Ash and his girls

By: Trainer1232

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A/N: This is my first attempt at a lemon story so it might not be that great. So without further delay here is Ash and his girls.

Warning this is an M story

Chapter 1: Misty

Ash, Brock and Misty were running through a forest to find a pokecenter so they could get out of a storm that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. After a few minutes of running Ash and his friends were able to find a pokecenter.

"Welcome." said Nurse Joy with the usual smile that all Nurse Joys seem to have.

"Nurse Joy you steal my beating heart," said Brock as he again tried to flirt with yet another Nurse Joy.

"Brock when will you ever learn that no Nurse Joy will ever fall for you flirting?" says Misty as she drags brock by the ear to some part of the pokecenter.

"Sorry about that Nurse Joy" says an aplogetic Ash.

"It's perfectly alright, I assume you three will want a room so you can stay out of the storm?" asks Joy

"Yes please" replies Ash.

"You're in luck, I just happen to have a room left with two beds. Is that alright?" asks Joy

"That's perfect" Ash replies with a grin. "Perfect maybe tonight will be the night that I finally get Misty to sleep with me." Ash thinks to himself.

As Misty and Brock return from parts unknown Ash tell them that he was able to get a room with two beds in it. "So Brock you take one bed and Misty and I will take the other?" Ash asks.

"Sure I see no problem with that, do you Misty?"

Misty doesn't replay right away because as soon as she heard that the room had two beds she began thinking of a plan. A plan that would involve her finally getting to have her way with Ash.

"Misty is that alright with you?" Brock asked again annoyed that Misty didn't answer the first time.

"Yeah, yeah sure it's fine." "Pefect as soon as Brock is out like a light I'll make my move." Misty thought mentally to herself.

Later that night the gang were settling in for the night with Brock in one bed and Misty and Ash in the other. After waiting a while Misty checked to make sure that Brock was knocked out.

"Perfect now time to make my move." thought Misty

Misty turned over to face Ash only to find him asleep as well.

"Fuck, not Ash too." thought Misty. "I think I'll wake him up in a way that we'd both enjoy." Misty said to herself before going under the sheets so that she could get Ash's pants and underwear off him.

"Holy shit he's huge!" Misty almost exlcaimed after taking Ash's underwear off. "Guess I'd better get started."

Misty moved closer to Ash's flaccid member soon taking as much as she could into her mouth. What wasn't in her mouth was being massaged by her hand. Misty could feel Ash's member become larger and harder in her mouth as she continued to suck Ash's cock.

"Mmmmm...feels...good." was all that Misty could hear coming out of Ash's mouth.

Misty's blowjob went on for awhile until she felt Ash's member twitch in her mouth before errupting in her mouth. Although the semen was salty she swallowed it all without letting a single drop escape her mouth. Just as she was getting out from under the sheets she hears Ash waking up from his sleep. When Ash sees Misty coming from under the sheets he is speechless as one of his fantasies has just come true.

"Misty that was wonder." Ash complements Misty.

"Thanks Ash, I've wanted to do that for a while now." replies misty with a wink.

"Well Misty how about try something that I've wanted to do?"

"Ash I thought you'd never ask."

Ash and Misty adjust themselves so that they are in a postion that will allow Ash to eat Misty out. Ash started to lick the folds of Misty's pussy causing jolts of pleasure to go through her body.

"That's it Ash lick me faster make me cum Ash, make me cum!" yelled Misty while Ash had brushed her clit with his nose as he started to move faster. An idea came into Ash's head and he moved one of his hands up to Misty's pussy and shoved two fingers in and started to finger fuck Misty and an increasing pace.

"Oh Ash that feels so good!"

Just as Ash started to pump his fingers even faster he felt Misty's inner walls constrict and he soon recieved a mouth full of Misty's cum.

"Damn Mist you taste really good."

After Misty recovered from the orgasam that she just had, she pulled Ash into a heated kiss for a few seconds before breaking for air. Misty looked down and saw that Ash was still hard.

"Come now Ash, stick that beast inside of me."

Ash moved so that the head of his cock was at Misty's entrance. Ash shoved his penis into Misty whiched caused her slight pain from Ash being so big. After a while the pain subsided and pleasure started to fill Misty.

"Ash fuck me harder, faster." Misty groaned

Ash heard Misty and started to speed up his pace. Ash also started to slam into Misty causing her even more pleasure. Ash soon felt Misty constict around his member and this increased his pleasure as well.

"Ash I'm going to cum soon." Misty was able to say through pleasure.

"Me too Misty." Ash said as he felt his balls tighten.

Just as Ash was about to pull out of Misty he felt her wrap her legs around him.

"Ash I want to cum inside me. Fill me up with your cum."

Ash obliged since he didn't have much of a choice. With one final thrust Ash shoved his dick in Misty causing her to orgasam. This set Ash off as well and he came inside of Misty.

"Ash that was wonderfull, better than I ever expected." Misty panted trying to recover from the intense orgasam that she just had.

"Same here Mist, that was absolutely wonderful." Ash was able to say before falling asleep.

Misty placed her head on Ash's shoulder before falling asleep with a smile knowing that the wouldn't be the last time that they had sex.


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