Title: And It Sure Is Fine
Rating: K+, I guess.
Word Count: 535
Spoilers: If you haven't seen The Born-Again Identity/any of season 7, this will make absolutely no sense to you.
Characters: Castiel/Emmanuel, Hallucifer, OC
Author's Note: This is pretty much just a random thought I had while scrolling through Misha's IMDb page this weekend. Pie for you if you understand the references.

"Do you see purple people?"

"Excuse me?"

"Purple people. Do you see 'em?"

Castiel glanced around the television room to be sure his hallucination hadn't turned purple and spread to another patient before responding. "No. Where are they?"

"Oh, I don't see 'em..." she paused. "I had this friend, though. He saw purple people. That's why they stuck him in here. He didn't like it, so he told them he didn't see 'em any more, and they sent him home."

"He got better, then?"

"No, he still sees 'em." She gave him a wry smile before returning her attention to the puzzle on the card table in front of them. Her smile grew and she laughed to herself as she swiftly placed together a series of puzzle pieces. Castiel watched her work and did his best to ignore the repetitive chorus of "Purple People Eater" that his own hallucination had struck up. He began humming Metallica to himself in an attempt to remain outwardly calm and drown out the voice of his brother.

"I like that song," the girl remarked, head still bent over her work.

"My friend told me to hum when I'm nervous," Cas offered before he realized he'd spoken at all. He wasn't supposed to talk with the other patients about his life outside the hospital. It was too risky, the same friend had told him.

"Does he see purple people?" Her focus returned to Castiel's face and she rocked ever so slightly as she studied his features.


"Your friend who likes Metallica." She wasn't as unobservant as her outward appearance made her out to be. In fact, she'd reached over to straighten the hem of his hospital-issue shirt sleeve. Her eyes ranged all across him and seemed to document every detail as she quietly rocked in her seat.

"No, I don't believe he does," Cas replied in his curious way.

"That's good," her eyes returned to his face. "He'd be crazy if he did." She giggled.

The hallucination of Castiel's older brother continued to sing and turn circles in an impossible orbit around the girl, attempting to distract him. But Castiel was determined to figure out just how insane the jigsaw puzzle girl was. There was a growing suspicion in the back of what was left of his mind.

She watched him stare at her for a few moments, then returned her attention to her pieces. Castiel continued his appraisal while Hallucifer – as Sam had called him – just kept singing.

"You're the one they call Emmanuel, aren't you?" Her question came unexpectedly, her eyes still scanning the spread of her table for the next run of pieces. Castiel hesitated. Emmanuel was the name he was admitted under, and what he responded to when the doctors and nurses addressed him.

"Yes," he finally answered, watching the girl's face for any change in expression or a tell-tale flash of black eyes.

"But that's not your real name -" her nimble fingers swiftly plucked up five more pieces and snapped them into place in quick succession. "- is it, Castiel?"

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