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'I think you should come home with me.' Archie said watching Rory as he helped her pack her case from the hospital. She was almost healed, still a slight bruising on her ribs and her wrist would need a few more days but other than that she was fine and Archie had never been happier to be able to hold her.

'Doctor Hopper may I remind you I'm an injured woman.' Rory said teasingly. Archie looked at her furrowing his brow for a moment before letting it ease into a smile.

'No I mean I think you should come home with me, permanently.' He said. It wasn't the romantic gesture he'd been hoping for but that moment had been stolen by the car, when the candle hit the floor. Archie shuddered, he hated the way that image crept into his mind. He looked at her and resisted the urge to run around the side of the bed and just hold her to him.

'Archie are you serious?' She asked him. She was caught off guard if she was honest. She wanted to of course she did the thought of being able to wake up next to Archie every single day was not just pleasing but it made her heart flutter. The thought of being able to call his house home, his bed would become their bed. Yet at the same time there was a part of her that didn't want to leave her aunts, to leave Rose in particular. She felt like she was being ungrateful.

'Of course I'm being serious.' Archie said moving around the side of the hospital bed to face her. 'I was going to ask you before, well befor-' he couldn't bring himself to say it and looked down at the hospital bed, brow furrowing and his thumb tracing circles around his finger softly.

'Archie what is it?' Rory asked slipping her hands around his waist and looking up at him. She kissed him gently and Archie put his forehead against hers.

'I nearly lost you.' It came out broken like he couldn't quite bring himself to say it.

'Hey.' Rory said brushing her thumb over his cheek. 'I'm still here.' She smiled at him and then kissed him a little hard. 'Yes.' She said suddenly and Archie pulled away looking at her.

'Yes, I will come home with you Archie, permanently.' She added. A grin spread across his face and she didn't think she'd ever seen him look happier. He pulled her close and Rory pulled him into a deep kiss clutching at the edges of his vest. 'Let's go home.' She said watching him a smirk playing on her face.

'I thought you were an injured woman?' Archie raised an eyebrow at her, heart rate increasing and his blood burning a little.

'Well, I suppose we should put your doctoring skills to the test at least once in a while.' Rory smirked kissing him again.

'I'm not that kind of doctor.' Archie mumbled into her lips. Rory pulled away from him and let out a giggle returning to packing her things. Archie frowned and realised his mistake. 'Sorry,' he shuffled awkwardly and blushed, the tips of his ears turning red. 'Killed the moment didn't I?'

Rory nodded at him and chuckled hissing as she tried to lift the suitcase off the bed, Archie shook his head and took it off her she wasn't supposed to be doing any heavy lifting. He scolded her lightly and then watched her for a moment glancing down at the hospital bed. A couple of days ago she'd been lay in that bed cold and unresponsive. He had to stop thinking about it, he had to stop torturing himself she was here now, in front of him and happy.

'Oh by the way you have a welcome home party to go to.' Archie said suddenly and Rory looked around at him confused cocking her head to the side. Rose had decided that for when Rory came home she wanted to throw a party, she had wanted her home and safe for what felt like a lot longer than two weeks and now she was out Rose wanted to shower her with affection.

'Why?' she asked, confused, why would anyone want to throw her a party.

'Rory you were in a coma for close to a month, Rose wanted to celebrate, she was more than a little happy to see you awake and alive.' Archie replied, 'Besides now it'll give us an excuse to tell everyone the news.' Archie smiled at her and Rory beamed back. She loved him and she couldn't wait to be waking up next to him every day.

'We'll go home first, drop your things off and then go back to your house. You'll have to act surprised though.' Archie said raising an eyebrow at her. Rory mocked a face of shock, part of her was dreading it though, she couldn't remember much about the accident and she didn't want to. She didn't really want to party either, she wanted to curl up on the sofa and just relax.

'Hello Doctor Hopper's office?' The clipped tone said down the end of the phone.

'Hi Wendy, could you patch me through?' Rory asked the woman at the other end of the phone.

'Hello?' Archie's voice came out a little subdued at the other end, it seemed the towns run of bad luck had taken young Henry hostage now. The boy lay in a coma in hospital, the doctors had no idea what had caused it and Emma was adamant someone (Regina) had poisoned him, meaning to poison her. The happiness Archie had felt the week before about having Rory back had been somewhat subdued after the news of Henry. He hadn't been to visit him yet but he knew Mary Margaret had. Archie cared about the boy and he was worried, of course he was worried.

'Are you ok?' Rory asked him, concern in her voice because she could imagine him sitting there in the office alone and worrying.

'Yes, yes fine.' Archie said trying to shrug off the feelings. Admittedly this was nowhere near as bad as when Rory had been in hospital, then he hadn't eaten or slept, which Rory had commented on several times.

'I'm not a fan of washboard abs you know.' She had frowned at him one day a smirk playing on her lips.

'I don't think I'm quite there yet.' Archie had chuckled in return.

'Good let's not get there.' Rory had smiled at him and kissed him deeply. 'I like something to cuddle.' She had giggled and all Archie's insides had tightened as she had fed him some chocolate off the kitchen side.

'Are we still on for dinner or is that when you want to visit Henry?' Rory asked him.

'No, no I'll go and see Henry tonight. I'll just lock up and I shall meet you outside soon.' Archie couldn't resist the smile as Rory said love you down the other end of the phone to him before hanging up. He knew it would take Rory less than ten minutes to get to the office so he packed up his things and got ready to leave. Umbrella in hand wallet and keys in his pockets and coat on he stepped out into the street and suddenly felt a warm wave wash over him. It was like someone was allowing warm water to pool over him and suddenly he remembered everything. Who he was, where he'd come from. The fact he'd been a cricket before the curse and Aurora. Aurora sleeping because he couldn't wake her but then intruding on these old memories were all those new ones. Ones from his life as Archie and a face, a face he knew so well whom he'd loved, whom he'd held.

Jiminy spotted Aurora at the same time she spotted him and their eyes met across the street and she was running towards him. Shock, confusion, recognition and happiness passing across her face and she was crying there were tears streaming down her face as he scooped her up into a hug holding her tight and spinning her around.

'Jiminy?' She breathed watching him a hand on his cheek as he moved some of the hair from her face his fingers leaving feather light trails across her skin. Jiminy nodded.

'But Rumple's spell.' She said and then her eyes went wide with recognition as she remembered the kiss in the hospital. Jiminy kissed Aurora hard lifting her up again and she squealed loudly.

'I love you, and I'm never going to let you go again.' Jiminy said putting her down slowly and that's when they both saw it. The huge purple cloud, a cloud Jiminy had seen before, the first time around and he wondered if this meant they would be returning to the Fairytale realm.

'I don't think we can out run it.' Aurora breathed as the cloud moved towards them fast. Jiminy fumbled with the keys in his pocket and his thoughts were thrown to Pongo his faithful dog alone in the house, they'd never reach him in time.

'Quick get inside.' He said pushing her into the building and pulling her close to him, he wrapped his arms around her protectively. 'I love you.' He whispered into the top of her head.

'I love you.' She whispered into his chest holding him as tight as she could before the purple smoke began to seep under the door and they had no escape as it began to creep down the stairs and through the walls and all they could do was hold each other close and pray that whatever came next they would still be together.

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