"Kaname-sama!" I screamed out as I felt the whip crack against my exposed back again. They had taken me away, away from my master whom I loved with all my heart. The very same master who was getting married to his younger sister because she was also a pureblood like him, which hurt me more than any whip or fist. The very same master who was just chained to a chair in another room that was heavily laden with hunter charms, who was watching them beat me from a portable TV.

"Again." Said a harsh voice behind me, no doubt the man whose followers had imprisoned me and then Kaname-sama. The whip hit me again and I cried out, my blood staining the floor and making a puddle around me.

"I would very much appreciate it if you stopped whipping my servant." I heard a familiar voice say. It was Kaname-sama's voice. I looked up at the screen that showed him sitting there in another room, heavily weakened.

"Oh, so she's only your servant? We thought she was much more than that. So I guess you won't mind if we kill her slowly then…" said the harsh voice behind me.

"But Rido... can't we have fun with her first?" said the man with the whip in his hand. Rido, so that was the name of the man who was doing all of this. The man who ordered the capture of me and afterwards, Kaname-sama. I lifted my head form staring at the growing puddle of my blood and looked at the image of Kaname-sama on the screen. Unfazed, calm, as always he showed no emotion…but wait. I just saw something flicker in his eyes. Was it anger at me? Disgust? No, Kaname-sama is never angry. Never. I take one last look at his breathtakingly beautiful face and burn it to my memory.

"Please… You can do anything to me; kill me if you want… Just, please let Kaname-sama go." I croaked; my voice sounding strained and inhuman. Rido walked in front of me and lowered himself to a squat, lifting my chin with his hand.

"You really love him don't you? You don't want to be just his servant do you?" he laughed. I smiled. I was not ashamed to admit it.

"Yes, I love Kaname-sama with all my heart. And he is engaged to his fiancé which makes him happy, so if he is happy then so am I. I would gladly die here and now if that is what would get you to let him go." I said, meeting Rido in the eyes. He smirked and turned towards the TV. I looked past him to see a shocked Kaname-sama.

"Well isn't that nice, Kaname? The poor girl loves you to death." Rido said as he laughed cruelly and gripped my chin roughly. I winced at the pain but welcomed it if Rido accepted my offer. My life for Kaname-sama's.

"Let her go, Rido." Kaname-sama said, his voice wavering a little. Rido smirked.

"No. I think I'll have some fun with her first, while you watch of course." He said, motioning to his followers to bring Kaname-sama here. A few minutes later, the door opened and in stepped Rido's followers dragging Kaname-sama behind them.

"Kaname-sama!" I exclaimed, trying to scrabble to my feet but slipping in my own blood, falling into Rido's squatted lap.

"You want it that bad?" he said laughing. Kaname-sama looked at him in disgust and I saw something flicker in his eyes again. What it was, I wondered. Rido's followers chained Kaname-sama to the wall and he settled himself on his knees, grunting a little.

"Now, here's an idea…How about I turn your little servant girl? I'm surprised you've kept your composure when she smells this good." Rido said, pulling me up as he stood. Kaname-sama stayed calm and I was on my feet, wobbling back and forth like a spinning top. Rido wrapped his arms around me to steady me and unchained my wrists.

"Well, Kaname? Any objection to me turning your pretty little human toy?" Rido said, trying to taunt Kaname-sama. Kaname-sama didn't do anything, he was calm and still and sat back on his heels as if this wasn't happening. I wanted him to say something, anything. I didn't want to become a vampire, I wasn't ready!

"Ok then." Rido said, smirking as his teeth elongated into fangs. I flinched and looked to Kaname-sama with fear filled eyes…But then my fear was taken away as pain took its place. Rido bit into my neck roughly and gripped me so tightly I thought I would be crushed. Rido's followers laughed. I screamed. The next events were all a blur to me. Kaname-sama somehow managing to get free from his chains, disabling Rido's followers, and striding quickly over to Rido and me. I felt Rido stiffen and he ripped his fangs free from my neck, leaving a gaping hole in my flesh; my life's blood pouring out as Rido tossed me to the floor. THUD!

"Rido! I'll kill you!" Kaname-sama roared as I watched him attack Rido, my vision hazy from loss of blood and the pain from the change. I heard growls and then a harsh thump before all was silent. My eyes were just starting to slide closed as someone picked me up and brought me to their chest.

"Shh…it'll be okay now, Devon…I'm so sorry…" Kaname-sama said softly. Then it all went black.