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"Hey! Everybody shut up!" The shout came from Clarisse La Rue over at the Ares table. We were in the pavilion having dinner as usual, and Chiron was waiting to make the announcements for the coming week. Of course, it being the first day back of the new summer session since the second Titan war, everybody was still in the process of trying to catch up. I'd arrived earlier today, getting a ride from Paul right after school let out, and was sitting at my table, chatting with my satyr buddy, Grover, and his girlfriend Juniper.

My girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, glanced over at me from the Athena table and raised her eyebrows at Clarisse's outburst. Annabeth has this perfect curly blond princess hair and deep thoughtful gray eyes. She is easily the smartest demigod I know and has saved my life more times than I can count.

Clarisse is usually pretty careful about her language when it comes to being around the younger campers, a new rule instated by Chiron, but I guess she got sick of hearing him clear his throat every five seconds in an attempt to quiet us down. I grinned back at Annabeth and turned to face Chiron who had begun to speak.

"Err...thank you Clarisse, for that...beneficial...err...announcement." he stuttered. "Anyways, welcome demigods to another summer here at Camp Half-Blood!"

Cheers erupted and everyone began to talk again as Chiron grinned down at us from the head table. We continued for about another five minutes, and maybe finished our conversations, but hey. When you have over a hundred hyper-active demigods, this energy has to be let out somehow.

"Now, now. I know you are all excited but I have some wonderful news that I have just received from the Gods! Starting Monday, your mortal families will be arriving for a week of activities. Zeus himself has approved this so your families could understand what it was like here at camp and know you are well protected. Apollo has decided it should be an annual event and that it is to be called 'Family Week'. The decision of whether or not it will be brought back will be based on your and your families' reactions to this week. Our normal activities will still be available, but this week we will also have a few extra activities available for your families!"

The silence in the pavilion was kind of eerie. Our parents were going to be coming here, with our siblings, for a whole week to see how we lived. WHAT? Campers began to ask questions like, 'What about monsters and quests?' and 'What if we don't want our families here?' and 'Where on earth are they going to sleep because I am sure as Hades not letting my brother sleep in my cabin!'

Sometime during all that commotion, Annabeth had slunk over to my table, muttering something about how this could backfire in so many ways. She curled up in my lap, putting her hands on my chest and her head on my shoulder. Don't get me wrong, I love it when my very independent girlfriend wants to cuddle, but we were going to get into serious trouble once Mr. D, the camp's director and God of wine, and Chiron noticed her here. (Satyrs and dryads were different because they technically didn't have godly parents and thus, a table.)

Either way, I put my arms around her and started to lightly kiss her neck, taking advantage of this opportunity. She moaned quietly as my kisses gravitated towards her lips, but they never managed to get there as I was soon distracted by a snicker.

Nico, the son of Hades, who hadn't spoken throughout the conversation, came sauntering over with his twin sister, Bianca, and girlfriend Thalia close behind him.

"Oh please! Don't let us, your best friends interrupt." Nico retorted sarcastically as he sat down, but Annabeth decided to take him seriously and attacked my lips with an extremely passionate kiss. We simultaneously decided to play it up, and I gave Annabeth's tongue entrance to my mouth. Nico and Thalia began to make gagging sounds while Bianca suppressed her laughter at their expressions. Grover and Juniper got up wandered over to the buffet table.

We broke apart when Chiron stomped his hoof to call attention and waited for quiet before continuing.

"Now I know there are lots of concerns and questions but those will all be answered in due time. The gods have requested we try this and most of your families have received and responded to the invitations we sent out. We know exactly who is coming and we will have housing made available for your families. Now I would like to ask that all councilors and their second in commands meet in the rec room. We will go over all the details and planning while the rest of you go and enjoy the sing-a-long led by the Apollo cabin. Dismissed!"

Despite the loud protests of other demigods wanting to go to the meeting, Chiron simply strolled out of the pavilion, followed by Mr. D.

"Now," I began, "Where were we?" Annabeth rolled her eyes, but began to kiss me anyway.

"Alright eew! I do not need to see my two best friends making out!" Thalia announced. She got up from her place across the table to pull Annabeth off my lap and sit in between us.

"She's right guys. Save it for your free time tomorrow!" Grover piped up, munching on an apple as he and Juniper re-joined us. "You do have all summer!"

"We have one weekend! Then we have to wait a whole week, remember?" Annabeth pouted, with a hint of annoyance in her voice. " We haven't actually told our parents about our relationship."

"Well it's got to happen sometime! Just think about what's going to happen Monday when your parents and siblings show up at a camp full of gossiping demigods and learn you two have been… close for over a year!" Bianca said.

"Mr. Jackson, care to comment?" Thalia inquired, imitating a reporter and holding an imaginary microphone to my face.

I paled at the thought of having my parents and triplet mortal siblings here.* Neither of our families had any idea we were secretly dating. I mean, sure our godly parents knew but we hadn't planned on telling our families until we were sure we wanted this. Then a couple of weeks turned into a couple of months and it never happened.

"Crap! How the Hades are we going to keep this a secr-" I began, but Annabeth cut me off.

"Well how are you two going to keep it a secret from your families that you are dating?" She demanded. Thalia abruptly stopped her laughing as Bianca smiled and high-fived Annabeth. Nico realized what Annabeth had just said, jumped up, and tripped over the bench, winding up flat on his back.

"Oh sh**."

Author Notes:

-Thalia and Percy (despite his birthday being on August 18) are 17. Annabeth, Bianca, and Nico are all 16.

-Thalia Grace never joined the Hunt and neither did Bianca.

*I know Percy really doesn't have mortal siblings but for this story Sally and Paul have been married since Percy was fourteen. Paul was previously married and has triplets who are the age of 15 and look up to Sally as a mother.

Thank you to everyone who is still reading this story! You guys are the best fans an author could ask for!

Hugs & Kisses, SexyPurpleBeast