"Are you ready?" I heard Fred call as I pulled my costume on in his bathroom. We had decided that we would make more of an impact if we came down together, so I was getting ready in the boy's dormitories.

"Just about!" I called back putting the finishing touches in place. I checked my reflection in the mirror, then exited the loo.

"You look perfect, 'Mione," Fred grinned as I reached up and fixed a part of his costume. "They'll never forget us."

"We'll make an impression that's for sure. Ready?"

He nodded, and put out his arm for me to take. I grasped his elbow as we left the 7th year's dorm and started down the steps.

"George has been dying to know what we are all week, wouldn't give me a spare moment."

I laughed, George had turned to me as well. Trying to figure out what we had been planning. We descended the steps, until the party came into view.

At first we didn't catch anyone's attention as we came down the stairs, but soon everyone had turned towards us. I felt the blood rush to my face and focused on not tripping. We finally made it to the Common Room where we were instantly accosted by George.

"You guys look ruddy brilliant! 'Mione, if you ever get bored of the less handsome twin, I'm here with open arms," He winked at me and Fred slugged him in the arm.

"Oi, not so much of an Angel are you?" George laughed.

"Hermione, you look sexy!" I heard Ginny call as she made her way over to us. I blushed again, the costume I was wearing was definitely made up of less fabric than I was accustomed to.

Fred and I had dressed up as an Angel and the Devil, but I was the Devil and he was the Angel. Quite the opposite of what most people would say.

They obviously weren't aware of the amount of rules I broke with Harry.

I had horns, a tail, and even a mini pitch fork. My costume was a red and black dress that came to about mid-thigh, and I had even straightened my hair and added some red and black highlights.

I could even swish my tail.

Fred had a halo and wings, and a white outfit with gold trim. He even glowed a bit.

"Want to dance, Hermione?" Fred asked and I nodded, bidding goodbye to Harry and Ginny. Fred pulled me towards the dance floor, placing his hands on my hips and pulling me close even though it wasn't a slow song.

"So, does it count as pranking if we lace the food with our inventions?" Fred asked, trying to look innocent. The whole Angel attire added to the effect considerably well.

I grinned, "No, I think that's just commonplace."

"Oh good, because there was no way I was convincing George otherwise." As if to prove his point a fourth year started to float towards the ceiling.

"Is that new?" I asked as the boy laughed and bobbed across the ceiling.

"Yea, anti-gravity gummies. They only last a few minutes, longer if you chew it."

The boy slowly floated back down to the ground, and there was a roaring applause.

Throughout the night more and more of Fred and George's inventions were tested, including the anti-gravity gummies, tongue-tying twisters, binding chews, and mimic munches. My favorite were the binding chews which would magically attach you to the first person you saw after chewing on the sweet for a good ten minutes. The mimic munches made you copy whatever the closest person to you was doing, but that was only for thirty seconds.

The night had been coming along great until I heard a pounding on the portrait hole, and the Fat Lady yelling something.

"Hold on," I said moving closer to the entrance to the common room.

"I don't care if I don't have the password, I am the High Inquisitor and you will give me entry!" I heard the Toad screaming at the Fat Lady.

I turned back towards the party, eyes wide. It wasn't that we were doing anything wrong, but with all of the new decrees I'm sure we were breaking at least two of them.

"I quickly turned towards the door and cast a Silencing spell so Umbridge wouldn't hear me, then pointed my wand at my throat and cast Sonorus.

"Code Red, the Toad is trying to force entry to the Tower!" Everyone turned towards me as my voice boomed across the Common Room.

"What do we do?" A third year yelled back.

"I have no idea how long we have until she gets in, we need to clean up and clear out as fast as possible."

Instantly everyone started running around grabbing things, trying to hide all of the food and sweets.

My attention was diverted when there was a deafening bang and suddenly the Fat Lady flew off her hinges.

I did the only thing I could think of, I had asked Fred how the anti-gravity gummies had worked earlier and he had taught me the spell that they had focused into the sweets, I cast it silently at the Common Room and watched as everyone but Fred, George and I floated to the ceiling. Fred and George quickly vanished the food and drinks, and we looked over at portrait hole where Umbridge was storming towards us.

"Can I help you Professor Umbridge?" I asked in my best Prefect voice.

"I heard from a reliable source there was a party going on in Gryffindor Tower!"

"But gatherings of more than three people is strictly against the rules, Professor, we know that."

It took all my will power not to look skyward where almost every Gryffindor was floating silently against the ceiling. It was taxing to keep the spell going, but I needed it to last more than a few minutes.

"Why are you three dressed up like that?" She asked, her eyes narrowing.

"It's a Muggle Studies assignment! Did you know that Muggles dress up every year and go Trick or Treating on Halloween? I used to do it when I was little, but I was so happy I would have a reason to dress up!" I gushed and Umbridge glared at me. She opened up her mouth to say something but was interrupted by McGonagall storming into the tower.

"What reasoning do you have to force your way into Gryffindor Tower? If you had needed anything you could have come to me!" McGonagall was livid.

"I heard there was a party going on up here and I was coming to enforce my decrees!" Umbridge screeched turning towards her.

"Well as you can see there isn't one; now please leave me with my students."

Umbridge looked like she wanted to say something but simply stomped out of the Tower. McGonagall sighed and quickly repaired the Fat Lady.

"Please be more careful in the future of any gatherings that may or may not go on in the Common Room." She walked back towards the portrait hole. "And excellent levitation charm, Miss Granger," She called as she closed the portrait behind her. I grinned and let the spell drop as the whole of Gryffindor floated back towards the ground.

"That was brilliant!" Harry said as he came floating down next to me.

"Good thing she didn't look up," I mumbled.

"McGonagall knew, but she knows we always have a party," Fred grinned.

"I'm exhausted," I sighed moving to the couch and collapsing down onto it.

"Well you just held like a hundred people up in the air for a good five minutes, I think that's a pretty good reason to be exhausted."

"Everyone but the two of you," I said glancing at him and George. "Why is that?"

"Well we wouldn't want our own inventions being used against us would we?" George answered and I nodded, made sense.

Fred joined me on the couch as the party started up again, and I was congratulated and thanked throughout the night. There was no reason to be, I mean it was Umbridge, we all needed to stick together against her. Even if I was a prefect.


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