A/N: SO I've ben cecking out the Glee Fandom and have noticed that there are hardly any "Glee Members Watch Glee" and the ones that are there are usually just sucky oneshots. So I'm gonna take a crack at it. This is a prologue sort of setting it all up, as I don't yet have episode one completely written down yet XD! I'll have the first chapter up when I finish writing it down and finally get around to typing it. Enjoy.

Glee Members Watch Glee


Finally, Finn thought, walking up to his locker. It was the last day of their junior year and he was glad it was over. He knelt down next to the locker that that was his and was about to open it when something caught his eye. He looked down on the ground and saw two DVD cases. One said "Glee Season One" on it, and the other said "Glee Season Two."

"What the hell?" he frowned, looking them over. On each one were the words: "Property of Sue Sylvester. Do Not Touch!"

Instantly, Finn grabbed the DVDs and took off in the direction of the Glee room.

"You're not gonna believe this!" he said as he hurried in.

"What now, Finn," Kurt said, rolling his eyes at his stepbrother.

"Sue's made a movie out of our lives!" Finn replie, shoving the DVDs into his stepbrother's face.

"She WHAT?" Kurt screeched,reading over the summaries on the back.

"Sue did what?" Will gasped as he and all the other Glee members hurried towards them.

"Come on," he said, "Let's go have word with Sue about this."

"What did Sue do now?" Emma asked, walking in.

"Apparently, she's made movies out of all the things that happened in our lives," Mercedes said, shaking her head.

"Let's bring her into Figgins's office," Emma sighed in defeat. Sue was always up to something.


"I was bored, William," Sue defended herself.

"You can't just go around filming people's personal lives!" Kurt screamed.

"I think the best thing to do is to watch these videos," Figgins replied boredly.

"What? No!" Kurt screeched.

"Kurt, come on. It won't be that bad. You can invite Blaine," Finn prompted.

Kurt bit his lip and sighed. They were going to find out sooner or later.

"Fine," he whispered.

"My house," Finn said.

"WHAT? But my dad and Carole will be there!"

"And?" Finn raised an eyebrow. "Why is this such a prblem for you, Kurt?"

Kurt huffed."Fine," he hissed. "We'll watch the videos, we'll invite Blaine, and we'll let our parents watch them as well. Now will you stop nagging me?" he snapped tensely as he pulled out his phone and let Blaine in on the situation via text message.

On my way, baby. Blaine replied.

Kurt sighed as everyone jumped into their respective cars and drove off to the Hummel-Hudson's house. He knew this was definetly not going to be fun.