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Chapter 1

"Are we there yet?" the boy with brown hair asked.

"Stop complaining Zander" a boy in a football jacket in front of him said.

What happened to popularity not mattering in high school Zander thought to himself. "Shut up Nick."

"You wanna go white boy" Nick asked. Zander fell back into his seat. They were on a plane heading to England on a school field trip. They apparently were supposed to see more of the world than their little community.

Zander thought it was interesting but his fear of heights and flying made this part of the trip a little…. uncomfortable. So now he sat looking at the back of the football jocks head. He continued doing this for two hours without talking until the intercom said they would be landing soon.

'Thank the lord" he grumbled. Getting off the plane and having about 400 kids get together was…. Fun. After that was done they were put into four different groups to see four different places. Zander was put into a group to go see a old castle.

Zander sat by his band friend Jimmy. He got the window seat and he looked out of it the entire time. Entranced by how different it was to Michigan. Everything was so rocky and green at the same time. It was dark by the time they got to the castle. They stayed in a hotel a town over from it.

The next morning the were off to the castle. Zander caught his breath when he looked at it. It was huge, made completely out of stone from what it looked like and it looked sturdy for how old it was. The tour guide for them was a nice enough lady, though she was very cold if you touched anything.

Zander found the tour interesting but as they went farther into the castle he started to get a feeling in his gut. He didn't know what it was, it was just a feeling. The deeper they went the worse it got. Finally he thought that it was a pulling feeling, like a tug from his gut. He found it hard to describe even to himself.

Finally it got so bad that he thought his gut was about to burst. Then it stopped. Out off no where it disappeared. As they had passed doors she explained what was behind them and what use the room was for. He had started to get bored and ignore her when something caught his attention. She skipped one, she had done every door repeating things many times but she skipped one. No one else seemed to even notice it was there. He poked Jimmy.

"Hey she skipped that door." he tells him. Jimmy looks to where he pointed then he squints.

"Are you ok" he asks "There's no door there, just a wall." Zander looks again but the door is still there. As solid as anything else in the hall.

Zander laughs "Made you look"

"You're an idiot" Jimmy tells him. Zander stands back and lets the tour go forward a little. He looks at the door again.

"How come I can see you but he cant." he asks it. Then he has another feeling. Another tug, but its going straight to the door. "Don't tell me your telling me to go in." Zander sighs. He looks both ways making sure no one is watching. Then he grabs hold of the handle and pushes the door open.

He see's nothing but darkness, but still he takes a few steps in. Then the door slams shut. He spins around and feels the door. It is shut and there is no inside handle. "Crap, crap, crap, CRAP" A faint light appears, he turns around to see a small orb sitting on a barrel. It is glowing ever so faintly but enough that Zander could see the room. There was a small pile of old sacs in the corner and some buckets and barrels in the corner.

He walked over to the orb and looked at it squinting at the light in the black room then reached out to touch the small ball. He picked it up and it started to flare brightly. He dropped it and looked around. He saw a basket of yarn in front of the sacs.

Then the yarn started moving. He jumped back knocking the orb of its sitting place on a barrel. He starts and jumps to catch it. When it lands into his palm he turns around to see little yarn dolls standing in front of the basket. There where boys, girls, and small ones that he guessed where supposed to be children. The boys had legs while the girls had yarn flowing down like a dress instead.

Then a voice sounded. The one. You are the one. You are chosen one or else the guardians would've already killed you. He looked around then back at the dolls that were still standing there almost like they were frozen. The orb suddenly gave a blinding light. He squinted and almost dropped it. When the light faded there was a girl standing in front of him.

His heart did a flip. She was beautiful but carried herself like one of those girls that would never be caught dead talking to him. She carried herself like a noble. He thought thinking over the books he had read looking for the right word. She has long light brown hair and startling blue eyes.

My name is Sandrilene fa Toren. And you are the one who will carry my power.

Zander stood there staring at her.

Hey. Its rude to stare She tells him.

"Sorry" he mumbles. Sandry nods.

You found this room so you will be the one to adopt my magic.

"Magic" he asks.

She walks up to him Yes magic I'm sorry I have to force this onto you but I will give you my thread magic. Do you understand? she asks.

