December 19, 17:21 EDT

"So... are we done?"

Artemis placed her left hand on her hip. Robin had kicked her in the stomach and on the back so many times, that her skin was almost as green as her costume, anyway, she didn't actually feel the pain. She also had a little scar on her face, but it was her own fault. An arrowhead made that scar. She forgot she was holding it in her hand. Such a mess.

She had training with Conner, M'gann, Robin, and Zatanna. It was a bit weird seeing them making out every single minute when they weren't fighting, but after three hours, she got used to it. Robin finally asked the little magician out, and Conner was M'gann's boyfriend since who-knows-when. I better agree with it, she thought.

"Done for today", Canary told them. "See you tomorrow. All of you", she added, before she left.

"All of us?" Zatanna asked in surprise.

"Well, Kaldur's coming back from Atlantis today, and I guess KF is also done with that mission with Flash", Robin explained.

"Full-team training? Love it", Artemis smirked. She removed her mask and her quiver, and put them into her bag. She left her hair in ponytail, and got her light blue jacket on: it was snowing outside.

"You coming?" she asked Robin. The hacker looked up at her, even through the mask, Artemis could see: he was paying attention to someone else.

"W- what?" he turned away from the magician who was changing her training clothes into casual.

Artemis couldn't help herself: she smiled. "I asked if you're coming or not."

It was just a few weeks ago that they discovered Artemis' living in the same town as Robin. They also knew about her family, and they didn't mind. Wally gently apologized for all the things he had said after their mission in New Orleans. Nothing really changed; they just knew more things about each other. Even M'gann's true form. Artemis also knew Robin's backstory, but it was because they were at the same town, fighting crime together sometimes, and they trusted each other. Truly.

"Still got some work at the batcave", the Boy Wonder answered. "I gotta go."

Zatanna stepped to him and kissed him on the cheek before leaving with M'gann. Conner already left, taking Wolf for a quick walk.

Robin turned to one of the Zeta-tubes, and waved one hand before leaving. Seconds later, Artemis was alone in the silence. She sighed before grabbing her bag and her bow. She also went to a Tube and waited for the computer to recognize her.

Overwrite, Artemis, B07.

Artemis looked back at the cave in shock. Overwrite? What happened? She also tried to step back, but the bright light caught her and with a blink, she was in an old telephone box.


December 19, 16:27 CDT

Artemis slowly opened the door. It was more cold than she imagined. She looked for her new black gloves, but she didn't even feel her fingers.

"Move, quickly", she murmured to herself. "Move, if you don't want to freeze here."

She walked across the street she was on, but it didn't seem familiar. It was snowing and icy wind was dancing under her jacket; she embraced herself to get some warm. It didn't work.

None of the houses looked familiar. She was totally sure it's not Gotham City. Someone overwrote the computer, and sent her to somewhere else. But...

"Ouch!" she screamed as something grabbed her leg. She kicked, but the cold fingers were still holding her. Her face was pressed against the snow, she felt the snowflakes in her hair and on her neck. She must've hit her hand into a rock or something; it was hurting pretty much. She kicked again, then got up, grabbed her crossbow and pointed it out into nowhere. All she saw was the white snow around her.

"Who are you?" she asked, trying to look brave. But all her courage was gone in a second. If she can't she was she's shooting at, she had already lost. Her father taught her that, and he was right about that.

She waited for someone to attack her, but nothing moved.

Artemis stepped a few steps back slowly, until her fingertips met a wall behind her. She sighed and started to run, staying next to the wall. She tried not to fall on the icy road, but there was no other way. Suddenly, she could feel the ground getting steeper but it was too late: her legs slipped and Artemis fell onto them. Her mouth was full with her hair, and she also cut her tongue and started to feel the taste of blood. She pulled herself together and closed her cold finger on her crossbow. She couldn't stand up, she was tired, injured, and had a feeling like she had frozen to the ground.

Minutes later she heard a sound. It was like someone running circles in the near and yelling. Artemis tried to sit up, still she was freezing. Her jacket was ripped on the side, she felt the snow on her skin. She was wearing her costume under the jacket; no surprise after it's ripped, her full belly was cold.

The voice got louder, and she could finally hear it clearly. Someone was calling her name. It was a familiar voice but she couldn't recognize it. It was deeper than the one she really knew, and it also had a few echoes. But it was definitely a male voice.


Then she heard the sound of a punch, ice meeting flesh. She screamed and with the last of her strength, she shot an arrow into nowhere. Then her eyes closed and Artemis fell asleep in the snow.