Gordon found Jill in the kitchen, just standing before the sink, staring out into the darkened garden, although as he moved beside her, all he could see was the brightly lit room reflected back at them. "Jill?" He murmured, easing the two, still unwashed, teacups from her hands. "What is it Jill?" He spoke again, softly, mindful of upsetting her further; she wasn't the most open of people at the best of times, he didn't want her to feel pressured.

"I can't tell you." She whispered, averting her face from the softness of his gaze, and turning from the window, away from the image of her saddened features. She hated her secret. She hated how she had no control. She hated the fact that she would eventually be forced to tell him. But most of all, she hated what would happen once she did.

"Why not?" He eventually asked, a little fear beginning to grip him as a tear crept down his wife's soft skin. The response he was granted was a shake of her head. He captured her hand on its path to brush away the moisture from her cheek. He completed the task instead, cupping her face in his palm and using the contact to gently raise her head. "You can tell me anything Sweetheart. You know that, don't you? I won't be angry, I promise you that."

She shook her head again. "You can't promise that." And she stepped regretfully away from his touch; it was all too uncomfortable and claustrophobic in her emotional state. But part of her wanted to prolong the contact, for fear it would be that last time he would show her such affection and concern. She supposed, despite knowing the inevitability of his discovery of her news, she wanted to delay the occasion, wanted to delay the point when everything would change between them.

The concern within Gordon meanwhile grew in the face of Jill's strange behaviour. She was hesitant, quiet, reticent even. The woman before him was the exact opposite to the normally strong, confident and happy woman he knew as his colleague, wife and best friend. But most worrying of all, he could see a deep seated fear in her wide, tear-filled eyes.