"Thank you, Cam", she said.

"I would say 'Anytime', but I'm not sure. So I guess... No problem, Artemis."

She nodded, and was ready to leave.

"Just find him, right? Then disappear as quickly as you can."

She nodded again. "Good luck."

Artemis was about to turn away, then stepped back for a second. "You know, you don't have to do this. You don't have to stay with them if you don't wanna."

"They are my family, Artemis", he said with a smile, then left. A few seconds later she didn't even see him.

She knew what he meant. Of course her father belonged to her family, but only in a biological way. Cameron's family was different. She knew, even if they had arguments, she and her sister, Frost still cared about each other.

Just like she did with the team. With her new family.

She sighed, crossed her fingers on her (unfrozen) crossbow, and started to ran to the opposite direction.

Cameron told her an idea, that he's maybe in the Spisak High School. He wasn't sure about that, but since the building was closed and empty, near to his father's... base, it seemed like the best place. And Cameron went to distract his father so she could sneak in and find Wally.

She didn't want to think about what if he's not there.

Artemis didn't stop running. She reached the school in a few minutes which seemed like hours, and she was already tired but didn't slow down until she saw the windows of the basement.

She went to one of them and looked around in every second. She knelt down next to a dark window a hit the glass with the arrowhead a few times, until the hole was wide enough, and the glass surely won't hurt her.

Sneaking in was easy. The basement was dark but clear. She could only see the stairs and could only hope she won't hit her leg in anything while walking towards it.

Her fingertips found an old desk and some papers on it.

Artemis climbed up on the stairs. She was in a big room, better to say in a hall.

She reached out a hand and felt some rough drape under her fingertips. It was falling down from the ceiling. It was dark in that hall, but she could tell that the drape is bright red. And the floor under her was a stage.

She was in the theatre.

Suddenly, light turned up and blinded her for a long second. She covered her eyes with her arms. She heard a low voice laughing behind her.

She turned around, but the movement froze halfway.

Or actually, her legs were frozen.

"What the –" she started.

"Welcome, darling! I am glad to see you joining us!"

She looked to the owner of the voice. He looked just like Cameron, but he way much older.

His father.

"I'm sorry Artemis, I tried –" she heard Cam's voice from the dark, but then Frost hissed.

"Shut up!"

And I thought she cares, she thought angrily.

"My dear son was a bit mistaken", Icicle said. "Our target is not the Flash family. And now, thanks to him, we only have one piece missing from the collection."

He pointed up, and her eyes followed in shock. There they were, all of them, tied up and hanging from the ceiling. It was like their skin is frozen, except for M'gann and Kaldur. They were wide, and she knew why: they got used to the cold, it had no power on them. So Icicle only used a few extra ropes.

Conner, M'gann, Zee, Kaldur and...

"Where's Wally?" she asked anxiously. She knew who was the missing piece from their collection. Someone she should have wait for.

"Your boyfriend's totally out. I don't think we even need to tie him up. Need to spare with the ropes, you know."

She shot an arrow to his direction while he was talking, but he just caught it.

"That is all you got, darling?"

She had one more arrow, with an explosive arrowhead. Perfect. She answered him with a hiss. You'll see what I really got, she thought.

She looked up again. M'gann was trying to get free from her ropes, but it was hard, even for her. Artemis stared into her eyes, trying to make a mental conversation.

'They knocked me and Aqualad out', M'gann said. Even in her mind, her voice was tired. 'I can hardly use my powers. Not even mentioning the others.'

'Rob can be here any second', she sent back. 'I'll keep him busy.'

'I hope you are right', Aqualad joined them.

Artemis was about to continue chatting with Icicle when she heard a third voice in her mind.


Her heart was racing. 'Wally? Where are you?'

'No idea, it's... pretty dark in here.'

'Are you okay?'

'I... guess.'

Yes, she sighed in relief.

'Are you tied up?'

It took a few seconds, and she was about to start worrying again, but then he answered, 'No.'

'I'll be there soon' she sent him.

"What are you thinking of, little girl?"

She shook her head. "How to escape", she answered. "You know, I can still move my hands and stuff, so it'll be quiet easy."

He laughed. Harshly and loud. "Is this some kind of a stupid plan? But well, I don't want to see you being uncomfortable..."

And he froze her, only her palms and her head were free. She was still holding her crossbow.

She smiled.

"Now that I think about it" she told him. "It really was some kind of a stupid plan."

And with that, she shot her last arrow into the floor right in front of her.