(Is still supposed to be writing a JutoCrocell story) Ah, but I'm procrastination majorly.

Anyway, you may wonder why this is called "The Rainbow Challenge." Did someone challenge me to do this? Nay, I made it up. I was reading some drabbles (had the undeniable urge for some BaschBaltier stuff...) and the I wanted to write my own little fics. I also had the phrase "Every colour under the rainbow" in my head, which transformed into "Every pairing under the rainbow," which was what spawned this. I take two random people from the character list (excluding the random Northern Forces bosses and Sentinels) and write about them in 100-500 words. Fun, right?

Warning: some will have character death... and non-canon situations (like, for instance, Zephie actually dies and Schuenzeit takes over the world or something stupid like that...)

And should you, dear readers (though you may be few and far between, I'm not sure) want to request a pairing, you may do so (and no, before anyone thinks this: it doesn't have to be romance. That'd be weird, considering the first two I have here...)

Magna Carta 2 does not belong to me, nor do I make any form of profit from it.

On with this weirdness!

Rue, Igton - Method of Elimination

The Avis may or may not have been completely sane. Rue watched him work on tiny machines with hands that she never thought could be so deft in their craft. He would work for long periods of time and then pause to admire his work, to glance at the blueprints and then cackle gleefully. Then he would preen for a few seconds, smoothing out feathers and wiping away excess oil before continuing. After that, he would turn to her and explain with the utmost detail how every piece of machinery worked, how brilliant it was! The world might have limited Kan resources now, but that's not going to stop us, he would cheer, holding up the contraptions that were supposedly going to turn on their own once powered by steam.

And then Rue would watch him inspect it with a critical eye and then promptly bite down on it with his beak.

"That one's completely wrong," Igton would say as he tossed it behind him into the pile with every other machine that was destined to be melted down and reused. The pile included about 90% of all the inventions he'd created over the last week.

Rue thought he might be a little less than sane, but she'd already deemed him as good company as any other, so she didn't question his methods.