Hi there, guys! This is my second fic involving Shima and Rin, i'm psyched to write this one. You can't even imagine!

Summary: Rin Okumura goes to "Camp Choice" every year, up until he had to skip one year. He comes back again, and meets Shima Renzou, his arch nemesis. Two long months with this guy? Please. This was supposed to be the greatest summer ever!

Explanations: They are not exorcists, they both hate eachother. Shima has an amazing voice, Rin is a guitar-freak. Rin's parents are alive, but their last name is Okumura (i didn't want to change this.) Rin doesn't have Kuro. Rin's father is not Satan. He just looks like him. xD I will not pair up Rin with Shiemi. This fic is entirely based on my obsession with Rin x Shima. 8D Ocassionaly you might spot characters from the anime, so don't worry. I hope you'll enjoy this fic.

By the way, this fic is going to be an M rated one later on. Just wait for it.

Oh, and English is not my language, so ignore the spelling and grammar mistakes along the way.

I'm still working on my first RinxShima fic, so go check it out. I'll continue writing both of them. Eeeenjoyyyy~~

Disclaimer: I wish I fucking owned AnE.

It's been two years since I went to "Camp Choice".

Two long years.

Trust me
There's no need to fear
Everyone's here
Waiting for you to finally be one of us

Three Days Grace pumping into my ears, my arms wrapped around my knees and finally me, looking trough the window and gazing at trees passing by.

I wonder if any of my friends would remember me.

The story goes like this:

My mother and father are so busy in summer, that I get to go to "Camp Choice" every year for two months. It's not like my parents don't love me, they're just too caught up with work and I fully understand them. And I did enjoy myself there. I had friends, music and everything I could dream of in a Camp.

Camp Choice was a musical camp for talented people. I didn't consider myself as one, but once my mother heard me play the guitar, she instantly signed me up for this Camp.

I sighed and turned my head to see my beautiful guitar case placed beside me.

I used to go to this Camp for 4 years in a row, until one summer my parents decided to take a break and go on a holiday in Europe. I gladly decided to come with them, because I couldn't spend a lot of time with them, so this was an opportunity in a lifetime. And that's why I missed out a part of Camp that should've been as fantastic as all other camps were.

And this year, my parents were taking me to the Camp again. I couldn't wait to see my friends – Shiemi, Bon and Konekomaru.

Suddenly, I felt someone nudge my shoulder. I took off my headphones and looked at my mother, who was sitting in front of me and next to my driving father.

"You okay there, son?"

"Sure, Mom."

"You look a bit down. How come? Aren't you supposed to be exited?" She smiled caringly.

"I'm just nervous. I haven't seen my friends for a while now."

"Rin, just promise us you will write to us once in a while." Dad looked at me trough the mirror.

"Of course, Dad. But don't forget to send me letters too."

"He won't, dear." Mom gave me a reassuring smile again and faced the front window again.

She caressed my fathers long, white hair and laughed full-heartedly. Dad gave her a loving look and continued driving. I loved my parents. Mother was exceptionally beautiful. She had brown, waist length hair, sea color eyes and the most caring personality ever.

I'll miss them.

I put the headphones back again and drowned myself in music.

Calm down
You may be full of fear
But you'll be safe here
When you finally trust me
Finally believe in me

After a four hour long trip, we finally reached the gates of "Camp Choice". I stared at them opening and quickly sat in a normal position. Nothing has changed. Same woods, same entrance, same welcome sign. My heart warmed up.

Father parked the car in the parking lot. I could see a few kids running around the Registration building, some of them hugging each other, some of them lurking around with their parents and waiting until they could go and find their cottages. After Father fully stopped, I grabbed my things and stepped out of the car.

I inhaled the sweet scent of the woods and felt a sudden urge to drop my things, get my guitar and perform right here and now. But my little illusion was scattered, when Mother hugged me from behind.

"You missed this place a lot, huh?" She whispered into my ear.

I nodded.

I did miss "Camp Choice". Father took my bags out of the trunk and pointed at us.

"You guys go to the Registration until I pack everything out."

"Okay, honey." Mother cheered after taking my hand and leading up the stairs of the building.

Once we were inside, I caught a glimpse of golden hair flipping in front of a few boys.

"Shiemi!" I called out.

"Rin!" A sweet looking girl called out and pushed herself trough guys to see me.

She went straight up to me and hugged me with all her might.

"I missed you so much, Rin!" She took my face into her hands and gave me the cutest smile. "Oh, and Yuri-sama, you look as dazzling as ever!" Shiemi let go of me and hugged my Mother.

"Shiemi-chan, you sure grew up!" Mother poked her nose. "I haven't seen you in two years!"

Shiemi nodded and pointed somewhere up front.

"My parents are waiting for me, we'll meet up later, ne?" She nudged me playfully. "I saw Bon and Konekomaru earlier, they already got a cottage. They asked me to tell you they already booked a bed for you too."

"Oh my god, that's wonderful!" I laughed, happy to see her.

"I know! By the way, I'm going to get a cottage near you guys." Shiemi showed me the V sign with her hands and ran to her parents.

Mother waved at her and sighed.

"Two months without seeing you. A long, long time for me and your Father."

I took her hand into mine.

"Mom, it's going to be okay. As always."

"Write me a song again, will you?"

