from before were there to stop me again, and the man that I once knew as my favourite uncle, a second father, a best friend I told everything to had now completely vanished in the distance, and it would never return. The nice uncle that I once knew with which I had spent several nights under the sky was gone, it was all thanks to this stupid Warrior utopia, I could cry knowing I had lost one of the closest people next to me, worse case I would lose three of them now that Amaya and Kenshin would leave. Everything was falling apart, like my life was breaking in pieces right in front of me, all thanks to my Warrior powers which I didn't want in the first place. Why the hell me?!

"Let go of me!" I had struggled all the way back to my room when the young soldier had escorted me all the way back, and after dropping me back in my room he locked the door and I smashed it and screamed, cried and without I wanted to gave up after several minutes because no one responded. The life of a Warrior was destined to be cursed, it made me realize for the first time what kind of a burden these powers were and how much it must weigh on my dad's shoulders. I wanted to cry for the rest of my life and forget about everything, forget about all these months of training and forget about uncle, Nobu, Amaya, and most of all Kenshin. Suddenly a universe in which I hadn't met Kenshin seemed great, suddenly the thought of never meeting him was seducing. He'd leave tomorrow, as well as Amaya, my probably best friend, I wanted to fall asleep and never wake up from this hideous nightmare.

"Meisha?" a woman's voice called and unlocked the door stopping me from my eternal beauty sleep, but once seeing her face I widened my eyes and claimed my hands around her and started crying. Mai hugged me back and shushed me, and after several hours of whining and crying I fell asleep in her arms.

I had been awake for several hours when it was midnight and the moon was full, my powers stronger than usual, it was time. I stood up and broke the lock on my window with one easy whip and climbed out of it, sneaked to Nobu's room over the rooftops after avoiding several guards and freeze some of them, unlocked his window as well and helped him getting out. We moved on to the next room where Amaya had already unlocked hers and was waiting outside, and going to Kenshin's room wasn't even a necessity anymore for he had been waiting with Amaya. After crawling off the rooftops we ran away from the Palace and stopped at a river where I worked myself out of my clothes and jumped in the freezing water to all Warriors' expectations. Nobu joined me soon afterwards and the rest followed and although the water was freezing it was at the exact temperature to go for a midnight swim.

We had planned this secretly this evening by using Momo as a messenger, it was an act of resistane and revenge to show the White Lotus we weren't machines and weapons to be used for world peace, that we were humans with feelings as well. This was all according to plan, this night would be the last night we would see each other, so this night it was about to happen. This night I would give myself to Kenshin in any possible way, this night we would take things to the next level. This night we would give up on our Warrior powers.

He covered my mouth with his hand when I was about to say something, and although it wasn't the right time I couldn't help but feeling excited by the way he was pressing his naked body against me. Footsteps above our head were displaying for we were standing underneath the bridge, they hurried around like chicken-pigs in the morning, and both of us took a relieved sigh when the commotion disappeared far away in the distance. I wondered where Amaya and Nobu were, whether they had been caught yet or not, but there was no time to think about that, not anymore at least, when out of nowhere from the darkness a giant flame appeared that Kenshin stopped right on time with his fist. And instead of expecting a soldier, I couldn't believe my own eyes when I confirmed that the man who had fired that flame was the Fire Lord himself. He was quickly joined by the soldiers at the banks of the river.

"You disappoint me Meisha," and although those words seemed most innocent they stabbed right through my heart. He told his men with a sign gesture to separate us, and while Kenshin tried to fight back and struggle his way out of the men's grip, I listened humbly as two of them pulled me out of the water and wrapped a towel around me. It had been uncle's eyes who had demolished my will of fighting any longer, I felt like hope was gone and this was it. Kenshin would leave, Amaya would leave as well, my uncle I didn't recognize anymore, I had lost the ones I loved the most. There was no reason for me to fight any longer.

I heard how Kenshin yelled my name one final time when eventually five men had succeeded to take him to his room, but I could only cry as I saw the man who I wanted to share my future with disappear in the darkness of the night. I wanted to scream something back but to all my nuisance I couldn't, and when the two Water Tribe soldiers escorted me back to my room and locked me up again, I noticed how the full moon had slowly begun to fade away and how there had been several new, waterbending-proof locks replaced. My dad was arguing outside, probably with the members of the White Lotus, he couldn't watch how his own daughter was being locked away only because becoming a Warrior was her duty. They told him it was for the sake of the world, and he furiously turned around and left with my brother holding his hand, crying as he watched me locked away behind my window. This was my faith.

