"Come on folks! It's time to start court so… GIT UP!"

This is the courtroom of Judge Trudy. If you've got a beef, don't take the law into your own hands, put your beef into the hands of Judge Trudy.

"Siddown people and let's get this case started! Presenting the Honourable Judge Trudy!"

He gestured to the infamous judge, who was now surveying the courtroom quietly.

But not for long…

Everyone else sat quietly, turning to watch the Plaintiff, a cute little blonde haired, blue-eyed girl around eight years old.

"So Miss Ashley Taylor, I understand you have a complaint against your grandmother today?" Judge Trudy asked.

The little girl turned to glare at the Defendant, an old woman, slightly bent, with tightly curled grey hair and brown eyes.

"Yeah! That old coot aka my grandma over there…"

The woman gasped at her granddaughter's language.

"…forced me to eat icky vegetables!" Ashley's faced contorted into an expression of disgust.

The children in the audience gasped in horror and even Bailiff gasped- a gasp that almost overshadowed all the others…

"What kind of horrible, child-abusing old woman are you?" Judge Trudy asked in shock.

"What? How was I abusing her? I was just making sure she had a healthy balanced diet with all the proper nutrients so she'll grow up to be healthy and strong!" The old woman exclaimed.

"Diet, schmiet. Kids don't want vegetables! They want candy! Pizza! Soda! Ice-Cream! Even French Fries are better than your icky vegetables!" Judge Trudy waved around her mallet wildly.

"But they'd get fat and unhealthy if that was all they ate! What's wrong with a little liver and onions with a small salad sometimes?" Grandma asked.

The kids in the courtroom all made noises of disgust.

Even Judge Trudy and Bailiff made noises of disgust and their faces showed it. Bailiff's expression was especially comical.

"That's it. You are one cruel grandmother! I sentence you to be coated in caramel and chocolate and set loose in a playground full of candy craving children!" Judge Trudy banged her mallet.

"Wha-" was all Grandma had to say before the ceiling above her opened up and she was drenched in caramel and chocolate.

Bailiff reached for a giant pair of tongs and picked up Grandma with it.

"Let's get going, Granny! There's a lot of hungry kids out there!" He ran with her outside and came back with the tongs empty.

Seconds later, there was a sound of Grandma's terrified screams and the screams and shouts of delighted, hyper children.

Everyone in the courtroom nodded and smiled, satisfied with the verdict and sentencing.

"NEXT CASE!" Judge Trudy swung her mallet.

The doors opened as the intro music started to play. In this case, a teenage couple walked into the room and went to the Defendant stand while a little boy with fiery red hair came in behind them and went to the Plaintiff stand.

Our next litigants are entering the courtroom. Wow, that dude's hair is bright…

"Alright everybody, calm down. Now flamehead, tell me why you're here today." Judge Trudy swung her mallet in the direction of the young boy.

"Well Judge Trudy I'm here because my sister and her idiot boyfriend over there…" The boy thumbed the Defendants.

"Hey!" The male cried out indignantly.

"They yelled at me when I pulled a prank on them during their date!" 'Flamehead' exclaimed.

The audience in the courtroom started muttering ominously.

"How dare you yell at him!" Judge Trudy yelled at the Defendants.

"What the hell? He poured a bucket of ice over our heads when we were just snuggling together on the couch!" The female exclaimed.

"So? Why did you have to snuggle in his presence?" Judge Trudy asked.

"What? Wha- wha- what?" The boyfriend stuttered.

"What schmat!" Judge Trudy yelled.

"What right did he have to dump a bucket of ice over our bodies?!" The boyfriend exclaimed.

"What right did you have to snuggle in his presence?" Judge Trudy snapped back.

"I have enough right to snuggle in the comfort of my home without ice being dumped all over me! Or so I thought…" The female Defendant turned to glare at her little brother, who was now snickering.

"Yeah, well it's his home too!" Judge Trudy exclaimed.

"But-?" The Defendants chorused in unison before Judge Trudy cut them off.

"SILENCE! I've heard enough outta you two! I find you both GUILTY! I hearby sentence you two nitwits to be locked in a room with an annoying midget with a horrible voice singing annoying song over and over again!" Judge Trudy banged her mallet.

"WHAT?" The Defendants cried out as they were dragged out of the court by Bailiff followed by a crazy looking midget shouting in his high-pitched voice.

A few seconds later, Bailiff reappeared dusting off his hands and chuckling. "Glad that ain't me!"

"Yeah. Anyway, COURT DISMISSED! Bring in the dancing lobsters!" Judge Trudy banged her mallet.

As upbeat dance music began to play, the dancing lobsters made their appearance and everyone got up to dance.