He nods weakly 'I think so. You're giving me your magic" he asks. Sandry nods. "Ok then I guess im ready".

Im not any good at explaining im sorry. You will have to have Tris's suitor explain everything to you. She grabs his hand and the tug in his gut is so bad it knocks him out.

The girl shakes him awake. Thank you she says and slowly fades away as she smiles. . Zander looks around to see the dolls all on the ground as life less as regular dolls. All but one, one is standing up and it looks around at its fallen companions. It was a golden color, but the color tying it together was all different. The left legs tying was green, the right was a gray blue. The left arm was a orange red color, the right a honey yellow. The waist, neck, and hair line were the same golden color as the rest of the doll.

The door swings open letting in the light from the hall. Zander looks at the orb in his hand that is still giving a steady glow. He puts it in his pocket and gets up. :I have absolutely no idea what just happened. " Zander said as he quickly walked out the door. The doll fallows him out into the hall way.

Every body was looking at the landscape as they passed cliffs ledges and caverns. Everybody but Antonio, Antonio sat listening to his I-pod trying to ignore every body else. He sat at the back of the bus in the window seat with no one next to him.

He took out some wire and started bending it off mindedly. He looked out the window and looked back at the wire. It had made a flower, with little leaves.

"Thats very good. You could make money off those you know. If you wanted." someone said startling him out of his little world. He looked up at his twin sister.

"Go away Kat." he told her. She sat down next to him. She had the same almost black, dark brown hair, but she wore hers in a braid down her back while his was cut short. She had the same weird eyes. His left eye was blue while his right was green. Her left eye was green while her right was blue. It creped people out when they looked at them together. Antonio was a few inches taller than her 5'6.

'Nope. You cant get rid of me that easy Tino" she told him. He sighed and undid the flower coiling it up. "Why don't you come up and sit with the rest of us" she asked.

"They don't like me. I don't fit in with your friends." he informed her.

"It might be awkward for a few minuets but I'm sure they would like you." she said in a gentle voice.

I'm not going up there. He told her through his mind.

"Why not it wont be that bad." she told him.

Shows what you know He told her irritably.

"You just say that because your to much of a pussy to go up there and try it." she informed him.

That was harsh. Why don't you talk like this He asked her.

"Because it confuses ease droppers." she said saying the last word rather loudly. Tino heard a laugh and Kats best friend popped out of the seats in front of them.

"You can always tell." she smiles.

"I said ease droopERS" Kat said. Then her best friends boy friend appeared. He was grinning.

Then the bus came to a stop. "We are here" the teacher told them as if they hadn't already known.

When they were all off the bus the teacher shouted for them to stop talking. He told us we were to be taking a tour of some cliffs and a canyon. We were going to be by a beach and if he saw anyone by the water they did not want to know how much trouble they would be in.

They saw the cliffs, stood on top of them and on the base of them. Tino preferred the top where he could see for a long way. Not the base where he felt so small.

They were in the canyon for about five minuets when Tino started to feel nauseas. He looked at Kat and could tell she wasn't any better.

You ok? He asked.

She shrugged without relizing he wasn't looking. Eh you know, Im fine.

He walked over to her taking out his wire and started fiddling with it. Its still weird that we can talk like this. He told her You know through our minds. Do you really think its because we're twins?

I don't know why we can do this and it confuses me to think about it. She told him.

Hold this. he told her. He gave her a wire piece that looked like a horses head. As they walked he gave her more, in the end she had about 11 pieces that looked like body parts of a horses. He started taking them back one at a time.

There. I'm out of wire. He told her holding up his creation. It looked like a heard of about 4 horses running together. Kats mouth dropped. It was good even for Tino.

Just then they noticed their nausea had gotten worse. They grimaced in unison. Suddenly it stopped.

They looked around in confusion. That was 0dd. Kat said.

Very he replied. Then he noticed something. A cave that seemed to appear out of thin air. He was sure it wasn't there a second ago. He tapped a boy in front of him. He turned around

"What do you want Tino?" he asked.

"Was that cave there a second ago?" he asked. The boy looked.

"I think the heat is getting to you." the boy said turning back to the teacher.

Do you… he started.

Yea I see it too. she answer without waiting for him to finish. Tino stood still as people passed him he slowly nudged over to the cave opening. He kicked a stone and it disappeared as it hit the shadow.

