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Videl had known that she had to tell her father about her going out with Gohan (she still got a feeling of disbelief and of immeasurable happiness when she thought of that, because it had seemed so unlikely, and yet, here she was). She knew that he had a right to know, because he was her father, for crying out loud, but that didn't mean that she was looking forward to it. It was currently the reason why she was anxiously tapping her foot against the floor, leaning back slightly in her chair as she kept on stealing glances at the front door, waiting for the doorbell to ring and for hell to soon follow.

Before they had parted ways on the Lookout yesterday, Videl had reminded Gohan that they needed to tell Hercule about their newfound relationship, and had proposed a possible way for them to go about this—she suggested that he come by her house around one-o'-clock-ish to pick her up to wherever they were going for their date the next day (because she had complete trust in him that he would choose a good place). While he was there, they would tell Hercule about it, which seemed a slightly safer option than taking Hercule to Gohan's house and explaining it there, with a hyperactive seven-year-old, a slightly obsessed mother who was intent on getting them to marry, and a father who had been dead for seven years but was now brought back to life. And even Videl's plan seemed not so good, but they had no other choice—Videl didn't want to keep any secrets behind her father's back, not one as important as this. Gohan had agreed with the sensibility of her plan, which was what led to today.

Videl's eyes kept flitting to the clock on the wall, which now read around 1:07. The long blue hand which was constantly moving for the seconds seemed to be moving at an agonizingly slow pace, as if trying to prolong the anxiety that she was feeling as she drummed her fingers lightly against the table, biting her lip. Her father was once again in the living room, watching some television, along with Majin Buu, who was having fun learning about normal life with humans. It was slightly weird, having a pink blob living with them, but Videl accepted it, since Majin Buu wasn't a rampaging killing machine anymore.

Small yips sounded near her feet, and Videl smiled as she saw Bee come up to her, yipping happily as he placed his front paws against her leg. Obligingly, she picked the little puppy up and placed him in her lap, and he barked with excitement as he tried to scramble up her body. She helped him, and couldn't resist laughing as his little, slightly rough pink tongue licked her face with eagerness. If one good thing had come out of this whole thing with Majin Buu staying with them, it was the fact that she now had a little puppy, too.

"Hey there, boy," she said, smiling as Bee pulled away for a moment and yipped happily at her, his tail wagging at almost a furious pace with excitement and happiness. She petted him for a bit, and he closed his eyes for a few moments in contentment, before he licked her face once more, making her laugh again with his spontaneity.

"So, whaddaya think of it here? You like it?" she asked him. Almost as if he was answering her, his big, dark brown eyes brightened and he yipped twice at her, bringing his small black nose to touch hers before lightly licking her cheek once again, making her smile at him, her temporary anxiety forgotten. She brought them both down to the floor and grabbed one of the toys that they had bought for the dog yesterday, sat cross-legged on the floor as she put the puppy down, and began playing tug-of-war with him gently with the white rope when he picked up the other knotted end of it.

However, it suddenly came back as, not too long after she had begun to play with the dog, the doorbell rang.

Videl's eyes suddenly snapped towards the door, and her anxiousness returned once more. Bee seemed to notice her slight change in attitude, noticing her suddenly slack grip as he managed to get the rope easily out of her hand, and he dropped the toy for a moment, accidentally tossing it slightly under a bookshelf, as he went up to her, placing his paws in her lap as he looked at her with confusion, seeming to let out a bark that sounded almost questioning. She turned to look at him and sighed slightly in reply.

"Well, this is it," she told Bee, shaking her head slightly. A thousand different scenarios flashed through her head about how this could go—most of them weren't good at all.

She got up, pushing herself off of the floor as she felt Bee running slightly around her ankles, anticipating who was coming into the house excitedly, yipping with enthusiasm. Videl heard her father ask her to get the door for him, and she rolled her eyes slightly as she sighed, calling back that she'd heard him and that she had already begun to do so. She went up to the door, unlocked it, and opened it.

Just as he'd said, Gohan was there, wearing the lightest of grins that always seemed to be ever-present on his face. She noticed that he was carrying a picnic basket in his right hand, and was dressed in dark blue shorts and a black T-shirt, his feet only clad in a pair of black sandals.

"Hey, Videl," he greeted her the instant that she opened the door, his grin getting brighter at the sight of her. Seeing that grin, that easy smile, Videl couldn't help but grin back slightly at him in return—damn it, why was that smile so freaking infectious? However, seeing his familiar grinning face also seemed to drain Videl slightly of her previous anxiety, making her believe that things would surely turn out all right.

"Hi, Gohan," she returned, smiling at him. Bee, upon recognizing the new person after a quick sniff, began to yip in happiness as he ran around Gohan's ankles, his tongue lolling out as he barked eagerly at realizing that he now might have a new friend to play with. Videl let Gohan into the house, and grinning, the boy bent down to quickly scratch the puppy behind the ears, causing Bee to wag his tail eagerly, before he ducked away to go and grab the white rope that he had been playing with before, so that he could play with Gohan now.

Gohan stood back up, wearing a slight smile on his face as he watched the puppy sniff around for the toy, wondering where he had put it. The young man then turned to Videl, and, after his eyes quickly darted around to make sure that no one else was looking, he bent down for a second to steal a small, innocent kiss from her soft lips. She was smiling as he pulled back, and he, too, was grinning lazily, almost in a haze of happiness.

Yesterday, after they all had returned to their homes, there had been even more tearful reunions as the fact truly sunk in that Goku was staying with them. There had been a few tense moments, where both Chi-Chi and Gohan had told him exactly how they felt about him leaving them for seven years, but it was gone after Goku agreed that maybe it hadn't been the best choice for him to make, and promised never to leave them like that again. Then, Chi-Chi had made an absolutely astounding dinner for them, and while she was cooking her three boys "played" together outside—which technically meant that they were sparring, but not meaning to hurt each other in the least, sometimes not even taking it seriously, changing it to a game every so often. Then, they had Chi-Chi's fabulous dinner, and the Ox King was there, too, which made everything even more fun. Then, while he had been getting ready for bed, he had come up with the perfect spot to go on with his date with Videl, which made him grin in pride. All of that had made it a very nice night for everyone.

"So, where's Hercule?" Gohan asked, looking around to see if he would make an appearance. In reply, Videl jerked her head in the direction of the living room, where her father sounded like he was cheering a team on, probably watching basketball or football, the two favorite sports of his that he watched on television.

"It's a good thing you're bulletproof, Gohan," Videl told him in an only slightly joking manner, part of her actually serious. One of her played out scenarios had her father pulling out one of his many guns and shooting Gohan point-blank on the spot.

