Zutara chapter 1

By Kelsey

Katara, Aang, and Sokka where all sleep inside their sleeping bags. The three where on a hind out in the woods. They all where trying to keep of sight from prince Zuko from the fire nation. As Aang and Sokka where sound asleep, Katara went out to practice her water binding skills. She went by the lake and practiced for about 36 minutes. A noise came out from the back round and spooked her. She thought about it for a while, and didn't mind the sound. Then, another crank came. Katara looked in curiosity. She could see a man in all black with a blue mask and two long silver swords behind a tree. In the blank of her eye he was gone. Katara gulped. As she turned around the man with the blue mask was face to face with Katara. As the man with the blue mask started to take of his mask and foot step came. The man in blue vanished. The sound was Sokka walking further to Katara. "Katara, me and Aang just got attacked by a bunch of bees and you didn't hear. We both were screaming. But not like girls. Like manly men." Sokka said in his sarcastic voice. Katara didn't want to tell them what happened till she knew herself.

The next 3 days where the same and nothing didn't happen much. "Are you okay katara? You said nothing since that night me and Sokka got attacked by bees. And from that I now have a big bump on my butt!" Aang said. "I just have something on the back of my mind." Katara replied with her head down.

Night appeared, and everything was peaceful and calm. As you think. Screams appeared from the tent the teens where in. They all ended up in a dark cave with water leaks and they all tied up. Sokka was the first up. He tried to break free but his wrist had a big bump from a bee sting. Katara woke up next. She was in her own portion of the cave.

The man with the blue mask was there sitting on the bare stone floor watching her. He got up and started to walk forward. Like before he started at her. He began to take of his mask. Katara was shocked to what she saw. It was Zuko. Katara gasped. Katara screamed out with all her might. No one could hear. Not even Aang and Sokka. He pushed the hair out of her face. She frowned when she saw his face. "Let me go now!" katara pleaded with hope. He grabbed her hand and held it into his own. She had no feelings for him.

He peaked her lips to his. Katara blush then turned away. He started to kiss her neck. She tried to push him away. He just wouldn't move. She screamed at him. "Stop, stop now!"

He dug his hand up her dress. "If you go any further I will hat you forever." Zuko stopped. He whispered in her ear "No…"

The next. day came Katara woke up woke up bare. Zuko was beside her bare too. Katara looked at herself and started to cry. As Zuko woke up. He started to play with her hair. Katara looked at him and sat up with her hands covering herself. As Zuko looked away she ran. He ran after he catching her. He grabbed her arm. She spit on him. He slapped he across her face. A ashamed look crossed his face. She dropped to the floor. He let her go and started to walk away.