Lets go in He told his sister.

Are you freaking nuts Tino? We are on a field trip in England, thousands of miles from home and you want to go into some random cave that we find in a canyon. She asks.

Who 's the pussy now. he asked.

She grumbled under her breath. Fine she snapped.

Tino smiled and got on his hands and knees. He crawled in and stood up. That's odd. There is a very small opening but it is tall enough to stand in immediately after you get in. Kat crawled in and stood up. Tino started to walk into the cave, he turned a corner and the light suddenly disappeared. Kat grabbed his arm and clung to it. A light appeared ahead. A light coppery color that made every thing a light brown. They turned another corner and found what was making the light.

They walked into a huge cavern, there was a hole allowing light into the large cave. A underground lake filled the cavern, but that wasn't the weirdest part of it. There was a path way cutting through the lake going to a large island in the middle. There was the color in the light, a huge tree was in the middle of the island. The tree looked like copper, like actual copper. The light reflected off it giving the room a coppery color.

They slowly made their way down the path to the tree. Up close they realized how big it was. It was as big around as a red wood and close to touching the ceiling. Tino gingerly touched the huge tree and found… IT WAS METAL! But it was warm like a real tree.

"Odd" he said aloud. He looked up and saw things in the branches. "What are those" he asked pointing to the things in the tree. Kat shrugged. He looks at her.

She backs up " You're a better climber than me" she told him.

He grumbles under his breath but walks up to the tree. Grabs a branch and hoists himself onto the lowest branch and then the next and the next. When we looked down he was a good twenty feet in the air, his head shot up as his vision blurred and swayed.

High, high, really high he managed through his panicking mind.

Its ok, your doing fine Antonio. Don't look down and you will do just fine. her calm voice calmed him down a little. Enough to realize that it was to late to turn back. He continued until he found an item. It looked like a staff, with bronze caps. There was etchings into the caps. They were faded and he couldn't see what they were. He looked around and noticed items everywhere.

He saw a pair of gloves. Pliers, hammers, mirrors, a pair of glasses, even what looked like ear buds. "Oh my god…" he managed. He grabbed the staff in the middle and suddenly it gave off a bright orange light. Antonio lost all of his balance and fell backwards. He panicked and tried to grab a branch. He caught hold of one but it snapped his arm straight so hard he let go in pain. From there he fell. He landed on his sister.

"Get off of me" she ordered, but he was to busy staring as the staff floated down from the tree. The tree branches actually moved so it could get through. The cap came of one end as Kat squirmed out from under him.

A black smoke came out of the open end. As it neared the ground the smoke dissipated. Now a black girl with black braided hair, well built, and somewhat tall, stood in its place.

She seemed to take them in with a glance then said I did not think my magic would choose two ghosts. Tino and Kat looked at their hand and at their pale skin.

Well then Tino grumped.

I'll explain as quickly as possible she said nervously as if she didn't like talking to people. You are the one.. Let me rephrase that, the two that will take my magic. I am no good with explaining things so, sorry. But you are up against an enemy that will be hard for you to face. You will have friends yes but still it will be difficult. Before you say anything, you really don't have a choice in getting my magic because it chose you. If it hadn't you wouldn't have seen the cave. This cave was hidden by magic and only people destined to get my power can see it and enter it.

Tino and Kat looked at each other then back at the girl.

My name is Daja Kisubo by the way. A glint of light cought Kats eye but when she looked there was nothing there. This entire cave is held by my magic and you will inherit this magic. This tree is part of an accident I made long ago. She chuckled.

Now take my hand and prepare to take my magic.

Tino looked at Kat again What should we do? Kat shrugged and stepped forward and grabbed the girls hand. Tino hesitated but then grabbed her hand too.

Good. Daja said. You might want to brace your self. She told them. Tino wondered for a moment what she meant when a wave of… he couldn't find a word to describe it, hit him full force. He braced himself before it became to much but Kat fell to the ground.

"Kat" he yelled. Knelling next to her. "Are you ok?"

"Yea im fine." she answered. They looked up at Daja as she disappeared.