"Are you out of your mind?! What were you thinking?!" Uncle barged in the room, angrier than I had ever remembered him to be, kicked the nightstand next to my bed so it shattered in pieces and I had to hide my face to block the splinters from getting in my eyes. He grabbed me by the hair and forced me to look him in the eyes and although I tried to avoid them, in the end I had no other choice but to look. I saw the eyes of a monster.

"ANSWER ME!" but before I could answer properly he hit me in the face and I could feel a touch of blood coming down from my lip to my chin. This wasn't my uncle, this wasn't nice uncle Zuko I told everything and who had taken care of me as his own for so many years, this was a man I was scared of. Uncle Zuko would've never hurt me, until now, I didn't know if I should hate him or if I should hate myself for being a Warrior. Me, Warrior Meisha, daughter of Avatar Aang and Master Katara, while the child of the Avatar had never been chosen as Warrior before. A child of sixteen years old who was destined to live the life of a Warrior, in other words a cursed one.

I could die, for a moment I wished for it, I didn't want to live this life anymore, there was nothing left for me to here, when suddenly Zuko was being smashed against the wall and after a deep breath he froze because of the bended water on his skin. It was my mother, and she cried.

"Meisha?!" and her hands held me closer than I had ever felt before, for once my mother embraced me like she actually cared about me. Before I knew I started crying hysterically, though I had no idea whether I was crying because of Zuko or because she was holding me this tight for the first time. My father and Sokka ran in a bit later, I remembered how they all looked worried at me and how everyone was screaming at each other. The last thing I felt were the arms of an eight-year old holding me and crying he was scared. I tried to protect my little brother with the remain of my strength, until everything was getting too much. I broke inside, I lost conscience.

Two blue eyes. An annoying hyperactive laugh. A sarcastic statement. Some spiritual nonsense.

As the sun slowly started evading my sleep, making it difficult to ignore it and go back to sleep, I opened my eyes like a baby doing it for the first time. At first everything was blurry, I only saw two blue eyes watching me and soon afterwards they called out I was awake. Two warm hands cupped my face, they were my mother's, and although it was difficult to confirm I was certain a tear rolled down her cheek as she watched how her daughter woke up for the first time in days it seemed. My head was killing me, I tried to get up but soon afterwards discovered I hadn't the strength for it yet, and so my mother told me to lay down a little longer. It was weird, because this was the first time in years, no, in my entire life, that my mother actually seemed worried about me. I had no idea why that was all of a sudden, but one thing was for sure, her motherly warmth felt great.

The next thing I knew, Yoshu had claimed his short arms around me and smiled ominously yet cuter than ever. "I knew you were gonna be alright sis!" and he tugged his head deeper.

"How long- did I-" I only discovered my swollen cheek when I tried to talk, difficult as it was. My eyesight in the meanwhile had returned, for what remained though, my good eye was doing fine, my bad eye was still only capable of noticing vague objects.

"You slept for two days."

"Two days?" I repeated in all disbelieve when my brother started laughing with my accent because of the swollen tongue. I couldn't blame him, after all he was just a child, unaware of the circumstances. I had slept for two days and that could only mean one thing: Kenshin had left, and I hadn't even had the change of saying goodbye. I could cry if one of my eyes wasn't swollen and black.

My mother saw the emotion in my eyes slowly turning grey, for she too knew that I was thinking about him, and she too hated the idea of her daughter and the firebender being separated, of course she hated it, she had been through this herself. She could curse herself for being such a terrible mother, always trying to do good for the Tribe, the Tribe, while she never even considered how Meisha must've felt, how she must feel right now. Katara had kept a secret from her daughter for her entire life, she was growing up now, her little Meisha was growing up, but how was she supposed to become an adult when she didn't even have a clue of her own life?

"Meisha," my mother spoke, more genuine than ever before. I just knew that what was about to come was serious shit. Katara bit her under lip when she saw the damage to her daughter's face. Would he still have hit her if he knew she was his legacy? "There's something you need to know."

