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Loving time itself:

Chapter 1: 1918

E pov:

Clink clink clink.

The sound of metal against glass interrupted my daydreaming. My eyes travelled to my mother. She was currently sitting ram-rod, enjoying the party. Her eyes were trained against the person who was currently readying themselves to speech. I didn't care much about any speeches, so I amused myself by looking around the room.

It was extravagant and had the not-so-subtle tinge of aristocraticness – was that even a word.

"Edward, pay attention!" My father barked from my side. With a sigh I sat up and pretended to listen to the person in front. My mother gave me a scolding look before immersing herself in the speech. I had the urge to roll my eyes. Who could possibly enjoy themselves when the old man talked? I flinched. Where were my manners? It wasn't polite to be so rude, even if it were only in my head. My eyes trekked over the ceiling, finding interest in every crack.

"Edward!" The high pitched voice made me flinch and I automatically reflexed – I tried to distance myself from the annoying sound.

Two hands grabbed my torso and with strength – I didn't even know existed in humans much less a girl – pulled me toward her.

"Hello, Madeleine." I said as polite as I could. I looked over in search for my mother or father knowing they would scold me for not paying attention to the speech, but found that they had left. With a start I noticed that the speech was over and the party was in full swing. Coupled swirled around on the dance floor and the drink flowed. A few men were groping woman in a dark corner. The corners of my mouth pulled down in disgust.

I had hated my uncle and cousin the moment I have set my eyes on them on my fifth birthday. Jake Spencer was only two years younger than me, but I still thought him a sleazy boy. He courted enough girls to fill the Titanic and he had absolutely no respect to older citizens. His father wasn't any better and he spent his days, filling the void his wife had left with booze. I detested both men, but for my mother's sake I had to put up with them. My mother still believed her brother and nephew could be saved.

Currently, I was standing in the middle of one of Jake's raucous parties. It was loud, claustrophobic and smelled of stale beer. My mother and father were eyeing everything in distaste, but didn't complain. They didn't think that the Spencer's were beyond saving.

My head snapped to Madeleine as I felt her sharp nails dig into my shoulder. She fluttered her eyelashes with ridiculous exaggeration. I noticed her corset was pulled tighter than normal and my eyes flit over the crevice in between. With a blush I averted my look and pulled my arm out of her clutches.

"Excuse me." I said as bile rose in my throat. Resisting the urge to gag, I quickly walked outside. Such unashamed, awful behaviour made me sick. Where were these people's morals and sense of pride?

"What's wrong, Eddie?" I groaned as the voice filled my ears. I leaned over the railing and didn't turn around. Jake never was one to be ignored. He bumped my shoulder and slid in next to me with a smug grin.

"I saw you and Madeleine. It looked like she would enjoy making you a man." My nose scrunched and the bile returned.

"You're sick, you know that?" I said. He put a hand on his chest and pretended to faint.

"Oh no please, Dr Masen. Let it not be the Influenza." He pretended to cough. I eyed his slick blond hair swaying in the wind, not wanting to look at his face. I knew he was enjoying the taunting.

"The influenza isn't something to joke about, Jake." I sternly told him, though I didn't know why I bothered. He would laugh it off. As if reading his mind, he started to laugh.

"Oh come on, Ed. Lighten up a bit. Drink some beer, bed some girls." I grimaced. How can a fifteen year old be so full of himself? Years ago it would've been a public scandal if someone lost their virginity out of wedlock.

"No thank you, Jake. I would rather prefer to concentrate on my schoolwork and the army." I winced, even to myself I sounded dull. He laughed having new ammunition for the taunting.

"Ah yes the army. I bet you it's over before you become legal." Anger took over my rational mind and I spoke before thinking.

"Who says I have to be legal?" I was met with silence and it unnerved me. With a frown I turned to look at him.

I guess you could say Jake was a nice looking guy. He had ashy blond hair and the same green eyes my mother's family and I seemed to inherit. He was very muscular and stood almost as tall as me, regardless of the two years difference.

He laughed and I saw the only unattractive thing of him. His yellowed teeth.

"Oh, do we have a rebel over here?" He snorted at the idea. "Well thank you for this stimulating conversation, Eddie. But I have beer to drink and girls to get at." He waggled his eyebrows and loped off.

That had been….unsatisfying. There were so much clever and witty things I could have said, but of course the heat of the moment had completely unbalanced me.

"Edward, what are you doing out here? Jake is going to blow out his candles." My mother's voice made me calm down and I took a few necessary deep breaths.

"I'm coming, mother." She walked in.

I stared into the star-filled sky and ran my hand through my hair, with a sigh I followed my mother inside.

Everyone was gathered around Jake as he stood by a huge cake. The candles flamed and he looked devilish as he smirked in the light.

"Make a wish, Jakie." A female voice sounded from the crowd. Jake smiled widely.

"Why of course." He said as he searched the crowd. The moment his eyes stopped at me, I prepared myself for humiliation. "I wish that Eddie can finally find a girl." He blew out his candles and was met with cheers and chuckles. A few ladies around me smiled flirtatiously. I was absolutely nauseous and the urge to get out of here heightened exponentially.

I ran to the nearest room, my head spinning. The contents of my stomach were churning, begging to be released.

I stumbled forward, knocking down a few ornaments, but I was hardly aware. With a gasp I fell over my feet. My head hit the corner of some or other piece of furniture and I fell into the welcoming darkness.



That was the only word my thoughts registered as I lay on a somewhat hard ground. Pebbles dug into my back and I rolled over with a groan. Why was it so loud? Was there some sort of parade going on? Sunlight brightened my eyelids.

Wait sunlight? My room didn't have a window that let sunlight in at morning.

I reluctantly opened my eyes as I become aware of the pounding headache I had.

The sight that met me was…well I didn't know what to think of it.

It was loud and busy and something I had never experienced before in my entire life.

It was a street – I think – but it was made out of a strange black substance. It was filled with what I looked like cars, but they were too modern. The cars we had back home you had to crank to start up and even those were still rare. Only the rich had them and luckily my dad had an important job otherwise we still would've driven by carriage. These cars I presently saw were all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours. Some seemed to purr as they passed while others roared. I looked at them in fascination and horror. What was happening? Was I seeing the future of cars?

"Excuse me. Are you okay?" A squeaky voice sounded from my side. I flinched and my automatic response was to tell Madeleine off, but when I looked up I was shocked to see bouncy, brown curls instead of Madeleine's straight blond tresses. What shocked me even more was to see this girl's attire.

She was wearing an extremely short skirt, ending mid-thigh. In this age if you were caught wearing that, you were accused of seduction and that would not be best. She also wore a low shirt with no corset. I scoffed.

"People these days." I mumbled in disgust. "Could you please put on something less revealing?" I asked out loud, but ignored her response. At this moment I was a little more concerned about my getting here than girls' attires.

"Sorry?" She all, but shouted at me. "Who the hell do you think you are?" I turned to face her fully. Someone had to put her on her place. The moment I looked into her eyes, they widened.

"Edward?" She asked in surprise. "Edward Cullen?" I scrunched my nose; this girl was getting excessively irritating.

"No, my name is Edward Masen." She looked completely bewildered. A cough made me turn around.

I could feel my mouth falling slack, my eyes widened as I took in the man standing in front of me.

It was an exact replica of…well me.

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