So. Yeah. Not enough good Heath/Fly fics for my tastes. Thought I'd….rectify that. The other couples will be here, but Heath/Fly is the main one. This was originally intended to be a oneshot. Well. Last time I wrote a oneshot it ended up being 17,000 words so I'm going to make this a short chapter fic. That H2O oneshot was just….a beast. It took me 4 months to write DX

WARNINGS: I haven't seen much of the third season—I've seen the first two episodes and the episode with Fly. So please don't expect Garry. Also, chapters will be short but frequent, so calm your titlery.

It all started with a phone call four days ago. It had been seven years since they left Solar Blue. Bec had called around about a month and a half before the anniversary. The 2012 year was in a serious rut and she couldn't get the kids to shake it. So what better way than to bring in some outside help—people who had been in their position before? And it could double as a seven year reunion for them, considering they had never all been in the same room at once since the day they left.

So that's how Heath found himself standing at the front door of the Solar Blue boarding house, once again, less than seven years after he had finally managed to leave.

He took a deep breath and continued to stand there. Should he knock? It felt strange to do so since this had been his home for over a year. He lifted his fist but couldn't bring himself to make contact with the door.

"Are you gonna knock or just stand there for the rest of the afternoon?"

Heath turned around in surprise to see a young boy about sixteen carrying a bag of groceries. "I'm sorry?"

The boy let out a breath and shifted the bag in his arms. "You're here for Bec I'm assuming?" Heath opened the door for the kid.

"Yeah. How'd you know?" He followed the kid to the all too familiar kitchen. The house was quiet. It seemed empty.

"A whole group of people arrived yesterday morning." He slid the bag onto the counter and began to put things away.

"Right. I'm always late."

"Yeah, well," the kid leaned over the sink and took a look out towards the beach. "By the looks of it, the party has started—everyone's out surfing."

Heath smiled at the kid's downfallen look before he reached into the bag and began to help put things away. "Well then, we'll just have to hurry up and join them."

"I'm Grayson, by the way," the boy muttered.


He sent Grayson out ahead of him when they were done and went back to his car to change and grab a board from the shed. He hesitated, not knowing what to expect. Standing on the deck he scanned the waves, but didn't recognize a single face other than Grayson's.

The sun was beginning to touch the horizon and a flicker of light caught his eye. He glanced to the source to find a small fire burning in the center of a circle of people. These people he recognized. He dug his board into the sand and jammed his hands into the pockets of his board shorts to keep them from shaking.

"Sorry I'm late," he apologized as he approached them. A look of confusion washed over most of the faces and he groaned. "Don't tell me you lot have forgotten me already? It's only been seven years, I mean, I guess that is quite a bit of time when you really think about it but—"

"Heath!" a dark haired girl yelled, jumping up from the sand and nearly tackling him to the ground.

"What? No way!" Numerous denials erupted from the group.

"Hey, Bec," Heath laughed. She hadn't changed at all. Hair still as dark and wavy as ever, face still as round, eyes still as bright.

"How've you been?" Perri asked after she had managed to pry him away from Bec.

"I'm surviving," he smiled.

"We were just about to head out and teach the kids a lesson," Matt informed him as he stood and shook the sand off.

"You haven't lost your touch, have you?" Edge smirked, knocking him in the shoulder.

Heath pushed him away and laughed. "We'll see." He did a quick head count as they made their way to the surf. "Hey, where're Anna and Fly?" he asked Bec. They hung back on the water's edge while the others paddled out.

"Anna couldn't make it—she's on tour with a kite boarding team. Said she'll come whenever she has a break."

"And Fly?" he hesitated.

Bec gave him a knowing smile before pointing out to a wave off to the far right. There, near the reef, was a little blonde dot. Heath watched as Fly flipped and jumped around on the wave skillfully. She dominated the water.

Bec eyed him for a moment. "Whatever happened to you two?"

"Our relationship was never really defined," he muttered.

"Oh? And how would you define it now?"

"On a fine line between love and hate." Her eyebrows pulled together but he just shook his head and waded through the water. "Let's see just how much I've forgotten."