I am truly sorry to force this burden upon you. she told them If there was a way to prevent it I would. I'm free finally. she smiled greatly. Now I wish you luck and hope my magic serves you well. Thenshe disappeared totally. The glint caught Kats eye again.

This time when she looked up she saw a small little bird coming down from the tree. It landed a few feet from her and she stared at it. It looked like a small sparrow, except he was made out of pure Copper.

"What up with this lady and copper." she asked no one in particular. Then the bird hopped up to her and jumped onto her leg. It looked her in the eye then flew onto her shoulder and perched there. "Well hello to you to there little fella." she said cheerfully.

Tino just looked at her. "That's all you have to say. A girl just appeared and disappeared apparently giving us magic, we found a living metal tree, a metal living bird just flew down and perched on your shoulder and all you have to say is' Well hello'." he yelled. "Are you nuts how are you so happy and calm right now."

"Its called I don't over exaggerate things." she told him. Tino screamed and stormed out of the cavern. Kat looked at the little bird "Told you".

Tino crawled out of the cave and looked around. It had probably been an hour and he couldn't see their group. "Great". He heard a crack and then a splash.

ANTONIO! Kat screamed in his mind. Tino turned in alarm as rocks fell blocking the entrance of the cave

"KAT!" he screamed.

First he had to listen to that dork Zander complain more than half the time on the plane now he had to listen to his teacher talk about the architecture of old England. If he was talking about the stars or how the weather patterns were different from home Nick would've been interested but architecture wasn't his thing.

He couldn't wait until he was at the hotel and everyone else was asleep so he could read his book on weather in northern England. Of course his friends could never find out about his love to read or his fascination to weather.

He wished he could have been on the castle group but he was sent to an old village to see how life was in England. They got to the city where the were supposed to be at and the teacher brought them through the city explaining what the use of each building was. Also what time period of time they were built in. Then the teacher announced that they would have free time tomorrow to explore the city themselves and that it was time to go to the hotel.

When they got to the hotel he did what he wanted he read all night after every one else was asleep. The next day he went with his friends every where looked at the girls walking by, causing trouble like usual. Thinking all the while that it was stupid that he was doing it. Hating himself for doing it to these people he didn't even know.

He often felt this way but he just went along with it just like normal. After a while his friends started splitting up to do their own things. All until he was alone on the side walk. He looked through the glass into the shops walked into a few but never actually buying anything.

Then he walked onto a small book store. He walked in to see bookshelves over flowing with books on every wall and between them. He looked at many but put them all back none of them screaming 'READ ME'. Then he stumbled across an old leather bound book, he had almost passed right over it not seeing it. He took it out.

'Scry the Wind' written by Quicksilver. "Is this a joke" he asked himself. But he was thoroughly interested. He untied the binding and opened the book. The first page was normal other than it saying 'for weather mages'. When he turned the page air started rushing past him toward the book. Pieces of paper came and disappeared into the book. There wasn't a hole, or a black hole, just a solid book. Then it started to pull him in.

He fought for a second then gave up and it pulled him into the book. The book closed and fell to the floor.

All he saw was blackness in every direction. He was standing and the wind had stopped. Then a small slit appeared to his right. A small slit of light. He started walking to it, then started jogging as he realized he was moving extremely slowly as if he was in jelly. As he neared the slit he started sprinting.

He crashed through the slit, crashing onto a wood floor face first. He looked back to see the slit disappeared. He slowly looked around in aw. He was in a room as big as a cathedral. In a shape of a stop sign and bookcases going from floor to ceiling, all crammed with books of all sizes and colors. Large ladders rose to the ceiling on all sides.

In the center of the room was a pedestal. He walked up to it slowly. There was a glass statue on it. It was so detailed it was scary. The claws looked razor sharp and its wings looked so real. Then its eyes opened. Nick screamed and jumped back. The dragon stretched and jumped into the air. It glided around letting Nick get a better look at it. It had a blue gray light running down the length of it body. It opened its mouth and cried.

Nick cringed by reflex but realized that it hadn't cried or roared but made a chiming noise? It landed on the pedestal, and chimed again. It stared at him then opened its mouth wide, a grayish smoke drifted out of its mouth then started pouring out. Until the ground was covered in it. Then it drifted to one place in front of Nock and rose to a column. The smoke dissipated to show a red headed girl.