He chuckled, taking her hand and gently squeezing it. "I'm sure that it won't be that bad," he told her reassuringly, before he was interrupted by Bee, who had his small paws up against Gohan's shin, his little tail wagging excitedly as he showed that he'd found the rope toy, his tiny teeth holding one end of it. Gohan laughed as he bent down to lightly play tug-of-war with the puppy, while Videl smiled lightly at the scene, before she went to go get her father for the inevitable.

As she went into the living room, Hercule's gaze instantly transitioned to her, probably expecting to be told who had been at the door. Majin Buu was next to him, stuffing his face with sweets and candy as he eagerly watched the football game that was on the TV.

"So, Videl, who was it?" Hercule asked his daughter, taking a nacho from the tray that was between him and Buu, dipping it in cheese, before throwing it into his mouth.

"Dad, it's Gohan," she told him. She had expected him to react swiftly, but was honestly surprised when his reaction was currently none other than a slight widening of the eyes, before he nodded, getting up off of the sofa.

"I wonder why he's here," he mulled to himself, going over to the other room where Gohan was waiting. Videl came up next to him, and both of them entered the room to see Gohan still playing tug-of-war with Bee, being extremely gentle with the little puppy as he lightheartedly pulled the rope, while Bee was pulling with as much might as he could, growling slightly as he played, causing Gohan to laugh.

Then, Gohan looked up, having sensed Videl's energy come back into the room. He grinned at them, letting go of the rope as Bee tumbled backwards slightly because of this, before the little puppy yipped with happiness, believed that he'd beaten Gohan at their little game. He tugged the white rope into his front paws, gnawing on the end that he'd been tugging on before, one of his paws playing lightly with the other end. Gohan stood up, going over to them with an easy grin.

"Hello, Mister Satan," Gohan greeted politely, wanting to make a better impression on Hercule than the other few times that he'd run into Videl's father. He really wanted this to go well, so that Videl wouldn't feel any strain on their date. His mother, as predicted, had been absolutely ecstatic when she had found out, and was intent on already planning their wedding out for them; his father hadn't seemed to really have a problem with things like this before, and had just nodded along while Chi-Chi had almost gone hysterical with her happiness; even Goten had been happy, because he liked Videl, too, so it was OK with him.

"Hey, kid," Hercule replied, nodding towards the other teenager in the room. "So, what're you doing here? Did you wanna talk to me?"

Here was when the news would have to come out, and the part that Videl had been dreading the most. She went over to Gohan, standing next to him, and, for her reassurance, he linked their hands together once again, fingers entwined. She squeezed his hand slightly, a silent thanks for the help, before she turned to her father, whose eyes had widened slightly at her actions.

"Actually, Dad…" she began, her voice slightly awkward before she decided that she should tell him as soon as possible, not trying to stall. It would only prolong the inevitable, so she decided to get it out right away. "Daddy, Gohan came over here to pick me up for our date."

The look on Hercule's face at any other moment probably would've been completely hilarious, his eyes nearly bugging out of his head as his jaw dropped, his head constantly swiveling back and forth between his daughter and the boy, who were still holding hands. This was currently going better than Videl had expected—she thought that he would either faint on the spot, or start screaming at them.

"Wh-what…?" Mr. Satan finally managed to stutter out in pure shock. "D-d-date…?"

"We weren't dating during the Tournament, like you thought we were," Videl told him, and Gohan's eyes widened slightly at this new bit of information. He hadn't heard that Hercule had apparently thought that they were going out as the WMAT was taking place, but he decided not to comment on that now. "But after everything that happened…well, we decided that we want to be in a relationship, so now we are dating."

Now, Videl was beginning to believe that her father was going to faint, his skin becoming the slightest bit paler, his eyes seeming to be focused on their joined hands.

"B-b-but…" Hercule was probably going into shock. "Y-you're only al-allowed to—"

"No, Dad, I swear to god, if you say that I'm only allowed to date someone stronger than you, I have a retaliation," Videl interrupted, annoyed now with her father as she closed her eyes to stop herself from exploding. "Gohan is much stronger than you, Daddy, trust me…in fact," she continued, her tone now holding suspicion and slight anger in it as she suddenly glared at her dad, "Gohan told me a very interesting piece of information, Dad. You see, he told me that you weren't the one to really beat Cell—the person who really killed Cell is Gohan himself. He was that little boy at the Cell Games, the one that you guys all called the 'water boy'. What I'd like to know, Dad, is why you took credit for something that you had never done, why you lied to the world…and to me."

The air had seemed to grow tense, and as Videl had spoken, Hercule had paled even more as he looked at his daughter's accusing glare. The only thing keeping Videl from collapsing at that moment was her hold on Gohan, because the information had suddenly hit her so hard—her father had lied to the entire world about it for seven years, and had lied to her as well. Deciding not to say anything at that moment, Gohan simply supported his new girlfriend (it always caused a small thrill to go through him when he thought about that fact) and lightly squeezed her hand.

"Videl…honey, I…" Hercule was honestly at a loss for words, unable to explain to his daughter just why he had done what he did.

Seeing that Hercule needed help, Gohan decided to add his own piece. "Videl, I'm actually kinda glad that he took credit for killing Cell," he told her, and Videl's blue eyes snapped towards him instantly, wordlessly demanding him to explain. "Remember, my father had just died during the whole battle with Cell—I don't think I would've dealt with the fame very well at that time, and my mom was pregnant, too. All I wanted was privacy, and a chance at a slightly normal life. That couldn't exactly happen if everyone knew that I was the one who killed Cell, and it wouldn't have been good on my mother, either, and Goten would've grown up in a different environment than he has, without fame and fortune and cameras surrounding him almost all the time. And, if the papers somehow found out about our friendship with Bulma, then everything would go down the drain, and not only would the paparazzi increase again in Capsule Corp., but it would never allow us to be left alone. I didn't want that kind of life, Videl."

"But that still doesn't explain his actions," she shot back.

"He, in a way, did help with defeating Cell," Gohan said quietly, and, in shock, Hercule's gaze shot towards the boy. He couldn't be saying…

"Yes, Mister Satan," Gohan said with a small nod and a slightly grave and serious tone, as if the man had spoken his thoughts out loud. His face had told Gohan everything. "If you hadn't been brave enough to do what you had done back there, I probably wouldn't have been able to defeat Cell." If Mr. Satan hadn't been brave enough to pluck up the courage and actually listen to Android #16's plea, picking up his head, the only part of his body left of him, and throwing him in front of the boy, Gohan wasn't sure if he'd ever had made the Super Saiyan 2 transformation. Maybe he would have, and, then again, maybe he wouldn't have, and the world would've been destroyed. No one would know, but Gohan knew that Hercule did have a slight hand in helping him defeat Cell, being the liaison that was needed between Sixteen and Gohan.

