A/N: For those of you receiving update alerts for this long-finished fic, I have re-written almost the entire thing from start to finish. The dialogue remains largely unchanged, but I removed a lot of messy writing on my part. I hope you enjoy this nice, shiny, new version! (The section from chapter 4 that involved Rose remembering a trip to a supernova/black hole is now published as a separate piece, check my profile for more details.)

The next few days were full of running around. Not in their typical style—no life-or-death chases through dungeon corridors, no twenty-minute time limit to save the planet, no accidentally offending the royalty so badly that your name would be used as a curse for centuries—just normal, typical running around.

Nowhere in London sold the Doctor's trench coat in what he called "the proper fashion". After visiting what seemed like a hundred department stores (but which the Doctor assured Rose had only been seventeen), they decided to wait until the TARDIS re-grew the wardrobe and hope for the best. If it didn't materialize, Pete offered to have one tailor-made as a wedding gift.

Ring shopping was also difficult. The Doctor insisted on seeing every stone and scanning them for minute flaws with his sonic screwdriver. After their third eviction, Rose found a small shop that sold antique jewelry. While browsing through some very expensive, very out-of-date earrings, the Doctor tiptoed up behind her. Bringing his arms in front of them both, he held out a small, burgundy box. "It's perfect," he said. "I checked."

Rose opened the box to find a petite gold band with an emerald-cut pink solitaire.

"Oh, it has a few tiny flaws," the Doctor continued, slipping it on her finger, and bringing her hand up to kiss it into place. "Microscopic, really. But it's been in this family for two centuries. There's a story behind it." She could hear the excited smile on his face.

Rose turned in his arms, crossing her wrists behind his neck and admiring the sparkle of the diamond over his shoulder. "Yeah?" she asked, grinning. "What is it?"

"No idea! Nor they," he said, inclining his head towards the family owners of the store, who seemed to be celebrating the sale. "Shall we find out? First voyage in a new TARDIS? Should make a hell of a honeymoon."

"Means I've only got six months to plan a wedding."

"With all you've accomplished? No problem. 'Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth and Urgent-Rush Wedding Planner'. Mind you, we might need some work on that name."

"This from 'The Oncoming Storm'?" Rose teased, taking the Doctor's hand, enjoying the tactile sensation of the gold band against their entwined fingers.

"Oi, now! That wasn't by choice."

"No, but it does describe your snoring."

They continued to banter as they left the shop, discussing the plans and schemes of their bright future together.