Ash and his girls

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Chapter 4: Anabel

It was the night after Ash had first attempted to beat the Battle Saloon Maiden Anabel. Ash was feeling fustrated that he'd lost so easily to her. May, Brock and Max were all feeling sorry for the companion and close friend. They tried and tried but they just could not cheer up their down hearted friend.

"Come on Ash don't feel so down." said May

"May is right Ash, lots of people fail the first time they try something." said Max not realizing that what he said could be misunderstood by his sister.

"MAX! Don't say things like that." said a slightly angered May.

"What did I saw wrong May?" replied Max.

"It's okay Max, I understand what you mean." said Ash not wanting the two sibblings to fight.

"Why don't you guys wash up? Dinner will be ready in a few minutes." said Brock.

"Okay" the other three replied.

"I think I'll take a walk and get some air before dinner." said Ash as he started walking down a path. "I just don't understand how Anabel's pokemon were able to attack without her telling them which attack to use." Ash thought to himself as he walked through the forest.

Ash is walking until her hears a noise and he decides to see what it is. He followed the direction that the noise came from and found himself at a lake. This was not just any lake, this was the lake that he first meet Anabel. As Ash takes a seat along the shoreline and discovers a shirt, pants, socks and shoes gathered in a pile near by. After looking at the pile of clothes Ash sees something more.

"What do we have here?" Ash says in a curious manner. "A bra and panties? These are a girls clothes!" Ash almost exclaims loud enough to wake any pokemon near by.

Just as he says this Ash hears a splash come from the lake. He turns in time to see a figure rise to the surface of the water. Ash couldn't believe what he say before him.

"Wow she sure seems beautiful." said a dazed Ash

Little did he know that the girl who he thought was beautiful was none other than Anabel. By this time Anabel had seen Ash looking at her. Anabel had begun working on a plan to see if the young trainer had any sort of feelings for her. Anabel had made a plan and started walking towards Ash.

"Ash what the hell are you doing here?" Anabel asked acting like she had no idea he was even there before.

"Anabel? Oh my, I'm so sorry." Ash apologized trying to hide the blush on his checks.

"Are you some kind of perv Ash? Spying on a girl while she's swimming. I should report you to officer Jenny." threatened Anabel

"Anabel I'm so sorry. I'll do anything just don't report me to Jenny." Ash pleaded

"Perfect. I got him just where I want him." Anabel thought as she realized that Ash had fallen right into her trap. "Okay Ash I won't report you but, you've got to do something for me." Anabel said

"Anything" Ash replied

"I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard." said Anabel as she approached Ash.

Ash was at a loss for words since he didn't expect Anabel to ask him that. Anabel growing tired of the silence did something that surprised Ash even more. She forced her lips to his and started a heated kiss. The more Ash tried to resist the kiss the more he enjoyed it. The kiss only broke when the two need some air.

"Wow Anabel that was amazing. I didn't take you as someone who would do that. I thought you were the shy type." Ash said catching his breath.

"Well I only act like that around strangers so they don't get too scared to battle me." Anabel replied

"Well I think I'm going to enjoy this." Ash said as he and Anabel lay on the ground.

"First things first Ash." Anabel said as she started removing Ash's clothes.

Once his jacket and shirt were off Ash started to grope Anabel's B cup breasts. Ash molded the globes of flesh in his hand licking around the nipple causing Anabel to moan in pleasure. Ash then proceeded to do the same the other breast getting another moan from the frontier brain. Ash then slid one hand down Anabel's body towards her moist slit feeling no resistance meaning that she was shaven. Ash started to rub the outside of her pussy before sticking two fingers inside of her.

"Oh god Ash that feels so good." Anabel moaned as pleasure rolled through her body.

Ash then began pumping his fingers in and out of Anabels pussy causing her to let out a loud moan.

"Ash if you keep this up I think I'm gonna cum." Anabel said as she felt a familiar feeling approach.

Ash removed his fingers from Anabel's pussy causing her to groan from the loss.

