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'Now don't go too far Jiminy' His mother said as he wandered off.

'Remember we need you for today's show and steal.' His father replied. Jiminy sighed and adjusted his glasses, he was a grown man. He thought as he headed off for a walk to clear his head. He liked the sound of the forest, nothing compared with the sound of the crickets in the summer beneath the starry night sky but the sound of the forest was wonderful, it was quiet and yet it wasn't. Leaves crunched beneath his feet which he found simply carried him, no direction from his brain needed.

'Now be careful young one, remember what we've told you.' Rainy said.

'I know, don't speak to any strangers, not that we get any around here and be back by sunset.' Aurora replied.

'The forest is a dangerous place at night.' Aurora mimicked her aunt as she said the same words she had since she was old enough to go out on her own. Ever since she was young, they'd always told her the same thing about the forest, they'd always told her not to talk to strangers and not to go passed the forest outskirts. She knew they were just being protective, over protective. Her existence felt a little lonely though. Aside from the animals within the woods she didn't have anyone. She'd never seen her mother and father and the only other people she had contact with had been the village children when they wandered too far into the woods and even then she was too shy to say hello. Now she was older, a young woman and her Aunts worried about her even more, they forbid her from talking to any strange men and women who came into the woods.

She left the small cottage with its many coloured smokes billowing from the chimney, (she suspected her Aunts were witches but never said as such) and headed into the forest. Aurora still couldn't fully understand why they constantly warned her and never allowed her the freedom she felt she deserved. She loved them of course she did. They had raised her after all but Aurora never felt at home.

She wandered through the forest and was quickly joined by the small fox who had taken to following her around. She bent down and tickled behind his ear. She had tucked a book under her arm but didn't know whether she would read it. Maybe instead she'd just imagine, she'd imagine she was a princess like in her stories and that there was a prince waiting somewhere for her, ready to battle a dragon. Aurora began to hum to herself and she danced and twirled and imagined a ball. Like those she had heard about, dancing with someone. Anyone, even if they weren't her prince. She'd just like to dance and wear a pretty ball gown once. Once she'd just like someone to notice her.

Aurora hadn't noticed the figure dancing on the edge of the tree's watching her though.

Jiminy heard a soft humming, almost singing but not words, it was soft and melodic and pleasing to the ears. Almost unconsciously he moved towards the sound. He moved closer and could hear the crunching of leaves underfoot.

'And then the men offer their hands to the women. Like so and the women take their hands.' The young woman said. Jiminy wondered who it was she was talking to and climbed a tree quietly, moving silently up its branches, to get a better view. It was relatively easy considering the fact he'd had to scrabble around all his life to help his parents steal whatever they could.

A young woman was dancing around the forest floor. A fox sat watching her almost obediently. Her long light brown hair was whipped round as she twisted and turned. Her feet gliding across the forest floor and not seeming to trip her up, Jiminy moved around the trees following her. He smiled, he was trying to pluck up the courage to say hello, but words seemed to fail him. He watched her a little longer before she sat down beside a tree and the fox trotted over to lie next to her.

'And then they all live happily ever after.' He watched her bring her knees up to her chest, scratch the small fox behind the ear and look up to the sky as she said it; as though waiting for a miracle to happen.

Jiminy thought about stepping out then, introducing himself to her. He couldn't though he was too frightened, why would a girl like her want to talk to a shy thing like him. His mother always said he was too quiet, too odd, a coward. No girl would want to marry him so it was best he stayed where he was, with his mother and father.

Jiminy moved a little and put a hand on the wrong branch it snapped loudly, the crack echoing into the forest like a gunshot.

Aurora jumped up her head whipping around from side to side trying to locate the noise, chest rising and falling with panic. 'Hello?' she asked into the silence. There was no reply. Jiminy moved back against the tree so she didn't see him.

'Hello?' She asked again. There was no reply again and Aurora felt uneasy. 'Go. Go!' she said to the small fox, who looked around the forest as she did. Aurora had an odd prickling sensation along the back of her neck. She had never been taught how to fight, she panicked. The branch from the tree fell to the forest floor with a crash and Aurora didn't wait around to find out what it was.

Jiminy waited a moment before he clambered down. He wiped his brow and pushed his glasses up his nose looking out in the direction Aurora hand run off too. He felt downcast, he had scared her away, his mother was right. He was never going to be a prince charming, or a hero. He was destined to be a thief and a liar all his life. Then he noticed it the book on the floor, it was hand written with a fabric cover, drawings of dragons and fairies littered the inside. Jiminy held it in his hands for a moment and vowed to return it tomorrow.

'Where have you been?' His mother scolded when he returned looking a little downcast. He hid the book behind his back out of sight of his parents wandering hands.

'Why so glum when there's,' his father pulled a coin from behind his ear and made it disappear. 'magic in the air.' He smiled at his son.

'You better put a smile on your face if we're going to earn anything tonight.' She pinched his cheek and smiled. Jiminy sighed and put a fake smile onto his face.

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