AN: Five 100-words prompts in the FFVII in what I affectionately call the Zackobo-verse.


The first thing Cloud did when the black chocobo plopped down next to him was make sure he didn't have a Chocobo Lure equipped. Once sure he didn't, he looked at the bird.

"Did you wander away from a ranch somewhere?'

The chocobo just nudged his leg with its beak and dropped something in his lap. Curious, Cloud picked it up.

"Where did you..? And why are you giving…" Cloud trailed off, looking between the Zeio Nut in his hand and the black bird watching him with hopeful blue eyes.

"You're joking."




Cloud snapped awake, breathing hard.


"Just bad dreams. Go back to sleep." That said, Cloud closed his eyes, shifting closer to the warm bulk of his bedmate, fingers tangling in scruffy black feathers.

It took a tragically long time for him to process that there should not be a chocobo in his bed.

Cloud speedily crossed the room, and definitely not with an unmanly shriek.

"How did you even fit through the door?" Not waiting for an answer, Cloud gathered his belongings and fled out the third floor window and into the night.

The chocobo went back to sleep.

Too Much

"Someone get that bird out of my bar!"


Cloud's head hit the counter with a dull thud as he let out a little noise halfway between a sob and a whimper.

In his peripheral vision, he watched the black chocobo thump its beak down next to him and roll something at him.

When the Zeio Nut bumped into his cheek, he turned to glare balefully at the bird. It stared back, blue eyes soulful and needy. Cloud couldn't resist that gaze.

"You win! I'm a chocobo! KWEH!" Cloud stormed from the bar, chocobo following faithfully behind.


"Just because I've admitted I look like…"


"Fine. Just because I've admitted I AM a chocobo doesn't mean that you can get all smug. I won't take that damn nut."

The black chocobo was smug anyway, and Cloud swatted it idly. This caused it to nearly overbalance on the rafter the two of them lay on.

"I'm going to figure out how you get into places you really shouldn't be able to. It kinda reminds me of..."

Cloud lay back to lean against the chocobo.

"Just don't fall on the flowers, alright?"


When Fenrir started sputtering and coughing like Cid after Yuffie asked him to give her the talk, Cloud knew it was going to be one of those days.

Worse, he was on delivery.

When the black chocobo sauntered out of the desert fluttering his wings enticingly and trying and failing to look entirely too innocent, Cloud, despite his immediate and probably accurate suspicions, knew he couldn't say no.

He'd been had.

"If you had anything to do with this, bird…"


Easily slinging himself and various swords and packages atop the chocobo, "This doesn't mean you win."