She was plump but you couldn't call her fat. She had bright red hair and grey eyes. She was rather short only a few inches above five feet. She had copper glasses which she pushed up on.

Hello, My name is Trisana Chandler. You have passed Chimes test. She says turning around scratching the dragons chin.

"Wh.. wha… what are you?" Nick asks.

I am a spirit. I died many many years ago. Murdered more like. her face twisting in disgust. Before I was killed I put everything I had into Chime here. My magic, my life. And thing that I could.

"Magic?" Nick asks.

Tris looks at him, the corner of her mouth lifts in an almost smile. Yes magic. The exact reason you just got eaten by a book. She did smile at this then her face returned to normal. Sit down and I will explain everything if you wish. Nick simply nods and sits down on the floor.

When I was alive she begins magic was alive and flourishing. It was every where and it was common enough. Though one day a human without magic decided that magic was bad and he set out to destroy it. He killed mages, any mage he could find. Places like my home fell, but with great difficulty. A tear fell down Tris's cheek. But in the end almost every mage in the know world was dead. They had succeeded. The maybe would've failed if they hadn't managed to separate me and my foster siblings. Together we are unstoppable, but they somehow managed to separate us and we were defeated. They almost failed any ways, just in fighting us. She laughed.

My brother won three battles and tried to keep moving toward one of us, but in the end it was too late. He was the last alive. He gave in and let them kill him almost, he put up a fight but just barley. Tears freely fell down her face now. We had already made a plan if we were forced to put it into action. We would put all our magic into an object to bring magic to the future. That is why I am here. The plan was activated and this is the result.

As far as I know, your government is still going after mages that appear. They are waiting for the mage gene in your blood to become so small that it wont matter. Now as to why you are here. The plan was to wait until a suitor for our particular magic came along. And seeing as you're here I will have to expect that you're the person that will take my magic. You would not have been able to even find that book if you were not the suitor.

Are you willing to take my magic and give make magic apart of the world again? She asks.

"If all this happened, why don't I know of it?" He asks.

Your government probably hid it until it became a myth or a legend that no one actually believes in. She answers. Nick nods in conformation. Now are you willing?

Nick thinks for a minuet then nods. Tris smiles Then please come here. she turns to Chime You too please. Chime fly's over and lands on her shoulder.

If she's a ghost how can he stand on her Nick wonders.

Take my hand. She orders. Nick does. Chime starts to shine bright. He feels something tingling in the back of his head. Tris starts to dissipate. Chime shrieks and fly's around her head. Tris starts to cry. Good bye Chime. You have been a loyal and great friend but I am afraid this is good bye. Chime starts dropping pellets of glass that takes Nick a second to realize are tears. Tris looks at Nick Good luck and thank you. I ask you to take Chime and keep him safe. She smiles broadly. Sandry and Daja have already been found. She begins to cry harder. Good bye Chime and please live on to help Nick with his cause. Chime lets out a loud steady chime. Tris smiles Good bye Chime. Then she disappears.

Nick feels wetness on his face. He never realized he had started to cry. He thinks over everything that has happened and realized so many questions he should have asked. He had so many right now he felt like he would explode. Then Chime startles him out his thoughts. He looks around as books start falling off the shelves and shelves fall of. Chime shrieks loudly gliding around.

Then a flare of red hot pain shoots into his head and he falls into blackness.

Amanda was sure that the plane ride was the most boreing time in her entire life. "Kill me please" she said to her self on the bus to some desert.

They were on the way to some desert and she was bored and hot. "Why are we even doing this?" she asked her friends.

"Because they want us to get experience in the real world." Her friend Sabrina said.

"Other wise known as torture." Her other friend Cassidy said. They all laughed. Amanda looked out the window and saw all the dirt.

"Its weird to think you can actually grow something here" she said "You know with all the dirt and rocks. I mean look at that the huge cliff. It looks like its on fire almost." Amanda said with admiration. "People take pride in growing things in this harsh environment." Her friends just stared at her. She blushed "I was paying attention when Mr. Oakland was talking.'

The bus stopped on a street that was lined in old stone buildings. Amanda gasped. 'Their so pretty' she thought.

"Now class please be careful. These building are thousands of years old." Mr. Oakland said.