Videl seemed slightly skeptical of this, not exactly ready to lose her argument so easily, but she pondered what her boyfriend (holy crap, she had a boyfriend. It was still sometimes a shock) said for a moment. She'd received a similar comment about it from the green guy, Piccolo, when Buu had oddly agreed to wait because she was Hercule's daughter or some crap like that. Piccolo had said that her father had actually gone against Buu like everyone had said, but had somehow also managed to earn his trust, be the first person who the pink person ever trusted. Hell, Piccolo had even said that he actually deserved his title as "Champion of Earth", even though he wasn't nearly as strong as he claimed he was.

Eventually, she sighed, shaking her head. "Daddy," she said eventually, looking at her father with a mixture of emotions in her eyes, "it's not that I hate you. I just wish that you didn't lie to me about it, you know?"

"Videl, sweet pea, I never wanted to lie to you about anything," Hercule said quietly. "It just seemed so good at the time, and after a while, there was no way I could back out of it…"

Videl shook her head. "Just please, Dad, don't be so pompous and showy all the time," she condescended, lightly pinching the bridge of her nose. "It embarrasses me a lot."

Hercule smiled a bit. "I promise, sweetheart," he told her sincerely, realizing that she didn't blame him and that Gohan's words had somehow made her see sense a bit. Quickly, she let go of Gohan's hand to give her father a quick hug, and they both embraced for a moment. "I'm so, so sorry I lied to you, Videl," Hercule told his daughter truthfully.

"It's OK, Dad, I forgive you," Videl replied with a small smile, unable to stay mad at her father for long. She pulled away, and then went back to her original position beside Gohan, taking his hand again. "But, Dad…Gohan and I wanted to let you know about us today. We decided that you should know, since Gohan already told his family, so all we had to do was tell you about it."

At that, Hercule remembered what this conversation had previously been about, and his eyes hardened the slightest bit at that. He looked at Gohan, glaring daggers at the boy at the moment, but he suddenly felt his anger begin to evaporate slowly as he looked at Gohan's gentle onyx eyes. In that moment, Hercule knew that the boy cared for his daughter immensely—it was clear in his dark eyes. And he definitely was stronger than him…probably one of the strongest people in the world…and he could tell that Videl cared for him in return…

Hercule let out a slight sigh of defeat, realizing that he couldn't possibly have an argument against Gohan yet. So far, the boy had done absolutely nothing wrong. However, that didn't mean that he couldn't give Gohan a piece of his mind on how he wanted his little girl treated.

"Well…kid, you better not hurt Videl, you hear me?" Hercule demanded as he looked at Gohan with the protectiveness all fathers had towards their daughters. "You better treat my daughter the way she deserves to be treated, you got that? And if you do something to hurt her, you'll have me to answer to."

Gohan had to struggle to keep a straight face on—the thought of Hercule actually being able to do anything to him, though, was enough to send him in gales of laughter, and it took quite a bit of self-control and willpower not to crack up on the spot. "I understand, Mister Satan," Gohan replied, forcing back his slight snickers, struggling to remain serious as Hercule looked him straight in the eye.

Eventually, Hercule's gaze lost some of its intensity, and it seemed that he was satisfied with what Gohan had said in reply, that he had been speaking the truth. He nodded at the boy with slight reluctance, before he sighed again.

"She better be home before eight," was all he said, before he sent back into the living room to watch his football game with a slight grumpiness about him. Seeing that he was going back into the different room, Bee's ears perked up, and he yipped as he followed his owner into the room, picking up his previously dropped white rope and dragging it with him into the room with the television set.

Videl exchanged a glance with Gohan. "Well," she finally said, "that went much better than I expected."

Gohan laughed, shaking his head at her. "Yeah," he agreed, grinning, before he went over to the picnic basket, picking up from where he had placed it on the chair. "So, you ready to go? Oh, and by the way, you need to bring your bathing suit with you again."

Videl raised her eyebrow at him in skepticism. "All right," she condescended. "Lemme go upstairs and throw it on really quickly, OK?"

He nodded, and she grinned at him for a moment before she dashed upstairs into her room, shuffling through her closet for the only bathing suit that she currently owned. She found it, grinned, and quickly undressed herself before putting the bikini on, and then threw the clothes that she had been wearing back on over it. She then ran back down the stairs, where Gohan was waiting patiently for her, halfway out of the door already. When she realized that he was holding it open for her, Videl couldn't resist a slight laugh—he was such a gentleman at times. She went out, followed closely by Gohan—upon closer inspection, she suddenly noticed that his shorts were the same swimming trunks that she'd seen him wear before.

"So, where are we headed?" Videl asked. In reply, Gohan began to float in the air, while Videl mimicked him.

"It's a surprise," he replied, grinning that damned grin of his, except this time it was taunting, too, as he teased her lightly. She rolled her eyes, letting out a slightly annoyed sound.

"I'm pretty sure that I told you before that I greatly dislike surprises," she said sourly.

Gohan chuckled. "Well, I'm sure that you'll like this surprise," he reassured her. She looked at him with slight suspicion on her blue eyes, and then shrugged as she followed him, their flying at a leisurely pace. When she started to slightly pass Gohan, and Gohan went slightly in front of her, the two teens exchanged a small look, the challenge gleaming in their eyes, before they blasted off together, racing.

It was a quick race—Videl had gotten rather fast, but it was still nothing compared to Gohan's speed, she was slightly disgruntled to figure one. Once again, he always remained right out of her reach—he sometimes turned around and gave her an infuriating smirk, but she knew that he could blast off and simply leave her, and was grateful that he was keeping it at a decent pace so that she wouldn't feel completely left behind.

Eventually, they seemed to reach the place—Gohan stopped abruptly once more, and Videl quickly stopped herself before she ran into his back that was like a freaking brick wall. She managed to catch herself just in time, stopping herself before she collided with the solid mass of muscle that made up his back, as she glared daggers at the back of his head. He turned around, still wearing that stupid, freaking, absolutely perfect grin of his, the grin that made her feel unable to stay mad at him for long, as he began to land. She followed suit, not taking in their surroundings yet, until they touched the floor.

A bright smile slowly made its way to her features as she recognized the beautiful landscape surrounding her, and she turned to Gohan, who was wearing his own slightly knowing smirk on his face as he watched her reaction to where he had taken her.

