Ash and his girls

By: Trainer1232

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Warning this is an M story

Chapter 3: Dawn

With the Wallace Cup at an end we find Dawn, Ash and Brock celebrating Dawn's victory. Brock cooked something special while Dawn and Ash were relaxing by Lake Valor shoreline and just watching the clouds while waiting for Brock to finish cooking.

"I still can't believe I actually won the Wallace Cup." said an excited Dawn

"I knew you could do it Dawn, all you had to do was believe in yourself." said Ash

"Thanks Ash, you always know what to say to make a girl happy." said Dawn

"Dawn lets meet later tonight in your room so I can give you a special reward." said Ash with a slight grin.

"Okay Ash, I think I have a pretty good idea what you have in store." relpied Dawn with a smile.

Ash and Dawn have had a sexual relationship for many months and Brock had absolutely no clue. Every now and then when Ash and the gang would stop and rest Ash and Dawn would sneak off to get in a quick session while Brock was cooking. Later that night Dawn is waiting in her room for Ash to show up.

"Dawn open up. It's me Ash." said Ash through the door.

"Be right the Ash." came Dawns reply

"You ready to recieve your special reward Dawn?" asked Ash as he started to approach the young coordinator.

"More than ready." replied Dawn before Ash pulled her into a heated kiss.

As they were kissing Dawn could feel Ash groping her B cup breasts causing her to moan slightly into the kiss. Dawn had given up wearing a bra and panties long ago because they only got of the way of her and Ash's lovemaking. After breaking from the kiss both Ash and Dawn began removing their clothes and moved to the bed.

"Damn Dawn you seem to get more and more beautiful everytime I see you like this." said Ash causing Dawn to blush slightly at his compliment.

"Come now Ash let's get this party started." said Dawn in a very seductive way causing Ash's cock to stir slightly at her words.

Ash got on his knees between Dawn's legs and started to lick the outside of her pussy. Dawn was on the bed moaning in pleasure which caused Ash to go faster and stick his tongue inside of her. Ash knew just what to do in order to get Dawn to cum and hard.

"Oh god Ash that feels so good. Lick me faster and harder, make me cum." Dawn was able to say before she started to moan even more.

Ash started to lick faster and push his tongue deeper in to Dawn causing jolts of pleasure to corse its way through her body. Ash kept pushing deeper into Dawn and he soon felt her inner walls constict around his tongue signaling that Dawn was close to orgasam.

"Oh god I'm gonna...I'm gonna...CUM!" Dawn yelled out as she felt her orgasam rip its way through her body.

Ash got a mouthful and faceful of Dawn's cum and he licked up what was left. Ash got two fingers and scrapped off Dawn's cum and stuck his fingers in his mouth.

"I'll never get tired of tasting your cum Dawn." said Ash

"Ash come on it's my turn to make you cum." Dawn said before moving so that she was directly in front of Ash's hard member.

Dawn leaned forward and took as much of Ash's cock into her mouth as she could. She began bobbing her head and massaging what wasn't in her mouth with her hand.

"Dawn your so good." moaned Ash as he felt Dawn flick the head of his cock with her tongue.

This made Dawn double her efforts and she started giving hard sucks on Ash's cock trying to milk his cock for all it was worth. This was causing Ash a great amount of pleasure.

"Dawn I'm gonna cum soon" Ash said as he felt his balls tighten as he approached climax.

"Cum for me baby, fill my mouth with your seed." Dawn said in a seductive manner which pushed Ash over the edge causing him to cum in her mouth.

Dawn swallowed every single drop before licking her lips. Dawn looked down and saw that Ash was still hard and ready to go another round.

"Come on Ash shove your cock in my pussy and fill me up." said Dawn

Ash and Dawn shifted so that Dawn was on bottom and Ash was between her legs with his cock aimed at her entrance. Ash started to insert his cock into Dawns waiting pussy until his cock was fully sheathed in her.

"Ash I never get tired of this feeling." moaned Dawn as she felt Ash's hard member inside of her.

"Damn how do you keep this cunt so tight Dawn?" asked Ash as he started to thrust in and out of Dawn causing her to moan.

"I'm always tight for you baby" said Dawn while she enjoyed having Ash thrust in and out of her.

Soon Ash and Dawn felt that familiar feeling. Ash started to speed up his thrusting causing Dawn to moan in pure pleasure.

"I'm gonna cum soon Dawn" said Ash.

"Me too, lets cum together Ash" replied Dawn.

Soon Ash couldn't take it anymore and he shoot his load into Dawn which set her off. Ash pulled out of Dawn and layed next to her.

"Ash that was wonderful. It gets better everytime."

"Well Dawn I hope you enjoyed your reward."

"I loved it Ash, and I love you" Dawn said before falling asleep.

"I love you too Dawn" Ash managed to say before falling asleep next to Dawn.


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