I couldn't believe it. I just couldn't as I vaguely realized dropping what was clasped in my right hand as I took in the scene in front of me. The two in front of me broke apart with a noise like a plunger being dislodged and looked up at me. Tears pricked at my eyes as I threw one venomous look and ran down the stairs. I dodged various people as I desperately tried to make my way as far from my traitor of a boyfriend as humanly possible. I could hardly see where I was going through the haze my tears created, but I continued to run feeling my shoe cut into the back of my heel.

"Hermione!" A voice called and I felt someone catch me around my waist. I looked up at the person holding me and pulled my arm back to punch them before I realized who they actually were.

"Oh, it's you." I said slumping into his arms.

"Who else?" He asked as he wiped the tears from my face.

"Your total arse of a brother, that's who." I said hiding my face in his chest. The crisp cotton of the shirt absorbed the tears from my face, and the familiar scent comforted me somewhat.

"What did my ickle Ronniekins do now?" He asked rubbing my back softly.

"I caught him kissing …" I mumbled.

"Sorry?" He asked leaning back so my face was no longer buried.

"I said I caught him kissing some girl in his room!" I cried and struggled to get out of his arms so I could run from the words that had tumbled from my lips. The normally bright blue of his eyes hardened and his usual cheerful face turned into a scowl.

"I'll kill him." He said looking around frantically as if his younger brother would materialize.

"Personally, I couldn't agree more, but seeing as that's a one way ticket to Azkaban I think we should probably think of something a little less illegal."

I had seen the signs for months; Ron and I just weren't the same as we used to be. Our normal bickering had turned into fights that lasted for days. This usually meant Harry carrying messages between us and me spending a lot more time than usual with the twins and Ginny. Ron had hardly even wanted to hold my hand anymore, and he was usually the more … frisky of the two of us.

"'Mione what happened?" Another familiar voice asked from over my shoulder. I turned as best I could with Fred's arms still firmly around my waist.

"Ron cheated on me." I said more tears coming to my eyes as I repeated the words. George's eyes mimicked his brother's and he started stomping towards the boy's dormitories. I called after him trying to get him to stop but he ignored me as he bounded up the stairs.

"Fred let go, I have to go I can't be here." I said struggling from his grip. Fred finally woke from his stupor and looked down at me.

"Right, yea, let's go." He said grasping my hand and leading me from the common room. I let him pull me along and I didn't realize where he was taking me until the brisk night air whipped at my face. He pulled me down to the ground next to him under the oak tree that I had frequently sat under with George and himself. The lake lapped at its shore a few feet away and the wind continued to bite at my face stinging the skin where tears slid down my cheeks.

"Come here." Fred whispered pulling me closer to him, and wrapping his arms around me. I had never really noticed how well toned his arms and chest were and realized that Quidditch wasn't really too bad of a sport if this was what happened to its players.

"How could he?" I wailed, hiccupping as the tears came full force.

"I don't know, Hermione, he's a git."

We hadn't been together for too long but it had been a few months. I thought he at least valued our friendship enough to have the respect to dump me before he'd do something like snog another girl.

"What am I going to do now?" I asked.

"Hermione, you do not need an arse like my little brother to function. In fact you're better off without him. You are incredibly brilliant and beautiful witch; you'll find someone better than him to have the pleasure to call you their girlfriend." He said with more seriousness in his eyes than I thought possible for him. Despite that I couldn't stop myself from snorting.

"Fred in case you haven't noticed I am not exactly desirable. Ron is the only one who has even shown the slightest interest unless you count Viktor. But he ended up running off with some other girl by the end of the night anyway. I am fully aware of my less than fanciable assets."

"Okay that's it!" Fred yelled as he stood up.

"What are you doing?"

"I am going to think of the most painful way to murder my little brother for making you think that you are lesser of a being than you truly are." He called as he stomped back toward the castle. I hastily got to my feet and ran after him. He ignored my pleas the whole way up to the common room. He growled the password and the Fat Lady swung open for us.

"Where is he? Where is that git of a little brother?" He asked storming into the room.

"I'm afraid you're too late if you were thinking of getting revenge for Hermione." Ginny called as he moved towards the stairs leading to the boys dormitories after noticing he was not in the common room. "If you want to find him, he's in the hospital wing!"

"Why is he there?" I asked sitting down in the chair next to her.

"Well after he was pummeled by George, he might have gotten the end of my Bat-Bogey hex, and then I'm not sure the other curses that hit him. Harry and George hit him at the same time. He kind of looked like a slug if you ask me. It improved his looks a lot anyways."

"Do you know who it was?" I asked staring at my lap.

"Lavender Brown." She said simply, "But don't worry she looks almost as good as Ron. I made sure of that."

"Thanks, Ginny." I said with a slight smile. It was nice to know my real friends had my back.

"I'm so sorry, 'Mione." Harry said pulling me into a hug.

"It's okay, Harry, I think I'm going to be alright." His emerald green eyes sparkled somewhat as he smiled at me. He moved over to where Ginny was and pulled her into his lap and kissed her lightly.

"Nice spell work there, I couldn't even recognize Lavender after you were through with her."

"Well I have the best teacher." She said referring to the DA. We had only had a few meetings but already people were improving. Then again it didn't take much to be a better teacher than Umbridge.

I felt the cushions around me sink as George and Fred plopped down on either side of me.

"Well it's done." They said in unison with identical grins.

"What did you do?" I asked almost afraid to hear what they were going to say.

"Just a new invention that was in need of testing." George said

"Let's just say Ron might be seeing something following him for the next few weeks, which no one else can see." Fred continued.

"It works similarly to our Daydream charms. Whatever his mind creates for him to see, really isn't there it's a figment of his imagination, makes everyone think he's mad."

"Which in a way he is for hurting our 'Mione here." Fred finished putting his arm around me.

"How do you administer it?" I asked actually fascinated by their invention.

"Just a few sprinkles on his toothbrush. Anything really that he could somehow swallow it."

"I actually can't wait for him to get out of the hospital wing; this is going to be hilarious." Ginny said giggling. I let out a giggle myself imagining the coming weeks.


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