An uncomfortable awkward silence, and the constant stares of my father, Sokka, Suki, and in the very corner Toph blew her hair out of her face, standing there as cool as ever. Yoshu had to leave so Suki seized for his hand and guided my little brother outside, for his fragile ears were not yet prepared to hear this. I kept staring at my hands and telling myself it couldn't be that bad.

"Life's complicated huh?" mom asked. I nodded in full agree yet I had no idea why she started talking about this, it was awkward enough she talked to me in the first place without the talk turning into a lecture. "You meet people, grow up, discover new things, some more pleasant than others. And you fall in love." Sokka and Toph had left while my dad was staring through the window, secretly covering his ears. So he too didn't need to hear this?

"What are you trying to say?"

"That I love you."

The first time in years my mother told me that. I started crying. "But then why did you never show me? I tried so many times to gain your affection but you never cared about me, all you cared about was Yoshu, like I was some sort of out-cast and failure. All the people of the Tribe treated me like dirt and the only friends I had were polar bear-dogs. For some time I thought I would've been better off dead but you –"

"I had to."

My tears dried up and the weeping stopped. She had to? From whom? Was she crying?

"As an illegitimate child, the people of our tribe are supposed to avoid you. So does the mother."

"What are you s... I don't get it."

My eyes widened, my heartbeat raised, and I swear I could feel the blood running through my veins boiling. She kept staring at her hands and twisted them uncomfortably in any possible way while my father kept his eternal staring. His muscles were tensed too. I still did not get it.

"The Avatar's daughter can't possibly be a Warrior, right? It's impossible and it has never happened for several generations."

I hated how she didn't get to the point, like she was avoiding the truth by telling foolish tales that didn't resolve any of my question. It was reinforcing the anger and panic in my mind, time had come to tell the truth, for if I knew what was about to come, my own parents, no, my entire family had lied to me from the moment I was born. I shot a hard weeping glare at my mother and she sighed and took a deep breath. "Meisha." She held my hand. "Zuko's your father."

My... what.

"I'm sorry I never told you, I couldn't."

"... What about, Yoshu."

"He's your half-brother."

The bedspread covering my lap turned darker as my tears reached for them. I had no idea how to feel, everything was becoming so clear and my suspicion which had chased me for so many years had been confirmed. This was the truth, and it had come with a scar deeper than any ever before, I was Water Warrior Meisha, daughter of Master Katara and Fire Lord Zuko, heir to the throne of the Fire Nation, and I had never been told about this. The picture, the strange behaviour, the habits, the dao swords, my skin for Yue's sake! My pale skin! I was so stupid and naive! I watched my mother with dreadful eyes although it was quite impossible at this time to directly confront her. I wanted to scream but to my greatest nuisance I couldn't, not yet. However, when I looked at her she was still cowardly enough to not look me in the eyes.

After swinging the soaked blanket to the other side of the room, my 'father' still staring at the unknown and my mother finally looking up, I stood up abruptly and left the room with tears, until I bumped into someone. When I looked up I saw two familiar golden eyes and one big scar to my right. I cursed deep inside and stared to the floor, clinched my fists and tried to stop the tears, in vain.

"Meisha." He said startled.

"This can't be happening this can't be happening! YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!"

After pushing him aside I ran away to wherever I was able to go, as long as it wasn't in this forgotten Fire Palace anymore. The last thing I heard was Zuko asking an astonished 'what?'. It wouldn't even surprise me anymore if my mother had never told anything about him either.

I looked back at that most familiar sight of the Fire Palace, watched how everyone was sleeping soundly and some of the unconscious guards laying on the floor. If I would only try really heard, maybe I would be able to hear the soft sounds of their respiration, but all I wanted was to leave this place behind me. The scars I had obtained by listening to the truth were deep, too deep to be healed some day. I didn't know what I preferred the most: the truth of the lies, because lies are so much easier. I had spent almost a year at this place, I had discovered more than I could've ever imagined, certain question I had been asking myself my entire life were so damn obvious right now, I could hate myself for not having been able to puzzle them out myself. The sign had been so obvious, like the moonspirit had been trying to tell me all along. The Warrior, daughter of the Avatar? The strange behaviour between my mother and my father? The picture in my father's desk? Pale skin? Even the dao-swords?! I'VE BEEN SO STUPID!

