A/N: The rating may go up in the future, just in case you don't want to read it; there is mention of seduction and sex. Once more, rating may go up.

I walked up the steps to the Sky Deck, Brazenheart making small hawky noises of agitation, he didn't like steps, they bounced him up and down when he was on someone's shoulder. I came up to the closed doors of the Sky Deck. I stopped.

"You said first thing this morning Xemnas, first thing, and lo, the doors are locked." I muttered. Hoping I was right about the doors being locked. I tried the door, as I assumed, the door wouldn't open. I huffed and turned around, only to be face to face with the silvernette. I backed up a little; he gave me an odd look.

"Something wrong Twelve?" He said, taking a key from his pocket and opening the doors to the sky deck. The big heart shaped moon hung in through the doorframe, watching the two of us. I watched it back. Coming out onto the platform I stopped just outside the doors, Xemnas walked all the way out to the other side of the platform and looked up to Kingdom Hearts. I perched myself on the railing.

"What do you do when it rains out here?" I asked him, he looked at her, an eyebrow raised. I gave a small huff.

"Never mind." I told him. Something seemed off about him, he seemed distressed. Brazenheart leapt down to my arm and I pet him. He closed his eyes in his hawky pleasure. I looked to Xemnas.

"Are you alright? You seem, tense." I asked him walking over the silvernette. He looked at me I raised an eyebrow.

"Thirteen." He said quietly. I raised an eyebrow, what about Ariexan, she was a good girl and a great Keyblader.

"What about her?" I asked him. Xemnas gave a sigh.

"She is quite resilient to my plans." He told me, I raised an eyebrow. His plans, this could be a golden opportunity.

"What plans?" I asked him. He looked at me, his eyes flaming a bit.

"I don't trust you enough yet to tell you." He told me, I frowned. How would I get him to trust me? Saix needs me to get into his head.

"How do I get you to trust me?" I asked him. He gave me an almost suggestive look. I inclined both of my eyebrows and walked away. He seemed interested in me. I hadn't much 'fun' lately. You see, being the Empress of Youth, I don't get to have too much fun. As a matter of fact, I didn't. Perhaps I could seduce the plans out of him. I smiled deviously, biting my lip and laughing a bit.

"Brazenheart, go on back to my room." I ordered in Eastern. The highly intelligent bird took off and flew down into the building and disappeared.

"You dismissed your bird?" Xemnas asked. I looked at him and nodded, giving him a seductive look. I sighed, walking sultrily back to where I started and sat on the railing. I bit my lower lip, looking at him; what's a better way to get into a man's head than sex? I laughed some. Xemnas was gazing at me hungrily. I ticked my eyebrow, looking down to my lap, toying with my fingers.

"Twelve." Xemnas said, almost breathlessly. I laughed curtly and looking up at him, inhaling through my nostrils, trying to calm my own raging instincts.

"Yes, Superior?" I asked him innocently. Xemnas said nothing. I got down from my seat and walked over to him and toyed with the chains of his coat.

"See something you like, Superior?" I asked him quietly. Xemnas looked like he was about to explode. I smiled, laughing. Xemnas bent down and claimed my lips roughly. I happily replied. He backed us up against the wall. He entwined his hands in my hair. Almost unfortunately I could do the same.

Xemnas forced his tongue past my lips and teeth into my mouth and we entwined tongues, fighting for dominance. I moaned in the back of my throat, he went nuts. His hands going from my hair to my cloak zipper and undid it. He pushed the coat away from me and he pressed his hands to the small of my back and pulled me to him closer still.

There was an uncomfortable cough and we immediately pulled away, it was Saïx. I myself coughed uncomfortably and blushed heavily.

"Superior, all the members are out on their missions, I'm leaving for mine, do you need me to do anything before I go?" Saïx asked Xemnas.

"No, XII." Xemnas said, even using his 'Superior' voice even though we just got busted making out. Saïx nodded and walked away down to the main level. I looked back to Xemnas. Unsure whether we were going to continue with our make out session, I really wanted to. Surprisingly, Xemnas was a good kisser.

"So we're the only two in the castle…" I told him. Xemnas seemed to catch on and we went back at it.

I was in my room, toying around with Brazenheart, teasing him with bits of bacon. The bird made a grab for the bacon; I pulled it away just before he got it, giggling slightly, the bird glared at me angrily. Being an Eastern animal he was very intelligent and could express emotion. I gave him the small rectangular piece of bacon. The bird took it and ate the bacon eagerly.

There was a knock on my door. I looked to it and went over, opening the door, Saix was there, looking agitated.

"I better have gotten mentally scarred for life for a damn good reason." Saix told me, opening a dark corridor and taking me to C.O. I looked at him and sat down.

"He isn't going to talk unless I get close to him." I told Saïx, he glared at me.

"THAT close?" Saïx asked me interrogatively. I smiled.

"He's a hard nut to crack, Saïx. Besides, I don't get to have a lot of what I like to call 'fun'" I told him. Saïx shuddered.

"I don't want to hear any of that." Saïx told me. I laughed somewhat.

"Well, whatever this leads to, you better get me my information. Or I will terminate you, you are here because I wanted you here, don't forget that." Saïx warned. I nodded.

"Good." He said, opening a dark corridor to my room and I left. Entering my room I stopped, seeing Xemnas. Oh god he wasn't getting stalkerish was he? I took in a shaky sigh.

"Can I help you Superior?" I asked him, going over to Brazenheart and picking up more bacon for him. I fed it to him gently.

"Question for you, Twelve. You acted as though you hated me, and then you go on to being so… intimate. Why?" He said he was close behind me.

"I was lying to myself, I suppose. I was taught to hate people like you and to try to kill you. But I realized you're not all so bad. You are quite attractive, Superior." I tell hum seductively. He gave me a trusting look. I smiled, laughing somewhat. I decided to tease Brazenheart and place a piece of bacon on the bird's head.

"Is that all you wanted?" I asked him.

"I do expect you to come tomorrow morning as well Driaxenne." He told me. I nodded and turned to him, grabbing him by his coat and pulling him down some, kissing him, pulling away quickly.

"Goodnight?" I asked him, inclining an eyebrow, wondering if he intended on staying the night in my bed. Xemnas gave a nod and disappeared via dark corridor. I turned back to the bird and I saw him struggling to get the bacon off of his head. I giggled a little insanely and picked it off his head and gave it to him. He glared at me still. I laughed.

"Alright, that's enough for tonight. Good Night Brazenheart." I told him. I changed into my pajamas and jumped into bed. I cuddled to my snuggle pillow and fell asleep happily.