The conference room was filled with talking people of all shapes and sizes. Men and women, young and old, all dresses in formal business clothing. Scott and Marla Sorenson sat in their pristine matching suits near the head of the table, looking slightly uncomfortable. The man heading the meeting, Marco Brosa, cleared his throat, and the chatter stopped.

"Friends! Colleagues! Supporters and collectors! I welcome you, to the last meeting before our plan goes into action!" The burly Italian said. His opening words were met with large rounds of applause from everyone in the room. "With the help of Scott and Marla," Marco continued, motioning towards the two, "we have found one of the hidden estates, Fablehaven, and we will take it, by force, tomorrow at first light!" More cheers erupted, as two waiters walked in with a trolley filled with coffee and tea. "Well, hurry up, you two! We're busy! We don't even want any drinks! Be gone with you!"

"So sorry, sir." The male waiter said, before grabbing the trolley from his associate and pushing it into the conference table. Hot liquid splashed everywhere, and the people crowding around the table quickly jumped up.

"And what do you think you're doing, young man?" Scott Sorenson asked the waiter angrily.

"Stopping you, Scott." Warren Burgess said, as he raised his head and looked his girlfriend's father straight in the eye. He pulled out his sword from the trolley, and said, "I could threaten you with this; it's killed demons and dragons and more. But that would be pointless. I've got a better threat."

"You know him?" A women with curly red hair asked Scott and Marla, who both looked shocked and slightly disgusted at seeing Warren there.

"He works in Fablehaven. He's a nuisance, and a terrible one! But he'll be gone soon enough. Seize them!" Marla spat.

"Not so fast, mom." The waitress said. Kendra had remained silent long enough, she thought. There was no way anyone was going to harm Warren.

"Kendra?" Scott and Marla gasped in unison. "What are you doing here?"

"Protecting my home. Go on, then. Why don't you tell everyone how you found out about Fablehaven." Kendra said angrily.

"I... What?" Scott spluttered.

"It's your father's estate, isn't it, Scott? Your kids' favorite place to be? Am I right?" Warren smiled evilly.

"Even so, it is too late! You have fire, I'll give you that, young man. Now, you mentioned a threat of sorts?" Marco Brosa said.

"If you don't call this off, I will slaughter everyone in this room, but Scott and Marla. Then, Kendra and I will catch the first plane to Vegas, and get married." Warren stated nonchalantly.

"No! Never! You keep your filthy paws off of my daughter!" Marla yelled.

"So that means you're changing your mind?" Kendra asked.

"Our plans will continue! Kill them!" Marco screamed.

As his associates started moving in on Kendra and Warren, Warren rested the tip of his sword on the floor, swung his free arm around Kendra's shoulders, and said, "Well then, I suppose it's too bad a little birdy told the police about your plans, am I right?"

Policemen surged into the room, quickly overpowering the conspirators. Scott and Marla looked more lost than they ever had before. However, in all the chaos, Warren caught Scott's arm, pulled him and his wife into the corridor, and away from the conference room.

"Why did you do that?" Marla asked, awkwardly looking at the young man.

"Because I promised Kendra I'd get her her parents back. In prison, you won't be much use to her and Seth." Warren replied shrugging his shoulders.

"Thanks, Warren." Kendra smiled, as she softly kissed her boyfriend's cheek.

"Kendra!" Scott said disapprovingly.

"You know, it's not too late to call the police back..." Warren said in a low voice. "You come back with us, stop all this nonsense, and let me and Kendra be, and they need never be reminded that two suspects got away..."

"Thanks for everything, Warren." Kendra whispered that night as they were lying in bed. They'd be going home the next day, with Kendra's parents, who had grudgingly agreed to Warren's offer.

"Don't worry too much about your parents. They'll come around eventually." Warren whispered back, as he kissed Kendra just below the ear.

"Goodnight, Warren. I love you." Kendra said, as she snuggled closer to him.

"Goodnight, beauty. I love you too." Warren replied, before closing his eyes and burying his face in her hair.


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