"How do we know how old they are?" someone asked.

Mr. Oakland shrugged "It's a guess honestly."

"Figures" Cassidy huffed. They continued walking, looking at the old crumbling buildings. Then they got to a street of better maintained buildings.

"This is where the richer people would live." Mr. Oakland told us. After that she stopped listening, then she was almost knocked off her feet by sudden feeling that something was pulling her. She resisted but still felt the sharp pulling sensation. After a while it started to get worse and harder to resist.

Slowly it started to disappear and then to her relief it stopped. She looked around and saw the same garden surrounded stone buildings that the rich people had lived in. She looked to her left and gasped, there was a dense forest. Green and full of life, it was so out of place with the rest of the desert like region.

"This is one of natures wonders." Mr. Oakland told us. "It needs little to no water and survives in the desert heat. Truly magnificent and no one understands how it does it." he looked fondly at it. "It is impenetrable. People have tried but have had no luck in getting inside the forest. So we have no idea what type of organisms live in this environment."

'What is he talking about?' she asked her self. 'There's a path right there.' Mr. Oakland walked right by it so did every one else. She walked up to the pathway. And reached out to make sure it wasn't an illusion from the heat. It wasn't, it was solid. She looked around and took a hesitant step in. When she was about four steps in the plants moved all at once and sealed the entrance.

She spun around and beat on the vines but they wouldn't budge. Slowly she turned around and looked into the dense forest. The path was still there, a one way path as it now seemed. She walked down it as birds flew over head. A cat meowed/growled, lizards crawled up trees. It looked like a tropical rainforest not something in the middle of a desert.

She walked suddenly into a clearing. She looked around saw no continuation of the path. She stepped into the small clearing, there was a small opening in the canopy overhead letting a steady beam of light shine into the middle of the clearing. The grass was long and up to her knees. The grass in the center contracted and created three curved beams that supported a small plant.

She took one step toward the plant then another and again. She noticed it was a little pine tree in a pot. The pot was uncracked and the tree perfectly pruned and shaped.

"What the.." she reached out to touch the small tree when she noticed a small movement in the trees. When she looked it disappeared, she looked back at the tree and it happened again on the other side, then the other side moved to. She looked up and around as shadows raced around the edges of the clearing. She shrieked and backed into the little tree. She spun to catch it as it rocked on its podium. She looked around again and saw that the shadows had stopped.

She looked at the tree again as the grass started to lean toward it. The grass twined and grew behind the little tree, creating a small tower. Then they unwound to show a handsome young man. He had tan skin and short dark brown hair.

The boy looked at Amanda and smiled. Well hello there. he said with a bow. I did not expect to be given such a beautiful young woman. Amanda blushed.

"Um… thank you" she muttered.

He looked her over with a glance. Your skin is like a traders but you don't have a traders accent. Amanda looked down at her hands. She didn't notice it very much but she was black, no one brought it up so she never thought about it.

Where are my manners. he smiled and bowed again. I am Briar Moss. And your name would be…

"Amanda" she muttered.

Briar smiled again giving him a irresistible look. 'God who am I? Cassidy? Don't get gaga over every cute guy you see' she thought to herself. A beautiful name for a beautiful girl. Amanda turned bright red.

I am getting horribly off subject. the boy confessed. I am here to give you my magic. Plant magic.

'What" Amanda asked.

Yes, magic. It is real. I don't know as much about it as my mate Tris but I know some. he said with a smile. I will give you my magic and you will get new friends who have the same gifts. But at the same time you will be making a powerful enemy. A shadow moved again and she jumped. Briar laughed Come on out.

The shadows moved again this time slowly into the light of the clearing. They were plants, very tall plants. They had large purple head like things at the top ringed by small leaves at the base of the 'head'. It had what looked like a mouth on its head, almost like a Venus flytrap but the head was a tear shape with the rounded point facing forward. They didn't have eyes but there were small teeth coming out of the corners of their large mouths.

The had long think green stems, making them stand easily five feet tall. They supported them selves with thick root like things at their bases. They bent making the head face forward not up and there were large think leaves at the bends almost like arms. Over all they looked kinda scary.

They slowly moved forward using their large roots to step surprisingly fast. Amanda took a large step back as about twenty of them stepped out. All varying in size, from about two feet to six feet.

