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Artist: Sleeping At Last

Song: Turning Page

I've waited a hundred years, but I'd wait a million more for you.

Nothing prepared me for, what the privilege of being yours would do.

If I had only felt the warmth within your touch.

If I had only seen how you smile when you blush.

Or how you curl your lip, when you concentrate enough.

I would have known what I was living for all along.

What I've been living for...

Chapter One

Screaming To Escape

Nobody ever understands what I want.

It's like I'm standing in a crowded room, people talking around me, yet no-one can hear me screaming right beside them.

I rubbed my temple as Jessica held up another dress, "How about this Bella?" She grinned, "It's perfect!"

Shutting my eyes, I attempted to let calming thoughts enter my head.

"Jess, I'm not wearing a wedding dress that looks more like a fucking white onion!" I snapped, feeling that familiar ache burn behind my eyes.

She frowned, "Look, I don't understand what you want Bells."

Firstly I wanted her to stop calling me Bells.

I fucking hate that name.

"I've been your best friend for three years, and I don't understand what type of a wedding dress you'd like! You need to help me. This is your wedding after all."

I looked up at her from my seat in the boutique, sighing, "I'm sorry Jess… I just…"

An image of a long white gown, simple yet classic as it fanned down to the floor, entered my head. I could see my hands running along the sides of the soft fabric as I glanced down at the diamonds sparkling within the bust.

That was the dress I wanted.

I could already see myself in it.

I felt like I'd already worn it, like I'd already felt the fabric along my skin as I walked down the aisle.

I glanced back up at Jess, shooting her an apologetic smile, "Sorry, I zoned out for a minute there… How about we look for bridesmaid's dresses for you and Angela?"

Jess flitted off to another section of dresses with a wide smile on her face, and I sat back in my seat, shutting my eyes as that ache in my head began to creep up again.

I always got like this when I got stressed.

I didn't need the hassle of a wedding.

As soon as I thought the words, I wanted to take them back.

Any bride would love the organisation of a wedding, the picking of dresses and flowers and songs and food…

But I couldn't stand to even think about it.

It wasn't that I didn't love Jacob… I mean, I'd known him for two years now. He was safe and gave me stability, that's what mattered in a relationship, right?

I just didn't want to centre this wedding around myself. I'd much rather look for bridesmaid's gowns and flowers than my own.

It made a shallow ache form in the centre of my chest, and that all-so-familiar burn I'd been experiencing since the accident creep up behind my eyes.

I was twenty six years old. It was time to grow up.

I lived in a nice apartment in Seattle. I had loving parents and great friends. I had a fiancé that loved me.

I was going to get married.

But there was still a part of me that was missing. A part I didn't know how to get back.

After the accident, my parents had taken care of me in Phoenix and nursed me back to health. At twenty-two I'd moved back to Seattle where I'd studied in College to become a Nurse. It felt right to be there.

It was like I belonged there.

One year on, I'd met Jessica and Angela at my new job, and we soon became fast friends.

A year later I met Jacob when we were out one night, and since then we'd been together.

We were getting married around the time of our two year Anniversary, though to be completely honest, I had no idea when that was.

There was a part of me that couldn't wait to marry him, because then we'd be able to act like a normal couple. We'd consummate our relationship, we'd live together, we'd be together.

Right now, he seemed more like a friend.

Jessica was suddenly beside me again, and in her lap were numerous colour schemes for a perfect Winter wedding.

I wanted a Summer wedding.

Summer weddings are perfect.

"Apparently pink is nice for a Winter wedding." She rambled, flicking through a hundred different shades of pink as I stared down at the booklets.

I wanted blue bridesmaid's dresses.

One worn by a tall, elegant woman. The other worn by a smaller girl, though just as beautiful.

I frowned to myself, shaking my head as I tried to listen to Jessica's words.

She glanced up at me, "Shall we just take these with us and go back to your place for lunch?"

Finally, she understood something.

Smiling my agreement, I offered to take the colour schemes, pretending to place them in my bag before pushing them down the side of my chair.

We stood up, thanking the owner before leaving and heading towards my car.

It was cool but dry as Autumn began to end and Winter began. I was getting married in two months, and I wanted Autumn to last forever so I'd never have to see the day arrive.

I sounded so ungrateful, but if I was this unhappy about it I clearly wasn't going to want it to come sooner.

I drove us back to my apartment, my lovely two bedroom flat that overlooked the forest. I would hate to give it up to move in with Jacob once we were married.

We mounted the stairs to the third floor, and as we reached the landing I stopped my feet, staring at an older man that stood right outside my door.

Glancing at Jess, she shrugged her shoulders silently before we walked over to him.

"Excuse me, sir?" I spoke low.

The man turned towards us, a black briefcase in one hand as his other arm carried some sort of file.

"Miss Isabella Swan?" He glanced between both Jess and I.

I raised a finger, "That's me."

"Could I please speak to you in private?"

My mouth opened and closed a few times before I opened my apartment door and let Jessica inside. I stood on the landing with the curious man, raising my eyebrow as he opened the folder in his arms.

"I'm Mr Jenks." He smiled up at me as he searched for a piece of paper, "I'm an attorney that deals with cases such as yours…"

"Such as mine?" I questioned automatically, "I wasn't aware I was a case?"

"Well, now you are." His voice didn't hold any malice or unfriendliness, simply an informative tone, "You're getting married in two months to a Mr Jacob Black?"

I nodded, trying to ignore the sickly feeling in my stomach, "That's right."

He sighed, "Miss Swan, you are not legally obligated to marry Mr Black."

Although my mind was screaming for answers, wondering why on earth I couldn't marry Jacob, my heart and my body seemed to be relaxing considerably.

Much to my guilt.

"May I ask why?" I whispered, barely a croak.

He lifted out the piece of paper he'd been looking for, turning it around so I could see it. He paused only for a second, "Isabella… You cannot marry Mr Black because you are married to a Mr Edward Cullen… Your name is not Isabella Swan, but Isabella Cullen… You have been married for nearly eight years."

His words sank into my body, images of a feather-light white dress flowing around my body, blue bridesmaid's dresses and blue lapel flowers on suit jackets, all filling my mind.

I stared down at the piece of paper, my breath stopping as I read the words.

Certificate Of Marriage

Issued by Forks, Washington State.

This certifies that;

Mr Edward Anthony Cullen and Miss Isabella Marie Swan

Joined together in matrimony, to love, cherish, protect and treasure each other for all time and eternity, in the name of God, on August 5th 2004.

"May nothing tear apart what love joined together."

Tears filled my eyes automatically as an image flashed in front of me.

My hand, beside a male's…

He was writing his name as he signed the certificate.

Edward Anthony Cullen.

My own hand reached out, taking the pen as I put it to the paper.

Isabella Marie Cullen.

… I was married.

... I AM married.

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More will be revealed in the next few chapters about Bella's accident and what happened over the past eight years (to both Bella AND Edward).

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