He had taken her to the lake. His special lake, the one where they had shared their first kiss, the one where they both had felt the first true stirrings of the odd emotion called love within them without even knowing it. The day that everything had seemed to slowly change for them.

"Gohan…it's perfect," she told him with approval, unable to keep the grin off her face.

"I thought that it would be a good spot," he told her truthfully. "It was originally my little lake…but I guess it's our special lake now." He was smiling now at her as he pulled out a large white cloth from the picnic basket. He spread it on the ground, laying it over the grass under a perfectly shady spot near a lovely weeping willow, placing the little thatched basket on one of the corners of the small blanket, while Videl went over and helped him, taking off her sandals and placing them on the other corner of the blanket so that it wouldn't move that much—it should be able to stand against a small, light breeze, also. Gohan followed suit, placing his own shoes the corner opposite where Videl had put hers.

"So, wanna eat first, or do you wanna go swimming?" Gohan asked her.

Videl thought about it for a moment, but the answer came to her in an instant, the only obvious answer, considering who she was with. "Well, I think that we'd better eat lunch first," she suggested, sending him a knowing smirk as he slightly rolled his eyes at that, before they both sat down on the white blanket. Gohan pulled out a few capsules from the picnic basket, before he gave Videl the rest of the basket. She pulled out the food—so many great aromas hit her nose, it was obviously Chi-Chi's home cooking. Next to her, Gohan popped a capsule where enough food to probably feed ten people appeared in front of him, and he suddenly began devouring it at a rapid pace, and yet somehow managing to keep himself slightly neat as well, not getting food all over his face.

The lunch passed by in relative silence—Videl knew better than to try to talk with Gohan while he was eating at such a fast pace, almost as if he hadn't ever had a decent meal in his life. While most people would be utterly disgusted by such a display, Videl had gotten the slightest bit used to it, considering that she'd seen him eat meals before. She calmly ate her own lunch, noticing out of the corner of her eye as she was almost done with the delicious food that Chi-Chi made that Gohan was popping a third capsule of food. She couldn't help but grin slightly as she shook her head and rolled her eyes—how one could eat so much and yet somehow maintain being the physical epitome of perfection would probably be the mystery of the universe.

The two eventually finished their lunches, and put everything away. Not too long after that, Gohan suddenly stood up, threw his T-shirt off, ran towards the lake, and let out a "whoop!" as he jumped in, performing a cannonball. Videl shook her head slightly at his immaturity—she rarely ever saw him acting like such a little kid, because for some reason he always acted with a maturity beyond his years—before she, too, joined him, going over and taking off her shirt and shorts before jumping into the water herself.

They amused themselves much like they had done the first time that they had gone to their lake, with the splashing fights, the unintentional diving contests, and simply swimming together. Gohan impressed Videl with how long he could hold his breath—he came up after five minutes, and said that he could probably keep on going, too, but that he thought that she would be bored simply watching him stay under the water, and she agreed with him. They even played Marco Polo again, and during the game, when they were caught, sometimes small kisses were exchanged between them before they continued to play. Once, Videl had managed to catch Gohan and had accidentally tripped, slightly throwing herself on his bare chest. They were laughing, and they looked into each other's eyes and moved at the same moment as their lips met in a gentle kiss. Neither of them could remember a time when either of them was so blissfully happy, as if they had not a single care in the world, as if they were the only two people in the universe.

Eventually, they had to get out before their skin wrinkled like prunes, and Gohan and Videl got out of the water, sitting together on the while blanket. Videl was leaning against Gohan's bare chest, which she found very comfortable, actually, sitting in between his legs, as one of his arms was wrapped around her waist, holding her close to him as he leaned against the weeping willow tree, both of their legs bent in a relaxed position. He was using his ki to dry them off, and Videl allowed the warm, fuzzy feeling of his energy cocoon them in warmth, smiling—she'd never been in such close proximity to a boy before, not in this way, and yet…it just seemed so…right. So perfect.

She felt Gohan's chest rise and fall with his breathing, could feel his strong heartbeat, and she knew that he was thinking about something when she turned around and looked at his face. His features were pensive and slightly anxious, and she had no idea why.

"Hey, Gohan, what's wrong?" she asked, turning around to face him, looking at him curiously.

He didn't reply for a moment, before he finally gathered the courage to speak. "I promised you that I'd tell you everything, Videl," he said quietly as he began to play with a few stray strands of her short black hair, tucking them behind her ear so that her completely beautiful blue eyes were revealed. He let out a slight sigh as he shook his head, but he'd made his decision—what other times would he have to tell Videl about his unique heritage? It was better that she was told sooner rather than later, so that she knew what she was getting into. She seemed to be able to take the shock of information well—she'd taken the fact that he was both Saiyaman and the Gold Fighter rather well, and had also barely even blinked at some of the weirdness of his friends.

She remained silent, waiting for him to speak, so that he could begin at his own pace without any rushing on her part. He took a deep breath, before he shook his head slightly, meeting her gaze with his dark eyes. "Videl, everything that I'm going to tell you about right now is true. Please don't think that I'm crazy, it's all absolutely true. Even though it may seem unbelievable, I'm not making any of this up. OK?"

Videl nodded at him, giving him a slightly reassuring smile. Looking at her face, he let out another sigh, before he began to tell her about…everything.

All things considered, Videl took the information that he was a part alien rather well. Of course, she had originally thought that these things were far-fetched, but as Gohan began to explain things about his unique heritage, things began to make sense. The Saiyans had the ability to transform into an even more powerful state, which changed their hair to shining golden and eyes to teal, which would explain why Gohan was able to do that, along with his father and Vegeta, who Gohan had told her was the last pureblooded Saiyan alive besides Goku. It was also why Trunks and Goten had done that thing at their match at the Tournament as well, and why they were so strong for little boys—their Saiyan genes made them extremely strong. It also explained why Gohan ate so much—he literally needed all of that food, because Saiyans had insanely high metabolisms and needed a lot of food to simply function. Another strange thing that it had answered was the "purring" noises that he made sometimes, or the slightly animalistic way that he would growl in anger, because Saiyans had also been slightly animalistic because of the Oozaru, or Great Ape form, that was inside of them and that was always released if they looked at a full moon and if they had a tail (that little bit was a very interesting piece of information for Videl, but it also made sense. All the Saiyans had no tails here on Earth, so every full moon there wasn't a giant monkey terrorizing the planet).

