Summary- La La the Teletubbie goes on an evil sugar-induced rampage.

One day in Teletubbie land, La La decided to make some cookies. Her mommy always told her that it was nice to share with riends, so when the timer went off, La La invited Tinky Winky, Ipsy Dipsy, and Po over for a cookie party.

"Yay!" they cheered into the phone. The four of them decided to have a giant cookie party, so they all brought a different kind. They had chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, peanut butter, and, for some weird reason, twenty thousand, four-hundred and twenty-two bottles of squeezy mustard.

"I like to be unique," explained Tinky Winky with a shrug.

"Oh. Okay. Mustard is YUMMY!" screamed La La, squirting some on Ipsy Dipsy.

"Hey!" Ipsy Dipsy protested. "La La, how many cookies have you eaten so far?"

"The same amount of cookies as hings of squeezy mustart that Tinky Winky brought. But double."

Po's jaw dropped. "You mean that in the last thirty seconds, you have eaten over fourty thousand cookies?"

La La laughed. "They are all so yummy! Especially if you squirt squeezy mustard- the super-yummy spicy kind is best-on Ipsy Dipsy's snickerdoodles, and then make that into a sandwich with one of my chocolate chip cookies."

She then began to vibrate.

"Look out!" Po shouted. "She's going to-"

BOOM! Before Po got a chance to say what she wanted to, La La took off like a rocket and broke through the roof.

"Oh, well. How much trouble can one tubbie get into?" Tinky Winky reassured his friends while munching on a cookie.

To answer his question, she could get into lots. The next morning, the newspaper headlines all read 'four-year-old teletubby goes on rampage and gets arrested.'

"Oh, great," Tinky Winky groaned.

"It'll be okay," Po said, giving her friend a hug. "We can go bail her out of jail."

Ipsy Dipsy shrugged. "You can, if you want. I don't care. Let's leave her there."

"Okay, sounds good," Po answered. Even Tinky Winky perked up.

"Okay," he said. "Who wants to make some cookies?"

And so they did. One by one, they all went on rampages and got arrested.