These are the guardians of this place and my shakkan. he told her pointing to the things then at the small pine tree.

"Why would you need guardians in a forest?" Amanda asked.

This forest I made long ago with my magic, so it itself is magic and also there is the matter of me hiding my magic here. he told her You have gotten here without getting eaten by my guardians so I congratulate you. But then again it means that you are meant to get my magic.

Amanda looked at him "Eaten"

Briar nodded But don't worry that only happened once. Briar looked around at the forest, the clearing, the little tree, then at his guardians. I am going to miss this when I leave. At this his guardians whimpered and bent down a little as if they were sad. He smiled at them, They will die when I leave, they are supported by my magic and thus when it is not mine anymore… he didn't finish the sentence. Suddenly he brightened. He looked over to the plants and one of them walked out of the crowd. It was the smallest about a foot and a half all and instead of a purple head it was a dark blue color. It walked willingly up to briar as the boy bent down. The plant rubbed against his hand like a cat would when it wanted to be petted.

A tear slid down Briars cheek. I'm entrusting you to live on you know that he told the little plant. It nodded. He smiled and stood up. I know I haven't explained much but Tris's person should be able to explain much better than I could… and I was there! But even so I must ask are you willing to except my magic and bring magic into the new era?

Amanda was surprised by the seriousness in his voice which had so far been joking. She nodded without realizing it. The boy smiled. If it happens like I hope it will you might learn some things without Tris's person. He bent down to the plant and set his hand on its head and grabbed her arm. Something tugged in the back of her head, and tugged hard. She vision swirled and she fell to the ground gasping for air. Looks like I'm the last one again. Then he chuckled. Good luck she heard.

She looked at her arms and gasped as vines and flowers ripled down her arms and hands. 'Dont freak. Dont freak' she told herself. When she looked up the trees were blowing in the and the light came through the canopy in odd places like usual. The forest seemed different, less dark and mysterious but more earthy and… alive. There was a ring of huge purple flowers that she automatically realized were the guardians. The tree had fallen onto the grass but was still perfectly fine. The little blue guardian was still moving. It sniffed at Amanda's hand and licked it with its pink tongue. Amanda picked up the small pine tree and looked at the blue plant.

"Well now what" she asked it. It cocked its head and looked at her. She looked and saw the path was gone. "Well that's just perfect" she grumbled and started walking in the direction she thought the road was. The small plant thing fallowing close behind.

*************************Sorry one more********************************

It was a normal day for Baron, sitting looking for lights to come on, on a large electric map. The little lights showed where magic was found, even if it was just a child who could use magic they would be brought in or disposed of.

There was only one light that day which was normal for there were often weeks between lights. The governments plan had worked, magic was so small in the bloodline now that it was rare to get it. He was one of the very few people who knew of maic and he would have to keep this job until he was very old and even then he would be watched ver closely. The government was very strict on this. He didn't even know his commanders name, just that he could tell no one and that he had to look at the map until a light came on. The light had been just a flash like usual so he reported it and went back to staring at the world map, waiting for one to turn on.

Around noon a golden light flared on England startling Baron to his feet. The light did not waver but stayed there a second. Startled beyond believe Baron quickly called it in. When he came back the light was out but a light on the right corner of the map had sprung up and wouldn't go out. He called and asked what it was but was bluntly told to ignore it. About and hour later another light, red this time, flared with the same intensity, leaving a scorch mark on the screen.

Baron almost tripped running to the phone to report it. He was startled so badly he was shaking. The light in the right corner had grown brighter. Two hours later a blue light came on making Baron almost wet him self as it shone very brightly. Once again he quickly called his commander. He trembled as he watched the map and the top right light which was now blinking.

When twenty minuets later a green light came on he did wet himself. As the green light flared the top right light shown its brightest. Then a sign came across the entire map scaring him even more

"Warning" it blinked across the map then the other three lights came on with the green one merging together. Then the entire map shattered and the glass fell to the floor. Sirens started to blare and a voice came on "ALL COMMANDERS AND LEADERS REPORT TO THE BRIEFING ROOM FOR AND EGMERGENCY MEETING. THE FOUR HAVE APPEARED".

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