The black-haired girl turns around, and there he is, in all his glory, Jack Fletcher.

"Jack…" She reaches her hand out, and the blonde-haired boy takes it.

"Akiko, I've… I've missed you so much…"

Before he could say anything else, Akiko pulls him into a hug. It wasn't proper Japanese etiquette, but who cares? She had finally reunited with him, and nothing matters more.

"I'm here now," she says into his chest.

He hugs her back, wrapping his strong hands around her waist. His chin rests on her head, and they stay in that position for who knows how long.

Finally, Akiko pulls away and stares up into those bright, azure eyes. They stare back, and for a moment, Akiko could've sworn they leaned in closer. Then she realized… they were.

She stands on her tiptoes, her face leaning in closer to Jack's. Inching closer every second…

Their lips were barely a centimetre apart…


She snaps awake, sitting up in her futon. "It was just a dream…"

"Are you alright, sister?" Her little brother, Jiro, sat next to her.

"I… had a dream."

"Of what?"

Akiko's lips, which she thought would have been in touch with Jack's barely a few seconds ago, curved into a soft smile. "I had a dream of Jack, Jiro."

The young boy smiled. "Don't worry. Jack is coming home soon, very soon, so don't worry about him."

The question was, to Akiko, was which home he would return to.

I haven't read the Ring of Wind yet, but I'm planning to very very soon because they have it in our library, but someone has it at the moment. This is just something set in the Ring of Wind, because I don't know if Jack meets Akiko in that book. Well, HE BETTER, CHRIS BRADFORD. BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE VERY HAPPY IF HE DOESN'T.

Kay. So, hope you guys liked it :3