After he'd explained it all to Videl, he'd gone quiet and asked if she had any questions for him. Normally, her response would've been hell yeah, can we just go over the whole thing again? But for some reason, it wasn't too surprising to her, and the first question out of her mouth was:

"So that's why you call yourself the Great Saiyaman, huh?"

It had been the first thought that had popped into her mind, oddly, and Gohan seemed to find this amusing as he actually laughed in slight relief, and answered that yes, it was why he'd named his superhero alter-ego Saiyaman.

"You're sure that you have no other questions whatsoever about me now?" Gohan asked to make sure.

"Not off the top of my head, no," she replied. She was taking this information with surprising calmness, she noticed, but, then again, she probably had been expecting something along those lines. Seriously, he could freaking fly, bullets bounced off of his skin harmlessly, his reflexes were fast enough that he could actually catch them, he was perfectly sculpted with muscle and built like a concrete statue, and he had the ability to change his hair and eye color at will by transforming to an even more powerful state. It was almost expected.

"Actually, one more question," Videl suddenly said, wanting to know something. "Are you seriously bulletproof? Like, is Saiyan skin so tough that bullets wouldn't harm you at all, not even in the slightest bit?"

"Yes, we Saiyans are truly bulletproof," Gohan answered, amused. The questions that he was receiving from Videl had been nothing like the ones that he had been expecting from her, but he wasn't complaining. Hell, she probably was used to this kind of weird information after hanging out with him for so long, and finding out that he was only half human and half of an insanely powerful alien race was probably one of her theories about his oddness.

She lightly poked the bare skin on his chest, her next question following up with her action. "It's why you feel like a damn brick wall, right? Or is that just because of your muscle tone and everything? Are all Saiyans naturally muscular?"

"Yes, our skin is nearly impenetrable by tiny things such as bullets. Well, all the Saiyans that I've seen are naturally muscular, but I don't think that our muscle tone makes us able to deflect bullets—I seriously think it's just our skin, and that combined with our muscles probably makes us feel like 'damn brick walls'." He smirked as he used the words that she had to describe it.

Videl smiled once again, absentmindedly tracing the muscular lines of his chest and abdomen with her finger, silently marveling how someone could possibly be so built. "It's also why you and Goten were able to fly so easily, right?" she asked for confirmation, looking up at him and slightly smirking at the way that his eyes slightly closed as she traced the muscles on his skin with a delicate hand.

"Mm…yeah," Gohan answered, dangerously close to purring in his pure contentment at the moment. "I seriously don't believe that you have any questions at all," he finally told her honestly.

"Think about what I've been exposed to, Gohan, when I've hung out with you," she replied matter-of-factly. "Piccolo is freaking green—and I just know that he's an alien, too, there's no way he's a human—and, hell, Goku was able to come back from the dead the day of the Tournament! Add that to the fact that Trunks and Goten are abnormally strong for two boys their age, that Vegeta freaking broke the punch machine without visible effort, and that you can do so many things that aren't considered 'normal'—well, I guess my subconscious kinda expected something like this. Don't worry, the shock will probably kick in later."

He chuckled, shaking his head. "It probably will," he agreed with her, bringing a hand up to caress her face. His dark eyes were slightly serious, though, as he asked her, "You seriously don't mind me being half-alien?"

"Why would you think that something like that would change the way that I see you?" Videl asked him in reply. "Well, it doesn't. You keep your power under control, don't you?"

"Yeah…" Gohan replied, unsure of where this was going.

"Then why should you being half-Saiyan have any affect on me, really?" she retorted.

At this, Gohan's eyes seemed to darken, and he shook his head slightly at her as he turned his face momentarily away from her gaze, so that he wouldn't have to look into her eyes as he spoke the next words that she needed to know. "Videl…I…the Saiyans weren't exactly revered out in space, and for good reason, too. They were bred to fight—they were warriors, who fought in battle for the fun of it, who killed, and were known as the best killers of the universe, and also some of the most powerful beings as well. They have…an enjoyment for battle…sometimes a bloodlust…just because I'm half human doesn't mean that my Saiyan instincts are diluted. I've felt that bloodlust in the past…I've killed before, given pain and enjoyed it…" He shook his head, hating that he had to tell Videl this, but she had a right to know about the truth about his past, that he wasn't always a hero, that he was, at times, a monster. He fought back the memories of all the times that he'd fought, all the times where he relished in his opponent's screams of pain, taken over by the primal Saiyan animal within him in those few moments, during those battles…

When he felt her hand gently cup his cheek, he turned to look at her with an unreadable emotion in his dark eyes. Self-loathing could be seen flickering in those amazingly dark depths, as well as anger, and regret. "Gohan…that's in the past," she told him, her blue eyes gazing steadily into those slightly troubled onyx ones, the ones which had lost that spark of complete and utter innocence at a very young age. He still retained quite a bit of that innocence, though, but it was obvious that he had been exposed to some things that he shouldn't have been at a young age. "I know that you killed—how do you explain Cell? And I don't blame you for wanting to cause that bastard as much pain as possible. But whatever else you've done…it's been done, and there's nothing that can be done to change that. But you aren't a murderer, Gohan. I don't think you can tell me one time where you didn't hurt someone out of righteous anger."

"But…" Gohan shook his head, unable to believe what she was saying. "You aren't angry with me? But I'm…I'm a monster, Videl."

She suddenly punched him in the chest, and his eyes flew open in shock—not out of pain, but because it was so sudden and unexpected, completely going against how things had been going before. She was suddenly glaring fiercely at him, her blue eyes alight with the fire once more, the fire which Gohan had slowly become attracted to over time. He was giving her a startled, quizzical look, to which she replied with a deadly glare once more.

"Do not say that you are a monster, Gohan," she told him seriously. "Do not even think it. You're a hero, you saved all of us all those years ago. Don't you go and say that you're a monster, because you're not. Oh-ho, no you don't Gohan Son," she cut in when she saw him open his mouth, "I swear to god, if you even begin to object, I am going to kick your ass so hard that you'll still be sore a week from now."

At that statement, Gohan couldn't help the slightest of smirks from crossing his lips. "Why, that's not very nice, Videl," he teased lightly.

"No shit, Sherlock," Videl replied with sarcasm dripping from her tone as she rolled her eyes, but it was obvious that she didn't mean it because of the smallest of grins that passed by her features for a moment before she went back to the matter at hand. "Just…Gohan, don't call yourself a monster, OK? You're not. Hell, you're probably the furthest thing from a monster I could ever hope to meet—you're a freaking angel, for crying out loud, especially when you turn into the Gold Fighter."