I turned around after a tear, into the darkness of the night, no idea where I was going and neither did I have a plan. The only thing carrying with me was a sleeping-bag and a small amount of money, hoping I would come up with a plan on my way to... on my way to something. I crossed the higher and lower ring, never having admired the rings so peacefully ever before, and I couldn't help but think back at the memories how the four of us used to have walked these streets. How me and my father, used to walk them. Some bright blue water encircled my hands again and I tried for one final time to heal my eye, but the view stayed vague. I walked and I walked, wandering around till the very break of dawn, the first early rising firebenders waking up and within half an hour the entire haddock was alive and busy. People watched how a girl of my age was sitting all by herself at the edge of the dock, splashing her feet in the water. It was a good thing most people of the Fire Nation didn't know the Water Warrior's face like Kenshin's. Handsome Kenshin who was now gone. Handsome Kenshin she would never see again.

"Are you lost sweety?" My eyes rose from the water to a woman whose face wasn't visible because of the bright sunlight and probably also because my left eye couldn't see anything but a shape. She was dressed in Earth Nation outfit, not an expensive one, so she was probably from a lower class, and she carried a bag with vegetables and fruit. While I had no idea what to answer, she offered me her hand and helped me getting up, clearly surprised by my length and smiling, like she had been looking for me all along and had finally found me. "Shall I ask the police to escort you back home?"

"I – I don't..." I laughed with myself. A year ago I would've been stammerig something stupid and I would've smiled uneasily and walk away, and look at me now. I was too broken to smile and did not have the strength to come up with a lie, and the woman knew this. "I hope you like spicy food," she said and she turned around, expecting me to follow her because this was some sort of invitation. My conscience told me to decline her offer and move on, but when it came down to food I was just like my uncle Sokka. When the stomach screams for food, I had to give in.

She lived in a really small house far away from the centre of the Fire Nation, a very poor Earth Colony that mostly survived by their export in fine leather and textile. It was much more peaceful, children could play on the streets and they had a fine settlement next to the sea, however by watching the villagers you could also say they mostly lived because of the black market and robbery. The food the nice woman offered was poorly cooked and of a rather small amount, but since I hadn't eaten anything for days I greedily dug in. She smiled by my appetite which gave me the opportunity to analyze her face better. Pale skin, dark hair, brown eyes and to all my surprises – maybe it was the red lipstick's fault – a really, really scary smile.

"A girl of your age shouldn't be all by herself sweety. Tell me, did something happen with your parents?"

"No, I, well, yes..." I quitted eating voraciously for my appetite had vanished after mentioning my parents. I wondered if she was going to report me after lunch, but somehow I doubted it. She might smile scary but she was a really nice lady, she had a nice atmosphere and was even kind enough to offer me food which was obviously already expensive enough to buy for herself.

"Oh well," and she started cleaning up, "if it's too painful you don't have to talk about it sweety. Maybe some other time."

For some reason, I liked this woman, for her overwhelming love and care was nearly as comfortable as a mother's, and least we forget my mother had never given me this. She was like the mother I never had, so I stood up and carried the dishes to the kitchen and together we washed the dishes and chatted about silly things like the weather, music and new curtains. She didn't ask about me nor my parents, because she had noticed the sorrow in my eyes every time she had mentioned the subject and therefore had decided not to ask about it the first few days. Together we visited some shops and rested at the village's fountain, and although these were just silly little things to be done, I actually enjoyed them. For once I was allowed to run away from my destiny, for once I didn't have to think about all the shit I had left behind at the Royal Palace. I didn't have to think about him.

"Goodnight Mulan," she whispered when she tugged me in. I stayed at one of the guestrooms, not even close to the giant rooms of the Royal Palace, but somehow comfortable and nice. "Goodnight," I answered. Mulan was a fake name I had decided to wear for the time being for Sya was a really nice woman, I still have to be cautious and nevertheless needed a cover in order to hide myself from the Royal soldiers. After all I had been gone for quite some days and it was only a matter of time before the White Lotus would come and search for the Water Warrior. My parents would come for me too probably. I'd have to change my appearance if I want to stay anonymous for the rest of my life...


"She came."

"Did she tell you something?"

"Not yet, but it's only a matter of time before she trusts me enough."

"Good," he smirked. "Very good... You've done great daughter."

He walked to the door and escorted himself outside. "I'll inform the Rebellions about this. I trust you to this.."

Another scary smile painted Azula's face. "I'll take care of this, father."

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