"Anabel lie down." Ash commanded ashe moved down towards her pussy which was dripping wet.

Ash stuck out his tongue and began to lick the juices from around Anabel's slit. Ash started to lick faster as more and more juices started to flow.

"Oh god I can't hold it anymore Ash. I'M CUMMING!" Anabel exclaimed as she climaxed all over Ash's face.

"Wow Anabel, you taste better than May." Ash commented as he scrapped some of her cum off his face and stuck his fingers in his mouth.

"Ash do you mean it?" Anabel asked as she blushed a crimson red at Ash's comment.

"Sure do." Ash said with a smile.

"Now Ash let me return the favor you just did." said Anabel as she swithced places with Ash.

Anabel put her lips to Ash's cock and gave it a kiss before licking up and down the shaft of his erect member. Anabel then proceeded to take as much of the 9 inch cock as she could into her mouth rubbing what wasn't in her mouth with her hand.

"Damn Ana this feels great." Ash moaned as he felt Anabel speed up her bobbing.

Anabel was glad that Ash was enjoying the blowjob she was giving him. Anabel soon felt Ash twitch in her mouth and she knew he was close.

"I don't think I can last much longer." said Ash as he felt himself close to climax.

Hearing this Anabel then proceeded to go down further on Ash's cock giving hard forceful sucks as she went. This soon became to much for Ash as he felt that he could no longer stave of his release.

"Anabel I'm gonna cum!" Ash said

Anabel removed her mouth from Ash's cock and began pumping him wanting his seed. She soon got what she wanted as Ash errupted cumming all over her face with some landing on her chest and hair.

"Wow you sure came a lot Ash." Anabel said as she got some of Ash's cum on one of her fingers and placed it in her mouth. "Ash you taste fantastic." Anabel said as she felt something come over her.

She soon felt her body heat up and she could no longer control herself. She wanted, no, needed Ash to fuck her.

"Ash I want you to fuck me right now." the Saloon Maiden said as she lie on the ground spreading her legs to reveal her pussy to Ash.

Ash's cock soon returned to full hardness at the sight of Anabel. Ash crawled closer to Anabel placing the head of his cock at the entrance of Anabel's soaking wet pussy.

"You ready Anabel?" asked Ash

"More than ready Ash." Anabel replied

Ash the pushed the head of his cock into Anabel causing them both to moan in pleasure. Ash kept going until he was completely sheathed in Anabel.

"Oh my god Ash, I've never been this full before." Anabel exclaimed as she could feel Ash's full length inside of her.

Ash then proceeded to get a rhythm going and soon marveled at how tight Anabel was.

"Fuck Anabel, your cunt is even tighter than May's." Ash groaned as he could feel the walls of Anabel clench around him.

"Oh god, I don't think I can hold it anymore Ash. I'M CUMMING!" yelled Anabel as she felt her orgasam rip through her body.

Anabel climaxing all over Ash's cock was enough to push him over the edge. Ash came filling up Anabel's cunt with his semen.

"Ash that was absolutely wonderful." Anabel said out of breath.

"Sure was,we should do this again sometime." Ash said as he lies next to Anabel

Both Ash and Anabel were completely exhuasted and were about to fall asleep until Ash remembered something.

"Oh shit!" Ash exclaimed as he jumped up and put on his clothes

"Ash what's wrong?" Anabel asked slightly worried.

"I forgot that Brock was making dinner. If there is one thing I hate it's missing a meal cooked by Brock." Ash said as he ran back towards May, Max and Brock were.

"Wow, he sure is unique" Anabel said as she slowly rose and put on her clothes.

/Next day after Ash beat Anabel/

"Congratuations Ash. I present you with the Ability Symbol." Anabel said as she handed Ash the frontier symbol.

"Thanks Anabel." Ash said as he accepted the symbol. "Yeah, I got the Ability Symbol."

"Well I didn't learn if he had any feelings for me but, I know I will see him again." Anabel thought to herself as she walked back inside the Battle Tower.


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