Hearing her tone, the truth that showed that she didn't think of him any less, even when he told her that he had enjoyed in causing others pain, that she still didn't hate him and still cared for him, caused Gohan to relax the slightest bit. He once again caressed her cheek, smiling as her eyes slightly closed at the contact and she leaned into his palm.

"All right—I'm not a monster," he condescended. "But I think that 'angel' is putting it a bit extreme, don't you?"

"Hell no," she replied instantly. "I think it suits you perfectly."

Gohan chuckled, shaking his head slightly—he was sure that there was no other girl quite like Videl in the entire world, and was honestly glad that he'd met her. It was odd—if you had told him a month ago, when he'd first begun attending school, that he and Videl would eventually become friends, and then suddenly realize that they loved each other and would enter a relationship…well, he would've thought you were even crazier than his weird group of family and friends, which was definitely saying something. Now, though, it was so…natural for them to be together, so right.

"Well, if you say so, then it must be true," he teased lightly.

"Damn right," Videl shot back with a smirk, causing both her and Gohan to laugh lightly. She then wrapped her arms around his thick, corded neck, embracing him, and both of them leaned in at the same time to capture another kiss from each other's lips. Complete bliss was all that the two teens felt, contentment and utter happiness. When they pulled away, they both were smiling, before Videl gently rested her head on his chest, closing her eyes and resting on his broad chest as she allowed the rising and falling of his breathing and the warmth of his heartbeat and skin lull her into a sense of complete and utter peace. His arms were wrapped around her waist loosely, and then simply sat like that for a little while, Gohan leaning his back against a tree as Videl rested on his chest.

Suddenly, Videl's eyes shot open as she was suddenly hit with a totally random and yet completely awesome idea. She looked up at Gohan, who had felt her slight ki spike slightly as he returned her gaze, looking down on her.

"Hey, I was wondering…" Videl trailed off, wearing the smallest of smirks on her face. "Don't you think that Saiyaman seems kinda…I dunno…lonely now?"

Gohan had a feeling that he knew where this was going—the idea caused him to grin the slightest bit at what she might possibly be insinuating—but he decided to play along with it a bit. "Yeah, I guess he does seem kinda lonely," he replied, as if he was really thinking about it, looking away, almost pensively. It was such an exaggerated expression, though, that Videl couldn't help but laugh at him.

"Well, don't you think that he should have a partner now?" she asked mischievously, grinning at him.

"I suppose he should," Gohan smirked back. "Hm…who should be Saiyaman's partner, though? I wonder…"

Videl laughed, rolling her eyes at his pretend stupidity. "Well, I, for one, know that I would definitely like to be his partner."

"Oh, really? And why would the mighty Miss Satan, who is more than capable of taking care of herself, wish to even begin to affiliate herself with the Great Saiyaman?" he asked her teasingly, receiving a slight shove in the chest in return from Videl, before she rewrapped her arms around his neck in mild annoyance when she saw that she didn't even make him budge, and he only laughed as she had tried to move him.

"Because, I'm not sure if you heard this, but Videl Satan is currently going out with the Great Saiyaman's secret identity, Gohan Son," she replied with a roll of her eyes. "One would think that she would want to help her boyfriend fight crime, but obviously, he needs it to be spelled out for him."

Gohan laughed. "I'm just kidding, Videl," he told her, shaking his head. "You would seriously want to fight crime with me, though?"

"Of course," Videl replied incredulously, as if him asking the very question was rather stupid, because the answer was obvious. "Gohan, we've worked together quite a few times in the past…even though most of the time I didn't want your help," she admitted grudgingly, while Gohan chuckled—that had been a severe understatement. Videl knew what he was thinking, rolled her eyes, and continued. "But, seriously, Gohan, I would really like to be your partner in crime-fighting or whatever the hell else you do as Saiyaman," she told him truthfully.

Gohan's smile grew the slightest bit bigger as he saw the truth that was shining within her beautiful blue eyes, the sincerity in her tone. He knew that, if he was going to still be the city's "superhero", that he would probably have none other than Videl at his side. "I really like that idea," he told her with a grin, "but I still don't understand why you would want to be seen with Saiyaman in public. I mean, first, you hated him, and now you're his partner?"

"Well, we can say that I had a change of heart," Videl smirked at him. "Also, I don't think it's that weird. People have seen weirder things these days, such as Majin Buu and actually dying, for instance. And also, it's nice to know that, if I ever run into goons with guns, that my partner is literally bulletproof and has reflexes so insanely fast that he can actually catch the damn bullets in the air."

"Ah, so this is more for personal gain than anything, isn't it?" Gohan teased back at her.

"Yep," Videl replied smartly, causing Gohan to chuckle lightly as he brought his hand up to her face once more, tucking one of those stubborn strands of black hair from in front of her eyes to behind her ear, so that he could look completely at her beautiful blue eyes, the eyes that were, at times, completely hypnotic to him. She was smiling, causing her eyes to sparkle once more.

"So…I was thinking, as a name, to be called…the Great Saiyagirl," she offered after a few moments of thought. "But where would I get the costume, and personalize it slightly…"

"You seriously wanna wear the costume and everything?" Gohan asked incredulously. He seemed to recall one time where she had commented on his purely ridiculous his outfit was, and had even once mentioned that she would never be caught dead in such an odd garb, and yet here she was, asking where to get the costume. When she nodded with sincerity, Gohan shook his head slightly at the wonders of the female gender—they never made sense, but it wasn't as if he was complaining right at the moment. "Well, Bulma's the one who gave me my outfit, I'm sure that she wouldn't mind if you came over with me and asked for an outfit for yourself."

"OK, then, it's settled," Videl smiled at him. "From now on, whenever we fight crime, we will be known as the Great Saiyaman and Saiyagirl, the unbeatable team."

Gohan couldn't help but laugh at her, bringing his fingers to run through her short black hair now, his other arm still wrapped around her waist, having never left that position during the whole time that they had been talking. "It does have a ring to it."

After that conversation was over, the two fell into comfortable silence once more. No words needed to be exchanged between the two—they were perfectly content as they relaxed, Videl feeling completely and utterly safe in Gohan's arms as he held her gently, and she rested her cheek against his left pectoral, where she could hear the strong, steady heartbeat, feel the warmth emanating from his skin, felt the gentle rise and fall of his chest as he breathed in and out. He, too, was perfectly content, his eyes closed, nose buried in her black hair, one of his hands still gently running through a few of those strands, his right arm still wrapped around her waist, having never left its position during their whole conversation.

"Hey, Gohan…" Videl began, suddenly realizing something with an inward groan.

"Hm?" he replied, showing that he was listening.

