A few weeks had passed since my encounter with Rido, being turned into a vampire, drinking Kaname's blood and Kaname and I making love. After that night we had been almost inseparable, where ever I needed to go to get something for his family (because I was a maid) he would come with me, even if it was just to town. And when he had to go somewhere with Yuki he'd always request my presence. Yuki seemed agitate whenever he did this, but he told me he didn't care what she thought anymore. We had been having dates, and making love secretly so that his parents and Yuki didn't find out and throw me out. It felt wrong to hide it, but I understood the consequences and happily complied with any attention or love that he gave me. I was snapped out of my thoughts by Yuki walking over to me as I cleaned the dining room table.

"Devon." She said sharply, stopping near me. I stopped what I was doing and wiped my hands on my apron.

"Yes Mistress Yuki?" I said innocently. She leaned closer to me and sniffed; her eyes going wide and growling.

"You impudent little bitch!" she growled, slapping me hard across the face. I stumbled at the sheer force and held my hand over the mark she had left.

"M-mistress Yuki, what's wrong?" I said stunned. She growled again and looked at me.

"You don't even know do you, you little slut. How could my brother even fuck you, you're not nearly as beautiful as I am. And you're not even tempting to look at. Just wait till he finds out about the child you carry, he'll toss you to the curb." She said harshly. I looked at her, my eyes widening.

"C…child?" I asked, stunned. Yuki nodded and stormed out angrily. I slumped to my knees as she left and looked at my stomach. I was pregnant…with Kaname's child. I smiled and rubbed my stomach, too happy to care. My cheek throbbed and I stood up, going to find an aspirin.

"Love? I felt pain from your side, are you ok?" Kaname said, wrapping his arms around me. We had created a bond during one of our love making sessions… I looked around and saw that the hallway was empty, so I buried my face into his chest.

"I'm fine…I was just on my way to find and aspirin." I said, breathing in his warmth. Kaname pulled away and tilted up my chin gently, eyeing the dark red mark left by Yuki on my cheek and frowned.

"Who did this?" he asked. I looked away and lowered my eyes to the floor.

"Yuki…" I said. I couldn't lie to him, no matter how hard I tried. I heard him growl and looked up. His eyes were red in rage. The same rage that he had had when he killed Rido. I hugged him tightly and kissed him gently, trying to calm him down. He kissed back and his rage subsided…for now.

"Kaname…I…I have something to tell you…" I said nervously, laying my head back against his chest.

"What is it love?" he asked, concerned. I gathered all the courage I could and buried my head against his chest, reconsidering what I was about to say. Just wait till he finds out about the child you carry, he'll toss you to the curb, Yuki's voice replayed in my head. No. Kaname loves me. He wouldn't do that. I sighed.

"I… I'm pregnant…" I mumbled against his chest. Kaname tilted my head up and looked at me, his eyes full joy.

"Seriously! Oh my god, I'm gonna be a daddy!" he exclaimed happily, hugging me tightly and kissing me. I blushed as he got down on his knees and pressed a kiss to my stomach.

"Daddy is here little one. We can't wait till you're born. You're going to be spoiled rotten and we're going to love you so much." He said, talking to my stomach. I laughed and got onto my knees, putting my arms around his neck and kissing him. "I'm so glad that you're happy…" I said, smiling. Kaname stood up, pulling me with him.

"Of course I'm happy, Devon." He said, smiling and kissing me. I kissed back and heard the bell for the Kuran's dinner. Stepping away from him I bowed and motioned towards the dining room.

"Dinner time, Kaname-sama." I teased, smiling. He chuckled and walked to the dining room as I followed behind him.