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"Sheriff Stilinski, sir … I know I totally should have told you where Stiles was going but … I promised him!"

"Scott, I thought you knew better. How many times do you and Stiles have to get in trouble before you two realize that anything that starts with 'promise me you won't tell anyone' never ends in something good?"

The male awkwardly shifted where he stood, rubbing the back of his neck. How did they always manage to end up in trouble? Well, as Stiles would say, it wasn't 'trouble'; they got into 'adventures'. Adventures that usually ended up with one of them either lost, injured, lost and injured, and one time hanging upside down by their trousers from a tree. At least, Scott could say that he had lived a rather full life.

It had even been one of these adventures that Scott had met Allison. For that, he'd be eternally grateful to Stiles; even though it nearly included him being shot in the head with one of Allison's arrows. It would certainly be a story to tell their kids, no doubt.

The daydreaming Scott blinked as he was brought out of the thought of settling down with Allison by the Sheriff snapping his fingers. "Scott! Did you hear me?"

"I-I'm sorry … What was that?"

"Did Stiles say anything else? Why he was going up to the castle?"

"Well … The other day he said he saw some blue … glowing eyes or something that blinked at him … and you know how Stiles is … He wanted to find out just what it was …"

The Sheriff sighed before giving a nod towards Scott, "Of course … Lets go try to see if we can find him … Before it gets too dark."

Receiving a nod from Scott, the two set off towards the castle. The Hale Castle was not far from the village at all. It sat on a hill just roughly a mile west of the village's boundaries with a small forest separating the two. It was easy to run from the castle's gates to the village square in a matter of ten to fifteen minutes, depending on how fast one could run. The forest was home to packs of wolves, and thus, the home to horror stories of people being eaten alive or carted off to have who knows what done to them. Of course, this didn't scare the teenagers of the village who regularly went up to the castle to dare each other to touch something much scarier than wolves lurking around.

Scanning the trail towards the castle, the Sheriff grew more and more concerned. He had not found a trace of his son. Even his footprints were gone, replaced with those of wolves, which was not a good sign in his mind. The closer to the castle they got, the more worried he got. By then, the Sheriff would have been more than happy to even see just a piece of fabric snagged on a branch.

Once the two neared the end of the forest, Sheriff Stilinski stopped Scott from moving forward. Bringing his finger up to his lips to silence the male, he frowned. The sound of growling grew closer to them as several wolves began to emerge from the tree line. Scott immediately stiffened as he slid closer to the older man. As the wolves started to close in, the Sheriff pulled his gun, thinking over his options with Scott.

"Scott … I want you to run … Run back to the village. Do not stop. I will be just behind you."

"W-What? Sheriff Stilinski … I can't do that! Stiles would literally kill me if –"

"If something happened to me," he finished for the other. "I am well aware. No do as I said."

Counting to three, he pushed Scott towards the village, turning to follow him. Once a few of the wolves tried to attack him, he managed to shoot at them, deterring most of the smart wolves. The couple that continued to chase the Sheriff were cut short by the male's bullets, leaving Sheriff Stilinski and Scott to return back to the safety of the village.

Stiles paused as he looked out of one of the massive windows he was cleaning. "Dude?" He called out towards the room he'd seen the zombie Prince retreat to. It took a few moments before the Prince poked his head out, bits of soot smudged on his face. The scene made Stiles pause. Seriously, could this guy be any more attractive? Well, probably if he stopped glaring so damn much. "Did you just hear gunshots? I'm PRETTY sure those weren't ducks … Definitely gunshots … "

Derek stared at the maid in front of him. Of course he'd heard them, but he was certain it was just busy bodies that decided they were going to once again try to 'touch the ol' haunted Hale Castle'. No doubt the wolves chased them off. "I didn't hear anything," he responded bluntly. Watching the look on Stiles' face drop into one of disbelief, the Prince had to struggle to stop from smirking.

His new maid had a wide range of facial expressions; of which, he was certain he'd only seen the surface of within the past twenty-four hours. The guy was a spaz, to say the least. He most definitely was not Derek's first choice, rather, his only choice. Stiles had been the first person in ten years to show up since the fire. So, while he wanted to shove the male against the wall and rip his throat out with the fangs that were itching to dig into flesh, he'd have to restrain himself and leave the male to clean windows.

"What? No way, dude. There is NO WAY you didn't hear that! I mean, seriously, it couldn't've been …" He looked out the window, squinting some. "Not even like … halfway between us and the castle! It sounded super close …."

"Stiles," Derek growled out a bit, watching as the male stiffened a bit. "I did not hear anything. What you heard was probably the house. Much of it is burnt. It was probably timber falling."

Great. Now the younger male was turning as white as his shirt. "Don't say that, dude! That could mean all of this could just come down on our heads! Do you have that much of a death wish? Look, if you've got a death wish, leave little ol' Stiles out of it. I'll happily go home … I won't tell anyone that the guy who is supposed to be our crowned prince is just hanging out in his family's burnt out castle! Even if I did tell anyone, who would believe me?! Right?"

"You're not going," Derek said, putting an end to the conversation as he retreated back into the room. He had bigger things to worry about than his maid being pissed he couldn't leave.

Derek had plans. He was going to restore his crown even if it actually did kill him. The fire hadn't been an accident, Derek knew that for certain. Even at fourteen, he had been a brilliant strategist, negotiator and someone his father confided in very much. In the weeks leading up to the fire, his father had seemed antsy; something was wrong and yet he refused to tell the young Prince. Derek knew it wasn't another planned arranged marriage (he was fourteen and couldn't stand the ditsy women his father attempted to plan his marriage with!) and he could not figure out what it was.

Then, nearly a week before the fire, he was sent to one of the kingdoms across the sea. His father had given him a tearful goodbye, as well as his mother. It had been so surreal. News of the fire had not reached him until nearly two months after it had happened.

The news had devastated him. Everyone he'd loved had died. For what? For someone to gain power? No doubt it was someone in the council of men who now ran the village. Furthermore, if his father had known there was an attack coming, why hadn't he sent anyone else away? Why had he been the only one to survive? There had been so much anger and pain; the male had simply decided he'd had enough.

He was going to restore his crown and kill the persons responsible for the death of his family. To hell with the 'mission' he had made his life's goal, he had a new mission.

At the moment, his mission included making sure his maid was alive.

Glancing out of the doorway, he frowned as he saw Stiles laying on the ground, the stepladder discarded off to the side. Watching him get up and dust himself off, Derek relaxed a bit. Good. He was not going to have to find a new maid so soon. Once Stiles looked over to Derek, the Prince put on his best glare. "Go start on dinner." Perhaps working on dinner would keep the other safe.

Then again … That room did have a drawer full of knives.

Stiles gave a half-hearted sarcastic salute before heading down the hall while Derek retreated back into the room. Like hell Stiles was about to go start on dinner. He had plans. He was going to find that rose to give to the fair Lydia. He'd find the rose, then somehow break out of the castle, then make his way through the wolf-infested woods, and he'd be home clear! It was so simple!

When he got home, he was going to have to make sure he looked up 'deluded' in the dictionary.

Moving about the halls, he frowned. This was taking far, far longer than he expected. If he took too long, Derek would most definitely find him and then he'd no doubt get fed to the wolves. He did not feel like being Stiles-n-Bits today. Sighing defeatedly, he made his way back towards the kitchen to make the Almighty Sour Prince his dinner.

Tomorrow. That's when he'd plan his daring escape.

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