"…what are we gonna do when we get back to school tomorrow?" she asked him, bringing her head up to look at him. "I mean, everyone knows that I left to train for the Tournament, it was practically expected of me not to come for a month. But you…only a handful of the kids know about you even being in the Tournament—Erasa and Sharpener, and possibly someone else. They're the only ones who know about you going and you being Saiyaman, but what about the rest of the school? And none of them know about us yet, because, well, we just got started yesterday."

Gohan thought for a few moments, before he gave an honest reply. "Well…I dunno what I'm gonna say about us," he told her gently. "Actually, if you want, they don't have to know about us—"

"No, Gohan, I don't wanna be that person," she interrupted him. "It's cowardly to hide things from others like that, and I damn well am not gonna start showing cowardice now. I guess we can just act like we normally do, pretend that they're not there and that their opinion doesn't matter in the least to us…and I don't think that their thoughts on the matter will actually affect me," Videl told him truthfully.

"Yeah, it won't affect me, either, honestly," Gohan said, running his fingers through her hair so that his hand was now at the back of her neck. "I love you, and nothing will change that."

Hearing those three simple words, the simple, truthful, meaningful "I love you" from Gohan, seemed to make Videl's insides suddenly warm, and caused her to feel absolutely perfect, like she could do anything, anything at all, if he told her to. She wondered if, every time he told her that, that she would react like this all the time—it wasn't exactly an unwanted or non-pleasurable feeling, and she rather liked this new feeling, just like she had yesterday when he'd first confessed his love for her.

"I know, Gohan," she replied softly, smiling the slightest bit at him. "I love you, too." Gohan smiled at her at her words, and the two leaned in once more to share another small, tender kiss between them, slightly reminiscent of the first kiss that they had ever shared at this same place.

"But still," Videl pressed on once they pulled away, looking at him with slight concern in her blue eyes, "what are you gonna say to them about not being in school for a whole month?"

"I'll just make up an excuse…I'll say that Mom needed my help for something, and that family problems took up a whole month," he said, the idea suddenly coming up randomly. It was slightly true, too, now that he thought about it. "And, even if the teachers don't buy that—I'm sure that the other students will just forget about it eventually—I think that Bulma may be able to play her cards right and convince them to forget that I was absent for a month. Her, along with my mother, could easily persuade them to forget that," he answered with a slight smirk.

Videl laughed lightly at that, knowing that his words were true. From what she had seen, those two women were probably the most stubborn human women in existence—it was probably why they had managed to put up with Saiyan husbands for so long. It also helped that Bulma was the richest woman in the world—a little bribery was sure to go a long way, if she went about it correctly.

Then, Videl sighed slightly, thinking about school once more. "I don't wanna go back to school tomorrow," she admitted. "Everyone is probably gonna be acting really weird after everything that happened, and they'll all be gushing about my how my dad 'saved' the planet and crap. And also, it'll be a Monday. I hate Mondays, they're the worst day of the week."

Gohan chuckled a bit at her attitude towards school. "I'm sure that it won't be too bad," he told her with an easy grin.

She couldn't help but smile back at him a bit. "If you say, so, Gohan." However, she truly began to believe what he had told her—it surely wouldn't be too bad to go back to school, because, well, Gohan would be with her, and he always told the truth.

"Hey…" Gohan trailed off for a moment, and then looked down at Videl oddly, suddenly remembering something that he'd heard from her father before they had left the house. "Videl, did your dad seriously think that we were dating during the Tournament?"

At that, Videl snickered a bit. "Yes, he did," she answered with a little smirk. "Remember when you gave me that green bean that healed me? By the way, what was that exactly, and how'd it do that?"

"It's called a Senzu bean, they're able to heal you of physical injuries if you eat it. How it does it, I have no idea," Gohan answered. "May you please continue?"

She smiled at the fact that he'd said "please", and then she continued. "OK, since you asked nicely," she said with a grin. "Well, remember when you were holding my hand, transferring your ki to me and somehow taking away my pain? Thanks for that by the way." When he nodded, showing that he remembered and that her thanks were accepted, she continued. "Well, I never held hands with guys before, which led Dad to think that we'd been dating. Also was the fact that I trusted you over him so easily—he knew that it took a lot for me to trust someone completely, and for me to take a non-prescribed bean without any hesitance from you…well, he jumped to the wrong conclusions at the point."

"Oh." Gohan had thought that the reason was something along those lines, but he had wanted it confirmed before he'd jumped to conclusions.

"Hey, I think we've still got some time left," Videl said, looking at the sky and gauging how many more hours they had of daylight. The sun had slowly begun to set, and their shadows had elongated. If she had to guess, she would say that it was probably past five, possibly almost six—there was still plenty of daylight left in the day, it wouldn't begin to seem dark until around eight.

"Well, you wanna go back into the lake?" he asked her, and his reply was a slight rolling of her eyes as she nodded.

They went back into the beautifully clear pond, and both of them began doing laps. Soon, though, the simple laps changed into a race to see who swam faster, who could complete a full lap the fastest. Videl thought that Gohan was only fast on land, and that he may not be the best swimmer, so she was confident that she could possibly beat him in something.

However, she was sadly proven wrong when Gohan won every single race that they had against each other without any visible effort at all. While she was huffing and puffing slightly, her face flushed and muscles aching, Gohan seemed as if he had just taken a little walk in the park, had grabbed a snack along the way, and had taken a refreshing nap afterwards. In other words, he looked like he was having the perfect day and wasn't tired at all.

"Dammit, Gohan," Videl managed to get out, after calling off another race after he had asked if she wanted to with a slightly playful grin. She was trying to catch her breath, panting from her exertion—she had done at least ten laps during the race with Gohan, and the lake was much bigger than the average-sized pool. "How the hell…are you not tired?"

"Videl, I told you, Saiyans are extremely strong," he replied with a light shrug, smirking lightly at her. "We have a lot of endurance, all things considered, and I also have swum a lot when I went fishing with my dad. The way that we fished, we jumped into the river and we got the fish with our bare hands, we didn't use fishing rods and stuff. So I'm used to swimming really fast, we had to catch the fish, and they were really big fish, too, and really fast."

She was glaring halfheartedly at him. "Why do you have…to be part super-freaking-strong…alien!?"

Gohan chuckled at her reaction. "I'm sorry, Videl, that I cannot control my genetics," he teased, not sounding sorry in the least.

