Ash and his girls

By: Trainer1232

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Warning this is an M story

Chapter 2: May

While traveling through Hoenn Ash, Brock, Max and May have seen many great things. All these great sights could not compare to what was in front them now. Ash and the gang had decided to check into a pokecenter after a long day of traveling.

"Finally a pokecenter where we can relax." said a very exhausted Ash and May.

"Nurse Joy, I would travel to the ends of the earth to..." Brock was cut off as Max grabbed him by the ear and dragged him away from Nurse Joy.

"Sorry about that Nurse Joy, Brock always does that." apologized Ash.

"Quite all right. Now I assume you'll want to be checking in?"

"Yes. Do you have two rooms available?" asked Ash

"Why yes I do. Here are your room keys and will that be all?"

"Just healing our pokemon. Thanks Nurse Joy."

Ash and May have been secretly together for months now and they wanted to have some time to themselves without Brock or Max getting in the way. Every time that the group had a chance to rest either Brock or Max would always stick near both Ash and May.

"Well it sure was fortunate that Nurse Joy had two room available huh Ash?" asked may while she placed her head on Ashes shoulder.

"Sure was, now we'll be able to have some time to ourselves." replied Ash

"Why would you two need time together alone?" asked Max as he appeared out of nowhere.

"It's nothing Max!" both Ash and May exclaimed together.

"Here Max, Nurse Joy gave us two rooms so you and Brock can take one and me and your sister will take the other one." said Ash as he handed Max a room key.

As night time came around Max and Brock headed to their room while Ash and May headed to theirs. As Ash and May get settle into the room Ash heads to the bathroom to get washed up. When Ash comes out he finds May laying across the bed with a grin on her face.

"You know Ash we've been together for a few month now and I want to do something special for you." says May in a very seductive way.

As Ash approached the bed May pulled him into a heated kiss. Ash returned the embrace deepening the kiss. As the kiss continued Ash moved his hands to May's breasts and began molding them in his hands causing her to moan into the kiss.

"Oh Ash that feels so good, keep going." moaned May.

Ash started to take off May's shirt revealing her C almost D cup breasts. The cool air of the room causing her nipples to become errect.

"No bra May? You must of been planning this for a while huh?" asked Ash

"Yeah I've been planning this for a couple of days and you know what, I'm not wearing panties either Ash."

Ash moved his head down and started to suck on May's breasts as she started to remove his shirt revealing his toned body. May then started to remove Ash's pants and underwear but not before grabbing his crotch.

"Wow Ash you're pretty big down there huh?" asked May as she became slightly wet.

Ash simply nodded while taking off May's biker shorts revealing her shaven pussy. As he moved down towards her pussy Ash planted kisses all along May's stomach causing her to moan from the pleasure and causing her to become even wetter.

"Ash turn around, I want to suck your big cock while you lick my pussy." said May in an almost commanding voice.

Ash and May moved so that he was on the bottom and May was on top in a sixty-nine position. While he started to lick her pussy May took his cock into her mouth and began bobbing her head up and down Ash's member.

"Wow May you tasted really sweet." said Ash before he returned to lick May's pussy.

May responded by bobbing even faster taking more of Ash's member into her mouth which caused the trainer even more pleasure. This in turn cause Ash to lick May faster and stick his tounge deeper into her pussy.

"Oh Ash that's it, keeping doing it just like that!" May yelled as a wave of pleasure coursed through her body.

Ash felt the walls of May constict around his tounge signaling that May was close to orgasam.

"Ash I'm gonna...CUM!" May said before she flooded Ash's face with her juices.

Ash just simply scrapped off May's juices before sticking his fingers into his mouth..

"I'll never get tired of that taste." said Ash

"Ash I want you to fuck me now!" yelled May

Ash moved over May so that the head of his dick was aligned with entrance of May's pussy. Ash looked at May who gave him the nod to continue. Ash started to push his member into May until he found a barrier.

"May you're still a virgin?" asked Ash

"Yes Ash, I wanted my first time to be with some one special like you." replied May

May gave Ash the nod to continue so he pulled out a little before shoving right back in breaking her barrier. This caused May to cry out in pain which made Ash feel bad that he hurt his girlfriend. As he started to pull out May stopped him.

"Don't worry Ash, it's supposed to hurt the first time." said May seeing the concerned look on Ash's face. "Keep going it'll be alright."

Ash started to pump in and out of May at a slow pace replacing her pain with pleasure.

"Ash speed up, I want you to fuck me faster." said May

Ash started to pump in faster causing May to moan in pure pleasure.

"Damn May your pussy is so tight. I don't think I'll be able to last much longer." groaned Ash as he was felt his orgasam fast approaching.

"Ash fuck me faster and harder."

Ash started to speed up and started slamming in and out of May's pussy causing them both great deals of pleassure.

"Ash I feel like I'm gonna cum soon."

"So do I May"

"Oh Ash I love your cock inside of me. I'm gonna CUM!" exclaimed May as she climaxed all over Ash's member.

This set Ash off as he started to cum inside May's pussy filling her up with his seed. Ash pulled out of May and lie next to her in bed, both trying to recover from the intense love making they just did.

"Oh Ash I love you so much."

"I love you too May."


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