"Sure thing, Mom." I hugged her and we both went up for registration.

Cottage 12, one of the best cottages in Camp. We had the greatest view of the lake, and activity areas were nearby, too. I smelled the fresh air again and put my bags on my bed.

"Mom, seriously, I don't need any help unpacking, I'll do that when you and Dad go back to your car."

She took out a few boxers and placed them in the drawer next to my bed.

All campers had separate rooms in cottages, because living together would be bothersome. It was a long-term Camp, after all. Father carried the last of my bags into the room and exhaled.

"What did you put in these, bricks?"

"Ha ha, very funny, Dad."

He ruffled my hair and went out of the room.

"I guess nothing else is needed to be done, right?" Mother looked around and smiled.

"No, Mom, I'll do everything else myself."

"Walk us to the car, dear?"

I locked my room up and peeked inside of a room just besides mine.

"Oy, Bon, I'll be back in a bit, okay?"

A guy with stylishly dyed hair, a golden streak on the middle of his head, waved me away and rushed trough his stuff.

"Dude, of course. Me and Konekomaru will unpack and meet you later."


"Oh hey there, Suguro-kun, need any help?" My mom stood beside me.

"Hello, Yuri-sama. I can't find my binoculars!"

"There they are, honey." Mom picked them up from a bag she accidentally picked and handed them to Bon. He stood up and hugged her gently.

"Oh, Yuri-sama, what would I do without you!" He kissed her forehead.

"You'd be lost, dear." Mother giggled and patted Bon. "Shall we go, Rin? We have a long journey ahead of us."

"Yes, Mom. See you later, Bon."

"See you, Rin. And Yuri-sama, I'll write you a letter!"

"You do that, Suguro-kun! I'll wait!" She giggled as we walked down the stairs.

I drowned in the amazingness of this place. Woods everywhere, covering other cottages and the wonderful lake. I couldn't wait for the moment I dived into the soothing water, it was inviting me as we were walking up the path to the Registration building. Mother was chatting cheerfully, but I couldn't bring myself to listen to her now. I was overwhelmed with nostalgia and great feelings this place caused me in the years of me attending this Camp. I loved every single bit of it.

I saw a lot of familiar faces, a few of them stopped and said hi, some of them hugged me, others just waved while passing by. This was my second home.

We reached up the car. Father was waiting for us and immediately hugged me.

"Son, it's going to be okay."

"I know, Dad. I'll miss you."

"Me too, Rin." He pinched my cheek and sat into the drivers seat.
Mother lingered for a while and hugged me too.

"Promise me you'll write me."

"Oh my god, Mom, I already did."

"Okay. Have fun!" She kissed my cheek and sat next to my Father.

I waved them goodbye and they left.

My summer is beginning now.

I watched them drive away until I couldn't see the car. I put my hands into my pockets and turned around to walk to my Cottage. We had a free evening today, so I could do whatever the heck I wanted to do, so I decided I should go and unpack my stuff, and then maybe go for a swim. Usually me and a friendly group of campers would light a fire and jam trough the night, so I had a feeling I could ask Konekomaru to ask anyone willing to come.

I smiled to myself.

Will this summer be different from others? I hope not. I wanted everything as it was.

Suddenly, I bumped into someone.

"Oh, sorry, I was lost in my thoughts, are you oka-.."

A pink haired guy turned his head to see me and smiled mischeviously.


I gasped.

"Shima Renzou."

My arch nemesis, the pain in my ass, the hated one. I couldn't stand the sight of this guy! And I bumped into him?

"I see you grew taller."

"I see you became more arrogant, if that's even possible."

He gave a little chuckle.

"Please. Stop being so charming, Okumura, I might even start liking you."

"Glad that's not going to happen." I shot a look at him. "What happened to your hair. Tried pink this year?"

"I figured I needed some change in my life, since I knew you were coming this year."

I shook my head and started walking again.

"Bump into me again, and I'll cut your dick off."

"Fuck you, Shima." I waved at him, without looking back.

For a second, I thought that this would ruin my whole day. Seeing this guy always made me sick.

We both hated each others guts from the first day of Camp. He almost broke my guitar, so I kicked his balls. He never forgave me, neither did I forgive him.

Shima Renzou was one of the stars in Camp Choice. His voice mesmerised girls, teachers always preached him. The effect didn't make me impressed at all. I fucking hated that guy.

I walked up to my cottage and ran up the stairs in a few seconds.

"Oy, Rin!" I heard a familiar voice.


We fist bumped each other and laughed.

"You changed a lot, Rin! Taller and more handsome!"

"Stop joking around, Koneko, it's just that you haven't seen me in a year."

"But you sure changed. To a good side, too!" He nudged my shoulder and I bumped my fist into his chest.

"I'll go unpack my stuff." I unlocked my door. "Hey, Koneko?"


"Could you gather up a group of people to attend our fire fest?"

"We're going to do that one? Sweet! No one could pull that off last year. You were the soul of it, you know."

I smiled at him and opened the door.

"Let's meet up at 9 pm at our special place, okay?"

"Will be there!" He shouted and ran off.

I went into my room and sat on the bed.

The special place.. The campfire place that we built with our own hands on our second summer here.

It was near the lake, but the trees covered us up from the wind and sand.

I had a feeling that this will be the best summer in my whole life.

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