Slightly annoyed, Videl tried to shove Gohan in the chest once more—of course, he didn't budge an inch. She probably would've had better luck trying to move a statue that weighed a ton. He could help but laugh again at the slightly childish way that she was acting, and caught her as she slightly stumbled into him from the force of her shove. Gently, he placed his hand on her cheek, taking in her features, the way that her cheeks were flushed a gentle rosy color from her previous exertion of energy while she swam, the way that her luscious lips were parted slightly with her increased breathing, her chest rising and falling with the action of taking in air, accenting her breasts, the way that small strands of her black hair stuck to her face in some places from the water, the spark that was always ignited within her amazingly ocean-blue eyes, the fire of a fighter within their depths.

He couldn't take his eyes off her, almost in a trance. He couldn't believe how he had somehow managed to gain such a beautiful creature as his girlfriend, how lucky he was to have gained someone like her. She hadn't minded about his Saiyan heritage; she wanted to fight crime with him, wanted to work with him; she genuinely cared for him; she was strong-willed, quick-witted, and could hold her own in a fight; she was also compassionate when she wanted to be.

"You're so beautiful," Gohan told her truthfully, his voice a gentle whisper as he looked deeply into her eyes, his fingers gently touching the soft skin on her face, his other arm wrapping around her waist almost instinctively. She allowed it, her previous slight annoyance with him gone as she looked up at him, into his mesmerizing onyx eyes, feeling her heart flutter slightly after he'd told her that. He just told her that she was beautiful.

"Th-thank you, Gohan," she replied, almost forgetting how to speak. Why, oh, why was she acting so…so…unlike herself? Maybe it had to do with the fact that no one had ever so honestly, so truthfully, told her that she was beautiful when she believed herself to look much too exhausted to look pretty. Maybe it was because the boy that she loved had told her so. She didn't know, but she knew that she didn't want to get rid of these nice feelings anytime soon, and if they made her act slightly weird, well, screw it.

Gohan smirked, looking so amazingly handsome at the moment as Videl looked up at him, dark hair plastered on his pale features slightly, the features that seemed slightly more manly now than before, and yet still slightly retaining the innocence that seemed to be always there in his features…they both couldn't resist as they leaned in for yet another kiss, holding each other close. The sun had begun to set, causing their forms to seem silhouetted against the beautiful backdrop of the yellow sun, casting their figures in a slight glow, while the sky was painted the myriad of colors, of red and orange and pinks and purples and blues.

When they pulled away, Gohan noticed how late it had gotten, and, with slight reluctance, said that they should go. Hercule had said to make sure that she was back by eight, and Gohan didn't want to start any problems with her father just because they were late with the curfew he had given them. Videl had agreed, and they had gotten out of the water, the boy using his ki to dry them off before they put their clothes back on.

The flight back to her home was, yet again, a race. Neither of the two could get rid of that competitive spirit within them, and flew as fast as they could back to the Satan home (well, Videl did. Gohan just kept at a reasonable pace so that he wouldn't leave her completely behind). When Gohan won, Videl seemed slightly disgruntled, but didn't comment, having known that he would win anyway. When he sent her a slight smirk, however, she just had to punch him in the arm for his annoyance, and then regretted it when she felt as if she was punching rock. Damn Saiyans and their incredibly muscular bodies and rock-hard skin.

Gohan chuckled at that, shaking his head as he opened the door for her to go inside. Glaring slightly at him, she went in without commenting, causing him to grin the slightest bit.

The moment that she went in the entrance, excited yipping sounded from the big living room, coming closer to them as Bee ran up to them in eagerness. The small puppy ran up to the two teenagers, running around their ankles in excited circles, barking with joy, tail wagging excitedly.

Gohan grinned once more at the puppy, kneeling down to scratch the little dog behind the ears. "Hey there, little guy," he grinned, laughing when Bee jumped all over him and began to cover his face in excited licks. Any previous annoyance that Videl might have felt towards Gohan vanished in the instant that she saw the way that he was playing with her puppy, and she couldn't help the smile that appeared on her lips.

Bee eventually backed down from the half-Saiyan teen, and then turned his attention to her, barking happily and placing his paws on her shin. She picked him up once more, holding him as he lightly scrabbled up her and licked her face eagerly. She, too, laughed lightly at her puppy, before he happily settled into her arms and stopped licking her face. He looked up at her, barked a few times, before he simply remained content as he was held by her. She smiled fondly at the tiny animal as Gohan got up from the floor, grinning at her.

"Well, see you tomorrow, Videl," he told her, grinning easily.

She smiled back at him. "Yeah, see you tomorrow. Oh, and, hey," she suddenly said, and Gohan waited for what she was going to say, looking at her expectantly. "When are we gonna get my Saiyagirl costume from Bulma?"

His grin grew wider at the fact that she wanted to be Saiyagirl. Saiyaman's partner. "I'm sure that she wouldn't mind if we dropped by tomorrow, after school's done," he assured her.

"OK." Videl was smiling, and she suddenly heard her father let out a loud cheer after the announcer on the TV had begun to scream—his favorite team had either made an amazing comeback or had won the game. She could hear Majin Buu eagerly cheering too, his weird, high-pitched, child's voice sounding odd, but she didn't pay it any mind.

"Well, Buu seems to like it here, huh?" Gohan commented, having heard the pink blob's voice as well.

Videl laughed. "Yeah, he really likes it," she replied, adjusting Bee in her arms as the puppy simply looked up at the two teens, his dark eyes looking at them as he yipped every now and then, content with watching the two now, probably tired from all of the playing he had done before.

The boy smiled, simply looking at her with gentleness and love in his dark eyes, and her look mirrored his. Gently, the two leaned in and shared a tender, soft goodbye kiss, Bee not even making any noise in Videl's arms as their lips gently met for a few seconds, before they pulled away, grinning at each other.

"Well," Gohan said in finality, going out of the door and hovering slightly in the air, preparing himself for a quick flight home, "see you at school, Videl, and see you later, Bee!"

Videl grinned in reply, while the puppy in her arms barked excitedly at the mention of his name, looking up at Gohan with his bright, big eyes. She shifted Bee so that his weight was being supported by only one of her arms, and with her left hand, she waved up at Gohan. "All right! Bye, Gohan!" she called up to him.

Gohan waved in return, grinning down at her. "Bye!" he said in farewell, before he blasted off, back to his home.

Videl couldn't wipe the smile off of her face as she went back into the house, still holding Bee in her arms. Yes, she knew that the next day was probably going to be hectic, what with returning to school, everyone still slightly shocked about Majin Buu, about dying, and everyone was probably going to be all over how her father, once again, saved the world. The next few days were going to be chaotic, there was no doubt of that.

But, hell, she had Gohan. As long as he was by her side, both literally and figuratively, she knew that everything was going to be fine.

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