Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't updated lately, it's just that I realized that I was behind on House of Talent, and I decided to make some chapters so I could update quickly when I get enough reviews. Anyways, I'm here now, and scoobycool9, you're in this chapter!


I woke up, and groaned. It was Friday, my least favorite day. I mean, it's so close to the weekend, why the heck do they make us go through another day of school right before the weekend? Also, that song, Friday by Rebecca Black, drives me insane.

I got up, brushed my teeth, put on my uniform and robes, and groggily went downstairs, when I stopped. There was a guy. A cute guy, with jet-black hair, and he was tall. When he turned around, I realized he was Indian, probably Peruvian. "Hi, I'm James," he said distractedly, running his hand through his hair. "Um, hi, Nina. I mean, I'm Nina, you're not," I clumsily said. He laughed. "W-well, I'm…going to the Great Hall," I said hastily, and left.

When everybody got down, the noise level increased by ten decibels. "Great," I heard Harry mutter to Ron. "We have Double Potions today with Slytherin." Everybody groaned, and I heard Amber say, "Well, I'm not partnering with Quincy again." I wanted to snicker. I mean, how do you get Quincy from Ron?

"Now, stir your ladle counterclockwise, and add in your boiled quill feathers," Snape ordered. Of course I was paired with Malfoy-why the heck did he like me, of all people? –and he always laughed at Ron and Harry trying to figure out how to do theirs. All of a sudden, I heard a crash! That came from Harry's direction.

Neville started growing huge warts on his face, all a sickly green. Snape sighed, and sent Neville to the hospital wing, then yelled at Harry, "Why did you let him do that?" Okay, that was just not fair. "He didn't do it; he was concentrating on his own potion!" I blurted out. Snape glared at me, but then his expression softened and said, "I would suggest not doing that again, Miss Martin. You don't want to get on my bad side," and with that, he walked away.

Later, as I was finishing up Potions homework-Snape believes making us stay up to all hours trying to get it done-Harry came in with Ron, both looking oddly curious. "Hi, Nina," Ron said, fishing out a teacake that looked like a rock, and throwing into a waste bin. "What's up?" I asked them. "Nothing," Harry said. Hermione suddenly burst into the room, carrying a large book. "Hey, Hermione, what's up?" I asked her. "I found a picture of your mum and dad, Harry," she said, not paying attention to me. Harry immediately took the book from her, and stared at the picture in shock. "What's wrong, mate?" Ron asked, looking at the picture. His face looked shocked, too. "Wow," he said.

"Guys?" I asked. "Would somebody tell me what's going on?" They still didn't move. Urgh. I moved over to stare at the picture, but I instantaneously looked away. Because, that wasn't a picture of Harry's parents. That was a picture of an older me and an older Harry.

Not my best chapter. I promise the story picks up from here, though!