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I crouched down to the desert ground, letting my fingers trace the outline of a hoof print. I knew I was getting close. Shrugging my bow higher up my shoulder I stood up and continued walking in the direction I had been going. My father had sent me out to hunt but there was no game out. So I created a new task. A task that I had actually been working on for years with no luck. Even being the best tracker in our tribe I was unable to find the prized white stallion. For years I've tried and for years I've failed. Whenever I felt that I was close he would find a way to play me.

Witch's hooves slammed the dirt behind me as she followed. As I went to crouch down again she pushed me with her muzzle knocking me to my hands and knees. I turned to glare at her but her attention was no longer on me. Her eyes were wide and her nostrils flared as she sniffed the air. She reared and I rolled away in time to avoid her and a lone horse that galloped passed. A bay horse in strange gear. Staying low to the ground I retrieved my bow and prepared an arrow. Slowly I crawled my way to the crest of the hill and drew my bow back, prepared to fire.

At the bottom of the hill lay a person who looked to be dead or unconscious. I squinted hoping to see better, the person was far, but still in range to get a clean shot. I lowered my bow. It was a woman, a white woman. She must had fallen which explained the horse. But what was she doing out here? I got closer, as close as I dared and crouched behind some bush. Her hair lay around her like the wild mane of a horse. It was the most startling color, the color of dark burning embers, or day old blood. A deep red, the color that my grandmother and those before used to represent evil. The color of the devil she had said.

Her chest rose and fell with breath and I knew she was alive. I quickly redrew my bow and took aim. Even though I was not one to believe my grandmother's silly tales of demons, I was sure to do as she said, aim for the heart, that's the only way to destroy a demon. Although I did not understand the reasoning behind it, I wasn't going to take the time to figure it out. Or risk it. Taking in a deep breath, I held it to steady my aim.

As I went to release my shot, that was sure to kill, a startling cry caused me to shift and my shot landed feet away from her. I quickly drew another arrow on my bow and went to take aim but found the white stallion standing over her. He stared at me and lowered his head as if trying to completely conceal the girl. Slowly, I lowered my bow. Where did he come from? I looked around searching for some sort of clue or answer...but there was nothing. I returned my gaze to the stallion. His gaze never faltered and he pinned his ears back and snapped in my direction. What did he want? I looked at my bow that was still in my hand and raised it. The cry that had stopped me sounded again and I realized it was the stallion as he reared and charged me. I stumbled backwards, falling and hoping that he wouldn't trample me. He skidded to a halt in front of me and reared again, his hooves pawing at the air.

Carefully, I stood and he backed away a few steps. He pawed the ground and pinned his ears again, clearly disgruntled. But this time I was able to follow his gaze which rested on my bow. I released it, letting it fall to the ground. With that he relaxed and bowed his head. I wanted to reach out but as quickly as he appeared, he disappeared.

I stared in the direction he galloped off in wondering...what just happened? Why had he protected the girl? Was it a sign?

Of course not. I knew there was no such thing.

If it were any other situation I would have finished my job and would have killed her. But today was already too odd. I needed to talk to my grandmother. She could answer these strange events for me.

Retrieving my bow from the ground I swung it back around my shoulder to its resting place. I began to approach the girl, my hand on my dagger just in case. Whistling for Witch, I crouched down next to the girl. I stared at her. Her skin was oddly pale, even more so than the other white people I had seen, it almost seemed sheer, like my hand could simply pass through it like it could water. She was frail, small, surely weak, a simple touch seemed like it could break her.

And the hair.

Up close it seemed even more like burning embers, glowing under the desert sun. Slowly, I reached to touch it. It was hot, but not like fire, and it was...soft. Coming back to my senses I snatched my hand away.

"Well Witch, I don't think this is what my father will be expecting."

And with that I carefully lifted the girl and lay her over Witch's back, who glared at me for doing so.

I glared back at her. "Fine...I'll walk."


Walking back into the village, Witch and I received a lot of stares thanks to the strange woman laying unconscious on Witch's back. Mother's pulled their children as they tried to run up and investigate. Other's muttered as I passed, surely wondering why I brought one of the white people to our home when we try so hard to keep them from finding us. I found my father in the center of our village, with him was my grandmother.

"Father." I called to him and looking around I noticed a small crowd had gathered around us.

My father turned and froze. He covered the ground between us in two long strides and stood before me. "Jake...what is this?" He moved past me to Witch's side. She pinned her ears back, I could tell she was becoming tired of all the commotion surrounding her. He reached out to touch the girl but hesitated and turned to me once more.

"Why did you bring her here?" His brow furrowed and I could see his humiliation as the crowd began to gather in and whisper.

"I wasn't going to..." I searched my mind, thinking of how it would be best to explain my situation and what had happened out there. I looked to my grandmother who watched on with curiosity.

"You should have left her!" My father's voice began to raise and I began to get frustrated.

How could I explain...?

"I was going to." I stayed calm and looked again to my grandmother hoping for some guidance. But she stared and slowly began approaching the girl. "I was going to...I was going to kill her."

"Well you should have! Her kind has only brought us pain and suffering!"

"Luke." My grandmother placed a hand on my father's shoulder. "Be quiet."

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before looking at me again. "Explain." He had calmed down, but I knew my wild explanation would set him off again.

"I wasn't hunting. I was out on the east playa tracking the white stallion. A bay pony, in white man's gear, galloped passed without a rider so I went to find the rider. I had hoped that if I found the rider and was able to kill him that I could finally prove to you I was ready to join the warriors. But when I discovered the rider it wasn't a man...instead it was this...strange and otherworldly girl. I contemplated for a moment and then I drew my bow. I had my shot...," I thought carefully about how I wanted to word what I was going to say next. I knew my father will not believe it but I hope with my grandmother there that she would guide him to understand. "Then a strange cry made my shot land wide...and when I looked back up...the white stallion was standing over that girl." I looked at my grandmother who was intrigued and then my father who struggled between being confused and furious.

"I don't know how to was the strangest was like he was protecting her."

Everyone was quite. My grandmother grimaced and looked at the girl. She was thinking.

"Jake. Bring her to my tent. I must mend her wounds." My grandmother broke the silence and my father stared at her in surprise.

" ca-"

My grandmother held up her hand. "Luke. Do you trust your son?"

He looked taken aback. "Yes."

"Do you believe his story?"

He faltered. "Y-I...yes."

"This girl is a sign, Luke. A sign of something great to come." She came and place a hand on my shoulder.

"'s not everyday that Jake misses his shot."

She smiled at me knowingly and quietly led me away from the crowd.

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